Ontario Wanderings: Sarnia and the Blue Water Bridge into Michigan…

After visiting the Oil Springs Cemetery I had a decision to make and I decided that I was not going to go to the Oil Springs Oil Museum.


Oil Springs:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oil_Springs,_Ontario

I was tired and wanted to get to Sarnia.  I had chosen the Harbourfront Inn for my lodging. Getting into Sarnia was pretty easy except for the locked in left turn to a grocery store behind the actual left turn onto Exmoor Street.  It happens!

Blue Water Bridge by http://ladyroyal.blogspot.ca/

Blue Water Bridge by http://ladyroyal.blogspot.ca/

Well there was this huge ugly factory right behind the Inn and it blocked the view of the Blue Water Bridge.  I had to walk a good long block to the marina to even get beyond it.

Here is a nice aerial view site of this bridge:


I cannot find my pictures of the bridge at this time, so maybe when I do I will come back and add it to this post.  It was off in the distance so I it might not have been too visible.

There were two restaurants within walking distance of the hotel so I was happy.  I chose the Irish Pub – Paddy Flaherty’s Irish Pub.  It was very dark in there and then they have a menu you can’t read because it is either small type or on a funny color of background.  I managed.

These handheld electronic card reading machines they use in Canada to take care of your bill at the table are troublesome. Each one is different and so you have to go slowly and get the server’s help.  It is supposed to prevent credit card fraud.


When I got up the next day it was raining.  My car was right outside the room door so loading was not too bad, it just meant no pictures of the Bridge sigh!


I had planned to go up to the park and wander around and take photos but I was tired and hungry.  I really should have driven up to Point Edwards Waterfront Park with the good weather.

Finding the entrance to the Blue Water Bridge was a little challenging. Be careful of Nexus entrances if you are not connected to that frequent travel card. This Blue Water Bridge is a toll bridge and I had to find the correct entrance for an infrequent border crosser like me. http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/prog/nexus/menu-eng.html

It is an amazing bridge arching up and is surprisingly gentle in the incline. I spotted Lake Huron while keeping my eyes on the road because they confine you to one lane to the US Customs.

So now I have seen Lake Michigan, which is more an ocean than a lake. Lake Ontario which I have almost circumnavigated except for a southeast portion.  Adding a very quick glimpse of Lake Huron that leaves Lake Erie and Lake Superior in the Great Lakes grouping to see. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Lakes

I am rather fond of the Great Lakes because I did a report on them in high school and my map I made from the flour and salt mixture was on display in the case in the lobby of the high school for a time. I would walk by and look on occasion.


Ontario to Michigan border crossing

Ontario to Michigan border crossing

The US customs came up and there were a lot of choices.  It took about 10 minutes waiting. This time he was a nice young man who asked me only about 6 questions and I was on my way.  I was heading to Lapeer, Michigan on I-69 because that is where my second great grandparents George and Esther King Brown migrated to before 1871.  They are buried there in the Fox Farm Cemetery in Burnside Twp.


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