Ontario Wanderings: Oil Springs and their Cemetery…

After visiting Petrolia I headed further south on Hwy 21 to Oil Springs.  I passed Oil City and their cemetery and was soon in the town of Oil Springs.  I drove around a little and was sad to see many stores vacant an abandoned.

This is where Henry Brown and Margaret lived.  He was an uncle to my great-grandfather Richard Brown and brother to George Brown my 2nd great-grandfather.

My biggest task for Lambton was to see the towns but mostly to find the Oil Springs Cemetery and seek out the tombstones for Henry, Margaret Brown and their daughter Anne’s family the Yates.

The Oil Springs Cemetery is located on S. Plank Road.  You turn onto Oil Springs Line to the right going west from Hwy 21 drive a short while till you find S. Plank.  It is paved but also a little gravelly and not a fancy highway with a yellow line.

So. Plank to Oil Springs Cemetery

So. Plank to Oil Springs Cemetery looking south

Oil Springs Cemetery

Oil Springs Cemetery

The address Oil Springs Cemetery

The address Oil Springs Cemetery

As I was wandering this cemetery I heard a noise and there was a man driving by on a very old style motorcycle which was making puttering sounds.  A few minutes later he came roaring by.  You never know what you will see when you go cemetery hunting.

The map I had for the cemetery took a little while to figure out but I finally decided that the stones I was looking for were closer to the gate and fence on the west side of the cemetery. This cemetery is on both sides of the road.  It is a medium-sized cemetery so study a cemetery book before you go to get an idea where you need to look.  It is also on a slope toward the back.

Overview photo Oil Springs

Overview photo Oil Springs

It took a while but I found them up near the fence and the tombstone is huge. This side of the stone’s information is on Find A Grave under Yates.  The other side is not featured.

Yates & Brown Tombstone

Yates & Brown Tombstone

On the other side of the stone we find Henry and Margaret Orr Brown. Henry is a second great grand-uncle to me.

Henry & Margaret Brown

Henry & Margaret Brown and others…

Me with Henry & Margaret Brown & Yates

Me with Henry & Margaret Brown & Yates

Here I am with Ann Jane Brown’s side, Henry and Margaret’s only daughter and child, a 1st cousin 3 x’s removed.


You can see that it is very large stone and it is tilting.  I am 5 ft 4 inches and you can get an idea of just how large it is and massive.


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