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The Brown Family Plot in the St. John’s Cemetery, Winnipeg!

Brown Family Plot in St. John's Cemetery, Winnipeg

Richard and Emma Ward Brown are buried in the St. John’s Cemetery in Winnipeg.  Thanks to the assistance of Rick McLellan I have photographs of the tombstones and permission to share them.  Emma shares the stone with her husband Richard who would live another 17 years before he joins her. 

Emma Brown

On the side of the stone is the son Alvin Brown who did not survive. 

Alvin Brown 1891-1895

Alvin was only 3 years old at the time of his death.  Richard and Emma had 4 children that I am aware of: Charles 1875, Ethel 1881, Arthur 1883 and Alvin 1891.

Other side of Tombstone - Annie Brown and Arthur Brown

Annie is listed on this side of the stone at the top (see above photo).  She was Charles W. Brown’s first wife.  Arthur W. Brown is below her.  The base features Teresa Brown’s inscription, Arthur’s wife.

Arthur and Teresa Brown's epitaph

Unfortunately, I do not have a photograph of Charles W. Brown’s tombstone or epitaph?  It is indicated that he was buried there in St. John’s in the family plot per his obituary notice but perhaps a tombstone was not supplied or they did not add the inscription?  Mr. McLellan could not find it.  So something happened?  At the lower base is the family name of “BROWN.”

Here is another view of the cemetery with the Brown tombstone and family plot in the foreground and the lovely church in the background. 

View of St. John's - Brown Family Plot

A grateful thanks to Rick McLellan for his assistance.  Rick is a researcher through the Manitoba Genealogical Society.