Ontario Wanderings: Tweed & The Heritage Center

On my last trip to Hastings County in 2012, I had been told that the Tweed Historical Society’s director was very knowledgeable about the families in Hastings County.  I decided to put it on my list to visit. After I visited St. Thomas Anglican Church and Cemetery and took my Bay of Quinte picture I headed up Hwy 62 which seemed like forever.  The Crookston Road finally came up (Hwy 38) and I went further east.

Tweed is by Stoco Lake in Hastings County.  There Heritage Center is right there on the main street in the southern part of the town and not too hard to find.  They were having a sale out on the lawn.

Tweed Heritage Center

Tweed Heritage Center

I entered the building and was not prepared for the multitude of items held in this archive.  The building was packed and it was also a labyrinthe of rooms filled with more artifacts.

http://www.tweedhistorical.com/   Apparently their website is down or gone.  I hope that does not mean they have closed up.  Sept. 11, 2016.

Evan Morton is the Treasurer and Curator and he was the one that responded to my email.  He was very busy talking to his volunteers but he said hello and immediately responded with showing me a binder with the surname of Brown.  He had some cards in a file box and other items that looked like references to various sources.  He spent some time digging but the Brown families he had were of the Tweed area, mine where mostly in Rawdon.

Morton Archives

Morton Archives

He took me back to the Morton Archives room which is really two large rooms.  I gave him one of my Boardman and Brown Booklets and we discussed my Brown family.  They were able to get me an obituary notice for a Margaret J. Vance who married a John Wood.  She is a daughter of Mary Johnson Brown who remarried to Thomas Vance.  So my family connected to the Tweed area because she is buried in the White Lake Cemetery above Centre Hastings on Hwy 62.

Only one of may stacks of one room

Only one of many stacks of one room

My visit was far too short but it was friendly and fun.  I am sure there are many many treasures in this archive and artifacts to explore.  I highly recommend that you stop by and explore.  I had to push on to Kingston.


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