Revisiting George Ward….

Another cemetery I visited last September 2014 was the Wardsville Cemetery.  This cemetery is on Find A Grave at:

I was curious about George Ward and his family and pondered if there is any connection to my Wards. I wrote about my visit to this cemetery in the post and a little about this man, who was a very interesting person.  The interesting point is that George Ward was born in Ireland.  My Wards are English.  There may not be any connection to my Ward family but you never know.

Ontario Wanderings: Wardsville, Ontario and on to Toronto,” September 23, 2014.

The Wards had memorials already added to the Wardsville Cemetery at Find A Grave but I noticed that photos of the stone for George Ward and family was missing so I contact the person who had placed the memorials and asked if they were okay with my uploading a photo.  Of course, they were fine with it and encouraged me to do so. Therefore, I added the photo to his name and to the others. You can see that it is me when you look below the tombstone photo.  Here is my photo and you can see that is very crowded with names.  George Ward’s life spanned 1743 to 1837 which means he was 94 years old when he died, but it also means he was one of the earlier Wards to arrive in Canada.

George Ward Family Stone in Wardsville Cemetery

George Ward Family Stone in Wardsville Cemetery

Left side of the George Ward Stone

Left side of the George Ward Stone

I also uploaded photos I had taken as I walked through this cemetery so I added maybe a few more to the Find A Grave collection.  It is a fairly good-sized cemetery off the main road in Wardsville and tucked on a side street.


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