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Great Grandfather Edmund Boardman and more news accounts of his death!

Edmund Boardman with one of the children

Edmund Boardman with one of the children

Newspaper research is time-consuming but can be very rewarding.  Just recently I found these articles in the Winnipeg Tribune.  This one is dated 29 October, 1908 on page 12.

Edmund Boardman, one of Winnipeg’s most respected citizens and an old-timer, passed away at his residence, 583 Logan avenue, yesterday morning.  His genial disposition and kindly actions will be remembered for a long while, not only at St. George’s church, where he was a life-long worker, but in the C.P.R. shops, where he spent 26 years as a coppersmith.  The late Mr. Boardman was born in Rochester, Eng., 59 years ago, and lived for a while in London, Ont. Afterward he resided in Shediac, N.B., then he settled in Winnipeg.  He leaves a wife and four sons, Dr. E. J., Robert and John of Winnipeg, and William of Vancouver.  The funeral will take place tomorrow from the above address, where a private service will be held at 2 p.m., after which a service will be held in St. George’s church at 2.30, to St. John’s cemetery. Rev. J.J. Roy will officiate. 

This article was in the Winnipeg Tribune 31 October, 1908 is a funeral notice on page 12.

The funeral of the late Edmund Boardman took place at 2.30 yesterday afternoon from his late residence, 582 Logan avenue to St. John’s cemetery.  Rev. J.J. Roy officiated at the service, which was held in St. George’s church.  The pall bearers were as follows:  T. Boyd, J. Dunn, W. Powles, S. Pentland, B. Hutchinson and W. Lockhart.  

There is new information in the above obituary notice.  I knew that great-grandfather Edmund Boardman was born in the Rochester area of Lancashire in fact he was born in Oldham.  I did not know he was in London, Ontario before going to Shediac, New Brunswick.


The Robert Boardmans’ final resting places!

Boardman Family 1941

Boardman Family 1941

The above photograph is one of my favorites and it presents the Robert and Ethel Boardman Family in about 1941 in West Seattle. Left to Right:  Ruth, Uncle Boardie, Ethel, Robert, Aileen. In front: Marjorie, unknown doggy and Verne.  Ruth and Boardie are maybe just married.  Aileen and Verne married in 1938.

Grandfather Robert Boardman passed in 1945 and it wasn’t until 1965 that Ethel Adella Brown Boardman also succumbed.  They are buried in the Forest Lawn Cemetery in West Seattle next to eat other.  These photos are not very good.

Robert Boardman 1881 to 1945

Robert Boardman 1881 to 1945

Ethel Boardman 1881 to 1965

Ethel Boardman 1881 to 1965

Verne C. Cahan and Hazel Aileen Cahan are buried in Forest Lawn as well and not to far from Robert and Ethel, Aileen’s mother.  For some reason my photos of their tombstones are missing but I do have a couple of things.  I just might have to go and redo.

Verne’s tombstone reads:  Verne C. Cahan, Washington, PVT BTRY D 146 Field Arty, WWI, Feb. 17, 1897 (Masonic sign) Aug 31, 1963.

This is a very bad photo of Aileen and Verne’s tombstone and only shows the location. Aileen was born May 23, 1907 and died Dec 30, 1988.

Aileen and Verne's tombstones and me.

Aileen and Verne’s tombstones and me.

John Henry Boardman and his wife Laura Cuthbert Boardman, a brother of my grandfather, are right next to Robert & Ethel.

John's headstone in Forest Lawn West Seattle

John’s headstone in Forest Lawn West Seattle

Laura E. Boardman's headstone

Laura E. Boardman’s headstone

Marjorie F. Boardman and Keith B. MacDonald are buried in the Acacia Memorial Park in Lake City a part of north Seattle, Washington.

Marjorie & Keith MacDonald - Acacia

Marjorie & Keith MacDonald – Acacia

All the above are in King County and are featured on Find A Grave except for the one below.

Robert Brown Boardman (Uncle Boardie) and his 2nd wife Blanche (Jerry) are buried in Abbey View Cemetery in Brier, Washington.  It is just up north of Seattle in Snohomish County a couple of miles from my location.  I do not know where Ruth is buried Boardie’s first wife.

Boardie & Jerry's tombstones in Abbey View

Boardie & Jerry’s tombstones in Abbey View

As a descendant of this family, I do have more pictures, stories, experiences and documents about the family from about 1945 onwards but this is where I draw the line for publishing personal stuff.  There are living descendants of Marjorie and Uncle Boardie so if you are a cousin and would like to know more, I would be happy to share offline, just leave a comment and I will contact you.

My focus now is to go back in time to learn more about the origins of both of the Boardmans and Browns.  The Boardman and Mc/MacMurrays will take us back to Lancashire, England.  The Browns came from Ireland about 1830, they settled in Hastings and Lambton County, Ontario and some stayed but others headed to LaPeer County, Michigan and more. Still others migrated to Winnipeg and further west to British Columbia.  Emma Ward Brown, my great-grandmother came from Strathroy, Ontario and is of English descent I think?  I am hoping to see if I cannot connect her to her parents and take that line back to the British Isles.

Memories of Aunt Laura Boardman

My Aunt Laura, as we called her, was the wife of John Henry Boardman.  She was a little person with an independent spirit and lots of determination.  She lived alone for years (26) after the death of John, I know because I knew her personally.

Laura Cuthbert Boardman

After John’s death on 15 January 1957 in West Seattle, King Co., Washington, Laura came and joined us at Christmas, birthday celebrations and other events.  So I came to know her from the age of about 9 years and on.  She was a lovely and gentle person but very determined to continue living on her own and remaining independent till the very end.  She had a nice giggle.

Aunt Laura in later years

Laura has an interesting ancestry because she is a Cuthbert. I am not an expert on her family line but this is what I know and I have taken this from an tree – see source info below:

Laura was the daughter of William James Cuthbert born 8 Mar 1862 Darwen, Lancashire, England and died 16 May 1930 in Long Beach, Los Angeles.  Her mother was Charlotte Elizabeth Wilson born 8 Sep 1860 and died 29 Mar 1911 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  

Laura has two siblings a William James Cuthbert born 28 November 1887 in Winnipeg, Manitoba and a Charlotte Elizabeth Cuthbert born 28 November 1887 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  

Laura’s father’s parents were a William Cuthbert and Susan Howarth.  Her mother’s parents were James Stewart Wilson born 18 Aug 1835 in Kingston, Ontario and Eleanor Branscombe born 6 May 1835 in New Brunswick and died 14 May 1924.  

They had 8 more children besides Charlotte Elizabeth.  They were David, George, William, John, Martha, Nell, James and Mary Catherine.

 James’ father was a John Wilson born about 1809 in Barrhead, Renfrew, Scotland and died 21 December 1856 in Sydenham Twp., Grey (is all I have).  Eleanor’s parents were Mill Branscombe and Charlotte Day (1816-1903). She is buried in Sarawak Daywood Cemetery.  

Charlotte’s father may have been a Peter Day.  Charlotte had some siblings:  Eleanor, George, Miller and then she had married a Charles R. Noble (16 Oct. 1813 to 4 Jan 1891) and had Mary, Walker, Buzza and Frances.

Source:  Ancestry One World Tree, A Community Tree, Feb. 2008.  There are other family trees at Ancestry, some with pictures and stories about Laura.  Apparently she had earned some medals for service.  They are public trees so you can access them easily with an subscription or try Rootsweb.

I have her birth as the 8th of May 1891 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  It comes from her naturalization record which I talked about in an earlier post.

Laura tenaciously lived on her own till about six months before her death when she moved into a nursing home somewhere in West Seattle. I vaguely remember my Aunt Aileen struggling with the issue of caring for an aging person.

The story goes that she was wandering around one day in the nursing home and went into a room, climbed on the bed and passed. It was not her room.  She was 92 years old.

Laura Eleanor Cuthbert Boardman is buried in the Forest Lawn Cemetery in West Seattle next to her husband John, her in-laws Robert and Ethel Boardman and other family members.

It never occurred to me at the time to ask Laura about the family and John, so I say to you, go now and ask questions of your family don’t be like me!

Laura E. Boardman’s headstone

My mother received a letter with tax forms from Laura’s niece Peggy Korver regarding her estate, dated March 1985.  Apparently Peggy was the executrix of her aunt’s will.

I do believe that Laura and Aileen were close throughout the years up until the end. Laura was sixteen years older but that didn’t seem to matter. Their friendship spanned probably, if I guess correctly, from about 1921 to Laura’s death in 1983, which is 62 years.  The picture below was probably taken when they all gathered in Pasadena for the reunion I have posted about in a past post:  9/12/2012, “A Series of Photographs Give a Clue to a Family Reunion.

Aileen & Laura 1924

Aileen & Laura 1924

John Henry Boardman Succumbs!

John Henry Boardman was the youngest son of Edmund and Charlotte Anne McMurray Boardman.  He is my granduncle and a younger brother to my grandfather Robert.

I have no memory of my greatuncle.  I have no memory of him attending his niece Aileen’s yearly Christmas party in West Seattle where we all went for many years. I was very young at the time and more interested in playing with Pal, my Aunt Aileen’s Collie dog.  It was Christmas so food and presents were of more importance to a very little girl.  Aunt Aileen’s husband’s son had little girls my age and we also played together.  If I met him, I do not remember.

Hopefully I honor my greatuncle a little in these posts.

John Henry Boardman at Graduation

John was mentioned in a Seattle Times article on Sunday, September 10, 1944 titled: Reception at New Quarters of B.A.W.R.  He was to be part of the receiving line.  B.A.W.R. refers to the British American War Relief.

John did apply for some military service as indicated in this Attestation document.   Interesting that he has his birth year as 1888 when I have it as 1886.

John’s Attestation pg 1

John is on the far left, standing.

Unfortunately, I do not know the names of the other men in this photograph.

John Henry Boardman

John died on the 15th of January 1957 in Seattle (West Seattle), King Co., Washington.  I found this notice in the West Seattle Herald, Thursday, Jan. 17, 1957 on the front page at the University of Washington newspaper collection in the basement of Suzzallo Library on the campus in Seattle.  They have a great collection of local area newspapers including neighborhoods.

Memorial Service – Memorial services for Mr. John H. Boardman, 70, 6328 28th Ave. SW, who died Tuesday in West Seattle General Hospital after a short illness, will be held at 2 p.m. tomorrow at Seaview Methodist Church. Mr. Boardman was employed by West Seattle Drug Co. as a druggist. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Laura Boardman.

John has a simple stone and is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in West Seattle near his brother and his wife Laura.  They rest by a lovely fountain.  The stone has the Masonic emblem embossed between the dates of his life span.  John and his wife Laura had no children.

John’s headstone in Forest Lawn West Seattle