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More about Emma Ward Brown!

I do not know much about my great-grandmother Emma Ward Brown.  She was born in Strathroy 13 March 1851 and died in Winnipeg on 20 April 1905.  She is buried in the St. John’s Cemetery.  She married Richard Brown in Port Huron, St. Clair, Michigan on 9 January 1874.  Her first name is confusing because I have seen it as Emma and Emily.  Her death certificate and tombstone say “Emma.”  I am trying to determine who her parents area in the Strathroy area.  There are lots of Wards buried in both Middlesex and Lambton counties.

I am pondering this but I have this faded very bad photo of an unknown woman in a lovely white dress among the collection of Brown and Boardman photographs my cousins gave me. Could this be Emma?

Unknown woman in white

Unknown woman in white

WomanwithUmbrellawhitedress - Copy

Unknown woman the full photo

I recently tried searching newspapers in Winnipeg hoping to find out more about her death in 1905.   I did find this and wonder who all these people are.  The listings are from some of the work places of her sons Charles and Arthur.

The funeral of Mrs. R. Brown took place at 4 o’clock on Sunday afternoon to St. John’s cemetery from the family residence, 175 Magnus avenue. The floral contributions were: 

Cross, R. and F. Lough

Wreath, Clark, Bros. & Co., Ltd.

Wreath, employees Clark Bros. & Co.

Spray, Mr. and Mrs. Ruckle

Spray, Mrs. Bliss

Spray, Mr. and Mrs. II. Scott

Spray, Bertie and Edna Kirk

Spray, J.A. Thompson

Spray, Mrs. McCallum

Pillow, the family star W. Paine

Spray Mrs. and Miss Stobbs

Spray, Alice Holman

Crescent, R. Boardman

Spray, Mr. and Mrs. Bussell

Spray, Jos. St. Mars

Spray Mr. and Mrs. Osborne

Spray, Mrs. Newman

Wreath, Fellow Workmen

Spray, Fred J. Holland staff

Wreath, Miss Alice Denner

Source:  Wed, April 26, 1905, Manitoba Morning Free Press (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) page. 2

The Winnipeg Free Press, had a little bit on her death on April 21, 1905,

Obituary for Emma Brown died yesterday, OBITUARY – Emma Brown, beloved wife of Richard Brown, of 175 Magnus street, died yesterday, aged 54 years. Besides her husband she leaves two sons and one daughter.

The Manitoba Free Press had another article dated April 22, 1905, pg. 7, col. 5

The late Mrs. R. Brown of 176 Magnus street, whose death was announced, in the Free Press yesterday morning, had been a resident of the city for the past twenty-four years, having come here from Strathroy, Ont. Her friends and acquaintances will no doubt learn with regret of her demise. Her illness has extended over a period of nearly thirteen months, during which time she has suffered constantly. She leaves to mourn her loss a husband, two sons, Charles W. Brown of the Fred. J. Holland agency, limited, and Arthur Brown, of the staff of Clark Bros. & Co., limited; also one daughter, Ethel. The funeral will leave the family residence for St. John’s cemetery to-morrow afternoon at 4 o’clock.


Family Photos – Brown Family Memories?

I was very grateful to receive from my Boardman cousin a pile of family photographs.  These were the ones my Aunt Aileen shared with me back in 1987.  Upon her death they disappeared and apparently ended up with the daughter of my uncle.  Thank goodness. I had regretted not securing them at the distribution of Aunt Aileen’s estate, so I was very happy to become the owner of them. 

Like all family collections of photographs you have ones you can identify and ones think you understand or ones that are a total mystery! 

In the post dated:   September 28, 2011 “Richard Brown Dies – July 1922!”    I featured two photos.  One of Richard Brown from an obituary notice in the newspaper and a photograph of my grandmother Ethel with a man who closely resembled Richard in later years.  The fact she is laughing and beaming is very significant.  The familiarity of the older man with his arm around her planted a seed in me?  I really do believe it is Richard?

Tip:  To see more detail in the photographs below, click on the photo and it will open into a larger window.  Just remember to click your back button to return!

I featured this following photograph of my grandmother Ethel sitting on a lawn area in front of a house, she is on the left.  There is another lady and young boy.  At first I thought it might be my great-grandmother Emma (Ward) Brown on the who died in 1905?  The young boy’s age is confusing.  If he was one of Ethel’s brothers he would be about her age, not so small and young?  The other option is it could be Annie (Stobb) Brown, the older brother Charles’ first wife? I am not aware that Charles and Annie had any children.  She died 1907.   So who is the young boy?  The other possibility is that it is Eva (see last two photos in this post), Charles’ second wife so that means this photo is older than I think?  I am having trouble because my grandmother Ethel had left with her family and migrated to Vancouver, B.C. by around 1907, the year of Annie’s death.  She also looks too young? 

Ethel on the Lawn

Charles Ward Brown has been featured in past posts dated  June 20, 25, and July 10,  2011.  We know this photograph from the newspaper to be Charles Ward Brown. 

Obituary Photo - Charles W. Brown


This photo is in the collection and it is identified as “Charles” by handwriting that looks like my mother’s?

Charles with a dog!

This next photograph is from an obituary for Arthur W. Brown, which I have featured with the complete obituary in a past post dated September 15, 2011 and August 13, 2011.

Obituary Photo of Arthur W. Brown

In the following photograph Arthur is identified again, by handwriting on the back again it looks like my mother’s?  I am not entirely convinced and think it is Charles?

Arthur W. Brown Identified but maybe not?


The next photograph looks very much like the man above but he has a mustache?  It is not identified! However, in the last two photographs on this post Charles has a mustache!

Is this Arthur or Charles with a mustache?

Still another photograph that is not identified.  I am leaning toward Charles for the photo above and below?  I did feature this with Arthur in the posted dated September 15, 2011 but I am starting to think it is not him?

Again Is this Arthur or Charles?


 The next photograph is very difficult.  It could be Charles or it might be Arthur?  Again I think it is Charles?

Charles or Arthur?


This photo below is fun and I wonder what the story was?  I am not sure if they were really camping?  The man on the right makes me think it is Charles, which means that the young man on the left is probably Charles Jr. or maybe it is a young brother Arthur? Charles would be 8 years older?  Nothing was written on the back.  What was the dog’s name?

Two men by a Tent?

Does the young man on the left in the photograph above look like this man in the 3 photographs below? 

Maybe Arthur?


Arthur or one of the sons of a Brown Brother?

The following two photos look like Charles and Arthur with their wives.  I think that one of the ladies is Teresa (on the right) who was Arthur’s wife.  This means the other lady would be Eva (in back), Charles’ second wife?  Charles is the man on the left and Arthur is between him and Teresa.  Take a close look at the photographs above, who has the mustache?  I think that Arthur had more hair and was darker in completion than his older brother Charles.  

The Brown Brothers & Wives?

The Brown Brothers!

It is fun to speculate and ponder old photographs.  Sometimes you get lucky and make a discovery.  The more you look at a photographs the more you recognize similarities in clothing and surroundings.  You can always change your mind as you contemplate the photos.  Just because someone writes something on the back does not mean they really knew.  My mother Marjorie (b. 1911) and her sister Aileen (b. 1908) were their nieces.  There families had moved to Vancouver, B.C. and eventually migrated to the U.S. by 1917.  The chances that they really knew them are very slim unless the Brown brothers visited?  The above two group photos would have to be dated after Annie’s death in 1907  but closer to 1914 when Arthur married Teresa? 

Comments are regarding these photographs are most welcome!

Richard Brown’s Legacy!

The estate file of my great-grandfather Richard Brown has explained to me were my organizational skills have come from.  His estate file was a dream and all very clearly laid out as to whom his children where and who was to inherit what!

His son’s were the Executors of his estate which contained a will. 

Here is a summary of the documents in this file which I found in the films of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.

1.  Search for Caveat, Sept. 6, 1922

2.  Application for Probate by Arthur Ward Brown in City of Winnipeg in the Province of Manitoba, Manager of a Wholesale Stationery and Charles Ward Brown, Insurance Agent.  Value of estate not more than $9,060.13.  Last will and testament of Feb. 22, 1922.  Died July 12th, 1922.  Signed and dated July 31, 1922.

3.  Naming of the Executors – Arthur Ward Brown – Verifying Richard’s Death.

4.  Affidavit of the Value of Property not more than $9060.13

5.  General Distribution of Property – Money and Real estate.

6.  Statement of Relationship – Arthur Ward Brown, son, 106 Magna Dr., Property described and value $2200.00 plus $4393.65. Charles Ward Brown, son more property, 134 Walnut Drive, $700, 1766.48.  Ethel Boardman, daughter of Seattle, WA, some items given.

7.  The Succession Duties Act – description of interment lot.

8.  Affidavit of Value and Relationship

9.  Last Will and Testament of Richard Brown, transcribed from typed copy of the court.


This is the last will and testament of me, Richard Brown, of the City of Winnipeg, in the Province of Manitoba, Carpenter, I hereby revoking all former wills at any time and by me.  I direct that all my just debts, funeral and testamentary expenses be paid and satisfied by my Executors hereinafter named, as soon as conveniently may be after my decease.

I Direct my Executors to divide my personal property and household effects amongst my children Arthur W. Brown, Charles W. Brown and Ethel Boardman, wife of Robert Boardman, in such manner as may to my Executors seem best.

I give, Devise and Bequeath to my son Arthur W. Brown all moneys due owing and payable to me under an Agreement to sell the lands and premises described as follows:  Being in the City of Winnipeg, in the Province of Manitoba, and being the West half of Lot Eighteen (18) which Lot is shown on a plan of survey of a portion of Lot Thirty-nine (39) of the Parish of Saint John, registered in the Winnipeg Land Titles Office as Plan No. 46, subject to such encumbrances as may be registered against the same at the time of my decease.

 I Give Devise and Bequeath to my son Arthur W. Brown, all my interest in house No. 106 Niagara St. in the City of Winnipeg, in the Province of Manitoba, and the lands usually enjoyed therewith and appertaining thereto on which it is situated. 

I appointed my sons, Arthur W. Brown and Charles W. Brown, hereinafter called my Trustees to be the Executors and Trustees of this my Will,

I Give all the residue of my property both real and personal unto my Trustees in Trusts, to convert the same into money as soon as possible after my decease, but such conversion to be entirely at the discretion of my Trustees as to the time for the said conversion; and upon the sale of any or all my said property to divide the proceeds of the sale equally amongst my said three children, Arthur W. Brown, Charles W. Brown and Ethel, wife of Robert Boardman, and I empower my Trustees to postpone the conversion of any part of my property for so long as they shall think fit, and the income of any property remaining unconverted shall, from the time of my death, be paid and applied in the same manner as the income of the proceeds thereof would have been payable and applicable for the time being if the same had been converted. 

In witness whereof I have set my hand this 22nd day of February A.D. 1922.

 Signed, published and declared by the above name Richard Brown, testator, as and for his last Will and testament, in the presence of us both present at the same time, who, at his request, and in his presence, have hereunto subscribed our names as Witnesses.  Hattie Le Grant, S.R. Laidlaw.  Signed by Richard Brown.

10.  Proof of Will by S.R. Laidlaw and Hattie L. Grant

11.  Names of the Heirs – Charles Ward Brown, Arthur Ward Brown and Ethel Boardman wife of Robert Boardman.

12.  Proof of Will by Charles Ward Brown, son.

13.  Proof of Will by Arthur Ward Brown, son

14.  Grant of Probate on Sep. 22, 1922 City of Winnipeg.

In summary about the Brown family:

What is so very exciting about finding this amazing file is that it really identifies those who are the descendants of Richard Brown of Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Source:  Family History Library films, Salt Lake City, Utah. Estate files 1871-1930, Index ca. 1884-1930, Manitoba, Canada.

1.  Estate Files 1871-1930; index ca. 1884-1930, Surrogate Court of Manitoba, Eastern Judicial District, Index Vols. 1-5, FHL#1381814, Vol. 4 (1921-1922).

2.  Estate Files 1871-1930; index ca. 1884-1930, Surrogate Court of Manitoba, Eastern Judicial District, Estate Files #14633, FHL#1411851 (Estate files 14595-14751, 1922).  Copy in possession of the compiler of this blog.

Richard Brown Dies July 1922!

My great-grandfather Richard Brown died on the 12th of July 1922 in Winnipeg.  He was 76 years old.  He had survived his wife Emma by 17 years.  As far as I can tell he did not remarry.

He and Emma raised three children: Charles, Ethel and Arthur and lost one son Alvin. Emma died in 1905 as I have already written about in a past post “Emma Ward Brown – Passes!” dated June 10, 2011.

I did not know that much about my mother’s side of the family.  I knew about the Brown’s up to Richard and Emma thanks to my Aunt Aileen, my mother’s older sister.  It was sheer dumb luck that I broke through with the 1871 Canadian census and found Emma and Richard living near each other in Petrolia in Lambton County, Ontario.  Once I made that connection and discovered George’s marriage a brother of Richard, I knew I had something! I then went to the web and found the website at Ancestry done by Peter Cunningham titled the “Cunninghams of Sudbury,” I knew I was on the right track.  I was then introduced to Robert Hayes a Brown descendant.

The Manitoba Vital Statistics:  Official Notice of Death for Richard Brown July 12, 1922, Winnipeg Vital Statistics Agency, Province of Manitoba, Canada

Death Record for Richard Brown died July 12, 1922, Residence: 106 Niagra St., Sex male, Irish origin, widower, born at Rowdon, Ontario on 10 March 1846. He was 76 yrs 4 mos and 2 days old at death. He had lived in the area 41 years (1881). Retired carpenter. Arthur Brown, son, signed the death record and he did not know the name of Richard’s father or mother but he did indicate that Richard’s father was born in Ireland. Arthur was living at 106 Niagra St. Cause of Death: Angina Pectoris, secondary myocarditis. Burial in St. John’s Cemetery on July 15, 1922.

Please note regarding the birth location for Richard.  There is no “Rowdon” instead it is called “Rawdon” and it is in Hastings Co., Ontario.  It is a historic township per Wikipedia.  It is now known as a municipality called Stirling-Rawdon, Ontario. 

The following obituary was provided by my cousin Bob Hayes.  It comes from the Manitoba Free Press dated July 14, 1922:

Obituary of Richard Brown

Another of Winnipeg’s old-time citizens in the person of Richard Brown died suddenly yesterday at the residence of his son, Arthur, 106 Niagara Street. Mr. Brown was a member of Court Rupert Canadian Order of Foresters, having been a member for thirty-two years. He was born in the township of Rawdon, Hastings County, Ontario in 1846 and at the age of four moved with his parents to Wyoming, Ont. in 1881 he came to Winnipeg where he has since resided. For over thirty years he was employed in the Canadian Pacific Railway shops here and about five years ago retired. He leaves one sister, Mrs. Isabel MacIntosh, Grand Rapids, Michigan; two sons, Charles W. Brown of the Brown-Clark Agency this city and Arthur W. Brown of Clark Bros & Co. Ltd. and one daughter, Mrs. Robert Boardman, Seattle, Washington. The funeral will be held from his late resident 106 Niagara Street, at 2 p.m. tomorrow.

The photograph in the newspaper of my great-grandfather is very special.  There is another which I have featured on this blog in a past post:  “A Possible Picture: Richard Brown?” dated August 13, 2010.  I will repost it here so that you can compare the two. 

I believe it is him?  I know the lady he has his arm around, she is my grandmother Ethel Adella Brown Boardman.  The way he holds her makes me feel that it is her father, just remove the beard and age him a little?  The other part of this photograph is my grandmother is smiling in a very happy way.  She was not that open of a person but here she is just beaming.  I place this photograph around about 1915 because of the clothes that grandmother is wearing and other photographs that give that time period in the same type of outfit.

Ethel with her father?