Michigan to Ontario Wanderings: Back to Ontario

The Best Western in Lapeer had a pub so I decided to eat my dinner there. Sometimes it is just easier to go to the closest place.  Once again the Best Western had stairs and they were steep.  I tried for a room on the first floor and was told “Did you make that request when you did your reservation?” Sigh!

Back on I-69 heading east I was making good time and the weather was good. I spotted a deer out in a field on the right side.  This made me wonder and sure enough there were two others in the median, a buck and doe who spooked when I came by and raced back over the other side of the freeway. This is so dangerous for all concerned animal and human. I didn’t see anything after this incident but I did keep an eye out.

My goal was Marine City and the ferry-boat.  I had worried that the weather might end my ferry-boat ride but it was cooperating so far.

Somehow I got  too far east and missed my turn but then you eventually run into the St. Clair river so it was not a big deal.  I headed down Hwy 29 which follows the river and it was great to see all the docks and houses along the water.  It was a lovely marine city oasis with a two lane road, slow speeds and the river to your left.

The ferry dock is a little archway off of Union Street on S. Water.  You pull in and go right onto the ferry-boat and the deck hand takes your $7.00.  Now I think he miscounted my dollars telling me he got six?  I gave him four quarters more…giggle!

The Ferry Boat

The Ferry Boat

I had expected to sit there a while but the ferry-boat was on its way in minutes with only me in my car and other car.  It was across the river in no time.  Be careful though it is a very deep dip to get on and get off the ferry.  I didn’t want to mangle my rental car.

Crossing at Marine City

Crossing at Marine City

Once you are off the ferry-boat you drive around and come to this covered area with a building for the Canadian Customs.  It reminded me of an old style drive in. A young woman stood out on the landing and asked me 12 questions.  This was the most questions any of them have asked.  She took my passport into the back room and I was a little worried.  Life tends to slow down in these situations as I waited.  Well, it was okay,.she returned it and I was on my way.

I pulled over to take some pictures and saw that the ferry-boat was on its way back to the other side… already!  They don’t mess around.  It is called the Blue Water Ferry.

Almost out of sight

Almost out of sight

What a kick, taking this ferry-boat ride was for you Dad!

Sombria Side of the Ferry Landing

Sombra Side of the Ferry Landing. The brown building is the Canadian Customs.

GPS and all the planning in the world cannot tell you if a road is a good road and the one that my maps suggested I take to get to highway 40 was a dirt road.  So I proceeded to Port Lambton on Hwy 33.  It was lovely to see the docks, boats and houses along the St. Clair and even a huge ship.

It was big...

It was big…

In Port Lambton I turned east on Hwy 1 till I got to Hwy 40 and then south to Chatham in Kent County, Ontario.  My goal was to visit the area and see the Thames River, yes the same one in London, Ontario.  Levi Goss had a tavern there about 5 miles west of Chatham in the 1820’s, 30’s.  I will share about this visit on my blog Solomon Goss of Fearing Twp. where I have presented quite a few posts on Levi a son of Solomon and brother to my 4th great-grandmother Lydia Goss Spracklin.

My real goal was Toronto and it was probably not the best idea to try to do it all in one day. After Chatham, I headed up Hwy 2 to Wardsville.


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