Ontario Wanderings: The Wyoming Cemetery in Wyoming, Ontario

After lunch I headed south on Hwy 21 and turned onto Isabella Street toward the cemetery. As you can see it was cloudy so my pictures are a little dark.

Wyoming Cemetery

Wyoming Cemetery

To the right of this sign is another announcing the Mt. Calvery Cemetery which is Catholic.

Overview of the Wyoming Cemetery

Overview of the Wyoming Cemetery

This cemetery is difficult to figure out even with the use of the map provided in the cemetery book.  I did find the main tombstone of interest to me but not the others.

This is George Edward Brown and Annie Graham and two of their children.  George was a son of George and Esther Brown my 2nd greats and therefore he would be a cousin to me – 1st cousin twice removed.  I will share more in a later post.

George and Annie Brown's tombstone

George and Annie Brown’s tombstone

Next stop was the town of Petrolia which is  south on Hwy 21.


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