Phillip and Margaret McMurray Brown’s Children: Elizabeth Brown Cooke

Elizabeth Brown was baptized on the 28th of April,1861 a daughter of Philip and Margaret Brown at the Saint Thomas Anglican Church in Belleville.  Her baptismal record appears in the Anglican Diocese of Ontario in Kingston.  I have that she died 20 Nov. 1821 in Hastings Co., but I have not checked that information yet because my information states she migrated to Manitoba.



Elizabeth married a William Henry Cooke on the 6th of September, 1880 in Belleville, Hastings Co., Ontario.  Their marriage is index only online, so further investigation would need to be made in order to confirm this information.

They appear in the 1901 Canadian census, living in Manitoba in the Lisgar District and sub-district of Turtle Mountain.

  • Wm. H. Cook 40
  • Elizabeth Cook 40
  • William E. Cook 14
  • Philip H. Cook 6, Jan. 26, 1895
  • Vena A. Cook 2
  • Vera M. Cook 1

In the 1906 Canadian Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta we find William H. Cook and Eliza Cook living in Souris, Twp. 1,2 Range 17-18, Manitoba, page 3, SD#3, enumerated June 26, 1906, by Robert Monteith.

Line 3, 21, Cook William H., Head, M, M, 45, born Ontario, address Lena. Eliza, wife, F, M, 45, born Ontario, Earl, son, M, S 19, born Ontario, Philip H, son, M, S, 11, born Ontario, Venna I., daughter, F, S, 7, born Manitoba, Vera M, daughter, F, S, 6, born Manitoba, Harold L., son, M, S, 3, born Manitoba, Britton, Richard, Hired man, M, M, 32, born England, emigrated 1906, 

They may have had the following children per the above above census but more would need to be done in the census to really get a good fit.

1.  Earl born about 1887 in Ontario.

2.  Phillip H. Cook born about 1895.

3. Venna I. born about 1899

4. Vera M. born about 1900

5.  Harold L. born about 1901

There is so much more work to do on this family.  I have not had much success in locating records for them online.

This concludes the work I have done on Philip and Margaret McMurray Brown’s family.  I am rather frustrated with the results and feel that it is not at all complete by any means, so much remains to be done. So use what I have shared as a guideline and make sure you revisit the information to make sure it is accurate.  There are a lot of mysteries in the family yet to be solved. I did much better finding information for Thomas’ family, Philip’s brother.

It is time for me to move on and share the research for the George and Esther Brown family, which is my line.  Their son Richard is my great grandfather.  I have shared a lot about Richard, his marriage to Emma and his children on this blog.  Now I want to return to his parents and share about the siblings and the children of this couple.  It will take some time to pull the information together before I post so be patient with me.


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