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Phillip & Margaret McMurray Brown’s children: Thomas Henry Brown 1846 to 1884

As I work on this family of Philip and Margaret McMurray Brown, I find that I need to be very careful because I am discovering that the information from cousins is not necessarily correct. This is not a criticism but more a cautionary statement.  Just be careful with the information that I give and make sure you double-check my results.  I am always willing to revisit the facts and make changes.

The list of Philip and Margaret’s children had them as follows, beginning with: William b. 1841, Frances b. 1843, Alice Marie (Elsa Maria maybe) 1845, Elizabeth 1845 but there is also another baptism of an Elizabeth in 1861 a daughter of Philip & Margaret Brown.  I have notes from my visit to Kingston in 2014 to the Anglican Diocese that have an Elizabeth Brown born 28 April 1861 to Philip and Margaret Brown, unfortunately, I did not get a copy of this source.  (#19 rS2).  So I have moved ahead to Thomas Henry Brown and we will see what happens as I dig further.

Thomas Henry Brown went by Henry or Henery sometimes.  He was born the 7th of December 1846 in Rawdon Twp. and was baptized on the 8th of January 1847 at the Saint Thomas Anglican Church in Belleville.

Thomas, born 27 December last, son of Phillip Brown and Margaret his wife, was baptized this 28th day of January 1847 by me, John Grier, Rector. Witnesses: Thomas Brown, Philip Brown for father and Mrs. P. Brown for mother.

He was with his parents in the 1861, 1871 Census in Rawdon, Hastings Co. using the name Henry in the 1861 census and Thomas in the 1871.  See the post about Philip and Margaret McMurray Brown’s descendants dated 5 June, 2015.

In the 1881 Canadian census Thomas Henry Brown is with his own family. We see that his wife is going by the name of Hester in this census.

Line 18, 16/16, Henery Brown, 34 yr. born Ontario, all Ch of Eng., farmer, married
Hester Brown, 24 years, born Ontario, married
Arthur Brown, M, 6 yr. born Ontario
Thomas Brown, M, 3 y, born Ontario
William Brown, M, 7 m. born Ontario

Source:  1881 Canadian Census, Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, Dist. #122, CDiv 3, page 4. 

Thomas married Hester Anne Downey about 1874. I cannot find a marriage record. She was born about 1856 in Hastings County.  I have seen her name as Esther Anne or even Hatie Anne and her last name as Deary or Dearing.

Family trees list her father as Andrew and mother as Martha Matilda Downey.  See Family Search genealogies for more information. She may have been the sister of James Downey who married her husband Thomas’ sister Matilda Jane. Hester appears on the marriage record as a witness using Hester Anne Downey.  This marriage was 9 April 1873.  I will post about James and Matilda in a future post.

Much to my delight I found Hatie/Hester in the 1891 Hastings North Canadian Census.

Line 6, ___, 32, Brown Hester/Hatie, F, 34, W, (a line – written where marriage status should be), born Ontario, parents born Ireland, all Ch. of England, Brown, Earnest, M, 16, W, S, born Ontario, all children’s parents born Ontario, farmer, Brown, Harry, M, 12, W, S, born Ontario, Brown, William M, 10, W, S, born Ontario, Brown Allice, F, 7, W, D, born Ontario, 

Source:  1891 Canadian Census, Ontario, District #74 N. Hastings, S. District #4 Rawdon, page 7, enumerated on 12 April, 1891, by John [Larsne].

Thomas and Hester had the following children from the census.

1. Earnest/Ernest Arthur Brown b. 10, January, 1875.  He lived in Harold, Ontario.

There is an Ernest Brown living in Rawdon, Hastings North with his siblings and his wife and baby daughter Annie in 1901:

line 35, 40/41, Brown Ernest, M, Head, M, 10 January, 1875, born Ontario. 26, all born Ontario, all Irish, farmer, Brown, Nancy F, wife M, 22 Febry 1875, 26, Brown Annie, F, daughter, 11 Febry, 1899, 2, Brown, Alice F, Sister, S, 12 April 1882, 19, Brown, Harry, M, Brother, S, 2 Aug, 1877, 23, laborer farm, Brown William, M, Brother, S, 14 Aug. 1879, 21, laborer mill.

Source:  1901 Canadian Census, Rawdon, #71 North Hastings, Ontario, page 4, PDiv 4, enumerated April 11 and 12, 1901, by Edmund Caverly. 

Ernest married Nancy McMaster on 25, May 1897 in Northumberland & Durham.

Marriage of Ernest Brown, age 22, born about 1875 in Rawdon, marriage 25, May 1897 in Northumberland & Durham, father Thomas Henery Brown, mother Hester Ann Dancey Brown, spouse Nancy McMaster, age 23, born about 1874 in Rawdon, father William McMartin and mother Margaret Lawder.

Source: Ontario, Canada Marriages 1801 to 1928, Ernest and Nancy McMaster, 25 May 1897 in Rawdon, Hastings Co., Ontario

2. Thomas Harry Brown born 2 August, 1877, in Hastings Co., Ontario.  Looks like he was called Harry but it is not clear if that is a nick name or not.

3. William James Brown born 14 August 1879, Hastings Co., Ontario. He married Jennie Miller on 22 April 1903 in Nipissing District.

Marriage of William James Brown, age 23, born about 1880, in Stirling, marriage date 22 April, 1903 in Nipissing District, father Thomas Henry Brown, mother Hester Ann Downey Brown, Spouse Jennie Miller age 32, born about 1871 in Renfrew, father William Miller and mother Catherine Hamilton.  

Source: Ontario, Canada, Marriages 1801-1922, William Brown to Jennie Miller, 22 April, 1903, Nipissing District and County #013458. 

4.  Alice Brown born 12, April 1882 in Hastings Co., Ontario. She married an Alex Fleming on 21 May 1901 in Hastings.

Marriage of Alice Brown, age 18, born about 1883 in Rawdon, married 21 May 1901, Hastings county, father Henry Brown, mother Hester Dearing, Spouse Alex Fleming age 22, born about 1879, in Huntingdon, father Robert Fleming, mother Samantha Reid.

Source: Ontario, Canada Marriages, 1801-1928, Alice Brown to Alex Fleming, 21 May 1901, Hastings Co., page 625.

I have found Hester’s death in Hastings but not her place of burial.

#16 Hesther A. Brown, died March 24, 1896 Female, 41 years, farmer’s wife, born Huntingdon, Ontario, died of Consumption 2 years, W. A. Sargent MD, witness Ernest Brown of Harold, registered May 12th 1896, Episcopalian, Thoms. C. McConnell.

Source:  Ontario, Canada, Deaths, 1869 to 1938 and Deaths Overseas, #004001

There is a broken and old tombstone in Stirling Cemetery with the name Thomas H. Brown and the date of death as September 15, 1884. It reads 37 years, 8 mos. and 19 days. See Find A Grave for more information.  He is listed in the Stirling Cemetery book #167. This stone is to the right of the large stone that has his father’s name inscribed on it.

Thomas H. Brown 1846 to 1874

Thomas H. Brown 1846 to 1874

DSC09106There is certainly more research to do on this couple of Thomas and Hester.  All the above needs to be verified, it has been difficult to find information on this family; hopefully one can dig further from this point and do census searches on the children.  Time to move on to other children.


Philip Brown and Margaret McMurray of Hastings County and their descendants

Thomas Brown (1817 to 1848) was the brother of Philip Brown (1817 to 1895).  They both settled in Hastings County and Rawdon Twp. and remained there till their deaths.

Philip & Margaret Brown, photo courtesy of Bob Hayes

Philip & Margaret Brown, photo courtesy of Bob Hayes

Philip Brown was born, according to cousins, on 29 March 1817 in County Longford, Ireland.  He died 7 April 1895 in Rawdon Twp., Hastings County, Ontario. He is buried in the Stirling Cemetery in Stirling, Hastings Co., Ontario there is a tombstone for him at Find A Grave. Philip’s name is spelled with one “l” and sometimes two.

I refer you to my post dated August 27, 2014, The Children of William Brown and Elsie: Philip Brown.  In that post I wrote about Philip’s land in Hastings County along with other Brown family. I also talk about Margaret McMurray’s parents.

Here is a review of Philip and Margaret McMurray Brown.  It is interesting that this “McMurray” is Irish.  On the other side of my family the McMurray’s are considered Scottish.

Philip married Margaret McMurray about 1840. After a careful search of the records of the Anglican Diocese of Ontario in Kingston, I was unable to find a marriage record.

Mary was born about 1819 in County Longford, Ireland and died 10 February 1878 in Rawdon Twp., Hastings County, Ontario.  She is also buried in the Stirling Cemetery based on the cemetery book for Stirling Cemetery.  When I visited in September of 2014, I did not find a stone for her so I have created a Memorial at Find A Grave for her and linked her to Philip.

Here is a study of the Canadian Census for Philip and Margaret Brown:

1851 – There is no census for Rawdon in 1851, it does cover a few areas of Hastings.

1861 Canadian Census,  Phillip Brown Family, Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, #26, page 12. 

Line 1, Philip Brown, farmer, Ireland, C. England, age 45, male, married, log, 1 story, 1 family, all members of family. Margret Brown, Ireland, C. England, age 43, female, married. Wm. Brown, Laborer, born Canada, C. of England, age 19 male, single: Francis Brown, born Canada, C. England, age 17, female, single; Elley Brown, born Canada, C. England, age 15, female, single; Henery Brown, laborer, born Canada, C. England, age 13 male, single; Diana Brown, born Canada, C. England, age 11, female, single; Matilda Brown, born Canada, C. England, age 9, female, single; Margret Brown, born Canada, C. England, age 7, female, single, Alvina Brown, born Canada, C. England, age 5, female, single; Hariet Brown, born Canada, C. England, age 1, female, single. 

1871 Canadian Census, Philip Brown Family, Rawdon, Hastings Co., Ontario, District 62, No. 2, Div. pg. 19.  It is interesting to see that the place of birth is Ireland for all of them in this census.  In the 1861 census the children are listed born in Canada.

Line 11, 15, 70, Brown Philip, M. age 55, born Ireland, C. England, Irish, farmer, M; Brown, Margaret F, age 52, born Ireland, C. England, M.; Brown, Thomas, M. age 24 born Ireland, C. of England, farmer; Brown, Diana, F, age 22, born Ireland, C. of England;  Brown, Matilda, F, age 20, born Ireland, C. of England; Brown, Margaret, F, age 18, born Ireland, C. of England; Brown, Alvina F, age 11, born Ireland, C. of England; Brown, [Eliza], F, age 10, born Ireland, C. of England

1881 Canadian Census, Philip Brown Family, Rawdon, Hastings, Ontario, Dist. No. 122, North Hastings, Rawdon Twp., Div. #3, page 3. 

Line 17, 15, 15, Brown, Philip, M. age 65, Ireland, Ch of Eng., farmer, Widowed. Line 18, 16, 16 Brown Henry, M. 36, born Ontario, Ch. of Eng., farmer, M;  Brown, [Hester] F, age 25, born Ontario, Ch of Eng., M; Brown, Arthur, M. age 6, born Ontario, Ch of Eng; Brown, Thomas, M, age 3, born Ontario, Ch of Eng. Brown, William, M, 7/12, born Ontario, Ch of Eng.

We see that Phillip is now widowed and his son Henry (Thomas Henry) is living with him. The older children are out of the house.

1891 Canadian Census, Philip Brown Family, Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, District 74, North Hastings, SD N4, April 7, 1891 by a John _____, page 2. 

Line 9, W[ ] 9, Brown, Philip M, age 74, W, born Ireland, Parents born in Ireland, C. of England, Farmer, Read and write.

Philip's Death Announcement

Philip’s Death Announcement

Death of Philip Brown Obituary (probably the local paper)

On Sunday evening last Philip brown, one of the oldest residents of the township of Rawdon, came to his death under peculiar circumstances. About dusk on that evening a neighbor, Mr. Wright, called to see him at his house, where he was living alone, and on opening the door found the room full of smoke. He called to Mr. Brown, and getting no reply, groped his way to the bedroom where he found Mr. Brown lying on the bed, partly dressed, and in an unconscious condition.  Mr. Wright took him in his arms and carried him out, and calling other near neighbors to take care of Mr. Brown, he with others soon extinguished the fire. Mr. Brown, however, did not rally, and expired about ten minutes after being taken from the building. The cause of the fire is a mystery. The deceased was over 78 years of age. The funeral took place on Wednesday, and was largely attended, service being held in St. John’s Church, Stirling. 

Philip and Margaret had ten (10) children:

1.  William Brown was born 3 April, 1841 in Rawdon Twp., and was baptized at the Saint Thomas Anglican Church in Belleville on 2 October,1841. He died in Hastings Co., on 14 November 1822 and he is buried in Stirling Cemetery. He was baptised on 2 October, 19841 at the St. Thomas Anglican Church in Belleville.

He married Emily Reid on 1 December, 1868 in Rawdon Twp.. She was born 5 October, 1850 in Rawdon to Elijah Reid and Isabella. She died on 23 April 1850 in Rawdon and is buried in Stirling Cemetery.  They had nine children.

2. Frances Brown was born 9 January 1843 in Rawdon Twp. and she died 2 August 1933 in Northumberland, Ontario. She married a James Clements son of Thomas Clements (1803 to 1891) and Christina King (11 June 1805, Northern Ireland) and died 30 September 1901, Rawdon District. Frances and James had three children.

3. Alice Maria Brown  was born about 1845 in Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario.  She married Gilbert Barton Wellman of Bonar Law, Hastings Co., Ontario who died 4 January 1936 in Hastings Co. They had about 4 children.  She died 22 November 1921 and is buried in the Twelfth Line Cemetery in Hastings County.

4. Elizabeth Brown was born 26 January, 1845 in Rawdon, was baptized 3 February 1846 was baptized on April 28, 1861 at St. Thomas Anglican Church in Belleville.  She died 20 Nov. 1921 in Hastings Co., She probably died in Manitoba. She married a William Cook of Rawdon and they had 4 six children.  NOTE:  These changes to her information moves Elizabeth from position four in the children list to the last child of Philip and Margaret, thus moving the others up. 

5. Thomas Henry Brown was born 27 December 1846 in Rawdon District and was baptized on 28 January 1847 at the St. Thomas Anglican Church in Belleville. He died 15 September 1884 in Rawdon Twp. and is buried in the Stirling Cemetery. He married Esther Ann Downey who was born about 1856 in Ontario and died in the Rawdon District. Thomas and Esther had at least three children.

6. Diana Brown was born about 1850 in Rawdon Twp., and died 11 February 1902 in Oxford, Ontario. She married a Richard West on 2 April, 1877 in Hastings. RIchard West was born about 1850 in Hungerford to John West and Hannah.

7. Matilda Jane Brown was born 1 April 1851 in Stirling and was baptized 6 August 1852. She died 10 November 1936 in Sparta, Elgin County, Ontario.  She married James Downy on 9 April 1873 in Stirling from Huntingdon Twp.

8. Margaret Brown was born 6 November 1854 in Rawdon Twp. and died in Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario.

9. Alvina Brown was born about 1855 in Rawdon Twp. and died in 1943 in Toronto, York Co., Ontario. She married a James Wallace Woodrow on 3 December, 1879 in Rawdon, Hastings Co., Ontario. He was born 17 May 1854 in Athol Twp., Prince Edward Island County, Ontario. He died 30 September 1915 in Picton, Ontario. They had 3 children. He was the son of John Woodrow Jr. (1826-1900) and Adelaide Williams (1831-1878).

10. Harriett Brown was born 1860 Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario.

In the next posts I will dig a little deeper into the lives of the children of Philip and Margaret Brown.