Ontario Wanderings: Lambton County Archives

I headed for Lambton County and the town of Wyoming.  It would take about 40 minutes to get there and thankfully the weather had improved so my trip was just fine.

I entered Lambton County and was soon at the town of Wyoming.  This town is a long town on a north to south axis.  Lambton County is where George and Esther Brown migrated to from Hastings County.  They are my second great grandparents.  Apparently George had a store there and was postmaster.  Richard Brown his son and my great-grandfather was assistant postmaster and he met Emma/Emily Ward there.  They married in Port Huron, Michigan.

I was there to see the lay of the land and the towns and for finding Richard’s uncle and George’s brother, Henry and other Browns and Wards.  Henry had stayed in Lambton moving down to Oil Springs.

Finding the Lambton County Archives was not easy but I did.  It turned out they were right across from the north city sign announcing the town of Wyoming. The library was set back from the road.  It is near the big county building.


Wyoming Sign South on Hwy 21

Wyoming Sign South on Hwy 21

The sign below is out front of the county buildings.  I am viewing this looking north on highway 21 (Broadway).  http://www.lambtonmuseums.ca/

Lambton County Signs

Lambton County Signs

Library is way back from Hwy 21

Library is way back from Hwy 21

Study the photo above and then turn around 360 degrees and you will see this building with the sign on the side.

Library sign for Lambton County Archives

Library sign for Lambton County Archives

Very important that you understand it is called the Lambton County Archives Library….Do not rely on GPS it will mess you up.

The Lambton County Archives Library

The Lambton County Archives Library

My first chore was to change my wet shoes and socks to dry ones after stomping in two cemeteries they were soaked.

The cost for researching is $5.00 for the day and of course they have you sign in. The archives was well laid out, with plenty of tables.  I didn’t feel cramped. They have stacks, microfilm readers, atlas’ and a whole lot more.

My first goal was to learn more about the Wyoming Cemetery and the Oil Springs Cemetery and make sure I had the cemetery book information.  The Wyoming Cemetery shares the area with the catholic cemetery Mt. Calvary, which is what I see on my Microsoft Streets and Trips software.  I suspected a joint cemetery situation.

The Stacks at Lambton archive

The Stacks at Lambton archive


The librarian on duty was very nice but kept correcting my pronunciation of the cities and locations.  It was funny at first and then it became painful.  She was also a little overbearing regarding the research but I am sure she is use to people who don’t know what they are doing.

Getting the information about the cemeteries was a good thing and I was happy. I did study their newspaper indexes and learned about all the indexing of the local newspapers and she helped me to find Henry’s death announcement.  I think he had three lines. HA!  Since I already had quite a bit of information on George and Esther Brown, his brother Henry all thanks to Bob my cousin, I really didn’t need to spend that much more time. It was not the best research time because of the problem with the librarian.  So if you go be ready to work with her.

It was time for lunch and I headed to Sam’s Restaurant which I had seen when I trying to find the archive. My lunch was a hamburger and not bad.  It was not as happily decorated as the cafe in Strathroy but it was good enough.  I like these small town cafes as a place to stop and relax. The man at the cash register didn’t know where Isabella street was but he found it for me.  I needed to know if I was to go south or north.

Here is the link to the Lambton County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society.


The next stop was to find the Wyoming Cemetery on Isabella Street.


2 thoughts on “Ontario Wanderings: Lambton County Archives

    1. bonmac Post author

      It was okay at first because I usually mess words up anyway but then it got really bad. She was also hovering. I usually don’t complain but I have contacted the gen society of the area to see if they can help me. She will discourage people.


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