Ontario Wanderings: Wardsville, Ontario and on to Toronto

George Ward is given credit for founding the town of Wardsville, Ontario. Who is George Ward?  He was a pretty amazing man.  Is he a relative or ancestor of mine? I do not know, but just in case I stopped by for a visit.


The Wardsville Cemetery is set off from Hwy 2. It is in Middlesex County in Mosa Twp.  Sometimes you have to go both ways on the highway before you spot what you are looking for. HA!

Wardsville Cemetery

Wardsville Cemetery

Overview photo of the Wardsville Cemetery.

Overview photo of the Wardsville Cemetery.

The cemetery is in a residential area and on a north south axis.  George Ward and family tombstone is in the northwest corner.  I was a little disappointed in that it was not some big monument with military honors; however, it is well documented.

George Ward and other's tombstone

George Ward and other’s tombstone

The next step was to get through London, Ontario.  Since I had been there before I knew how to get around and what streets I needed.  I really like London, Ontario and yes, I crossed the Thames again.

On the eastern side of London, Ontario just as I got onto Dundas and was heading east I spotted a Crabby Joe’s and just had to give it a try.  I had a very nice Scampi dish.  The waitress was very curious about me and my phonelet and what I was doing reading from it and I explained you get the Nook app. I asked her if she knew if Dundas was Hwy 2.  She and her co-workers didn’t.

It is really a rural number so in the city it is known as Dundas and outside of it it is Hwy 2.

My goal was Cambridge and then from there I was going to go and visit a cousin who is descended from McMurray’s.  These are my great grandmother Charlotte Anne McMurray Boardman’s family.  The cousin lived near Halton Hills.

Unfortunately things got confusing. I got lost and mixed up.  Detours for construction messed me up.  I could not find her house and her phone number would not work.  I also didn’t have good maps or planned it well. I had run out of time getting ready for this trip so something was bound to happen.

It was getting late and so I decided to just head for Toronto seeking out Steeles Avenue.

I had no idea that Steele Avenue was as long as it is and it took forever to find my hotel, a Super 8 on the east side of the 400. It is something like the 3rd or 4th longest road in the world.  It is busy, there is tons of construction but it does go straight.  Fortunately, I can deal with that, I was more worried about where I was because I came into it at Milton.  I was still a little lost.

Finally I came on the sign announcing Toronto and realized that I was not even close to the hotel.


I finally found the Super 8 and pulled in and of course it was on the left side of the street. Once I checked in I called and apologized to my cousin. I do not stand people up and I was not happy.  She deserves credit for being gracious and kind about it all.  I apologized some more.  We did have a great chat although the call quality was lousy. We agreed to meet the next day.

This cousin has a family tree at Ancestry.com and she found my Boardman and Brown blog.  It is the Thompson Family Tree but includes McMurrays and I believe you have to be invited to look.

Fortunately, the Super 8 was next to several restaurants, Timmy’s, McDonald’s, a pasta choice, Japanese and Middle Eastern where also in the mix and across the street on the corner was Angelo’s but it closed early on Sunday.

Super 8 North York

Super 8 North York

The problem with Super 8’s is that they are never in really good locations and being unfamiliar with the area I didn’t know where good restaurants would be even though there were the fast foods ones nearby.  They were very helpful and pleasant and my room was good.


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