Michigan Wanderings: Fox Farm Cemetery

I left the town of Lapeer at about 3 pm and it took a while to get to the Fox Farm Cemetery. I went east on Genesse for about 12 miles and then turned north from Imlay on Hwy 53 for another 12 miles.  So that is a little over 22 miles to Brooks Road in Burnside one way.  The point is that George and Esther Brown lived on the northeast corner of Lapeer County in Burnside Twp. and it is not that close to Lapeer.  I am wondering if I shouldn’t study neighboring counties for information on them – Sanilac and St. Clair.

Brooks Road came up on my GPS and I turned onto a semi gravel paved road.  I could see the cemetery to the south in the distance but had no idea of how I was going to get to it.  I found a green road (grassy road) cut into the field along a fence.  It had been raining so I was a little concerned about getting stuck but I did good.  This is on private property so please be respectful.  Someone is taking care of it and that is good news.

Fox Farm Cemetery Road

Fox Farm Cemetery Road

It was cold and I had to put my new jacket on over the one I had to get warm and I didn’t know where my gloves were.  I proceeded to take photos but my hands were suffering.

Overview of Fox Farm Cemetery

Overview of Fox Farm Cemetery

Much to my dismay someone had spray painted at least three of the tombstones on the east row.


I have informed Mr. Hart about this situation, I hope he can make sure it is stopped.

A defaced Tombstone

A defaced Tombstone

I found George and Esther Brown’s tombstone on the west side of the cemetery. Someone had repaired it for I have seen very bad photos of it in the past where it was in the ground and almost covered?

George & Esther Brown's Tombstone

George & Esther Brown’s Tombstone

Me with George & Esther's Tombstone

Me with George & Esther’s Tombstone

Yes, I am cold as you can see.  George and Esther are my 2nd great grandparents on my mother’s mother’s side.  There are more Browns in this cemetery but it was too cold and they were difficult to read.  More about this cemetery in a future post.


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