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Thomas and Mary Brown’s Children: Philip Brown and Elizabeth Patterson: Their Family

Philip Brown was a son of Thomas and Mary Johnston Brown.

Philip was born 6 July, 1845 in Rawdon, Hastings Co., Ontario.  He was baptized on 3 February, 1846 at the St. Thomas Anglican Church in Belleville.  He died in 1929 and is buried with his wife Elizabeth in the Stirling Cemetery in Stirling, Hastings Co., Ontario. I have created a memorial for them at Find A Grave.

Tombstone of Philip and Elizabeth Brown in Stirling Cemetery

Tombstone of Philip and Elizabeth Brown in Stirling Cemetery

He married Elizabeth Matilda Patterson on 24 December, 1869 and the record is in the Anglican Diocese of Ontario holdings.

Brown to Patterson, Bachelor of the Tp. of Rawdon, Co. Hastings. To Elizabeth Matilda Patterson of the same place, spinster by me, Geor. W.G. Group, Clk. incumbent of Stirling, Ontario. Witnesses: Robert Bird, Elizabeth Johnston.

Source:  Anglican Diocese of Ontario, Marriage of Patterson to Brown, 24 October, 1869, Rawdon, Hastings Co., #91. 

Philip and Elizabeth Brown had 4 children:

1. Thomas Patterson Brown was born about 1870 and he married Sarah Tucker born 1879.  They were married on 13 June, 1899 in Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario.

Thomas P. Brown, born Rawdon, age 28, about 1871, father Philip Brown mother Matilda Patterson, Spouse Sarah Tucker, age 20, born about 1879 in Rawdon, father Manford Tucker, mother Louise Cummings. He is a Bachelor and a farmer.

Source: Hasting Co. Ontario Marriages, Brown to Tucker, 13 June, 1899, Rawdon Twp., Ontario.

They may have had one daughter Keitha who married to a Robert Thayer.

2. Elizabeth Artilla Brown was born 21 October, 1872 and died 8 October, 1965. She is buried in the Stirling Cemetery.

She married Murney Hagerman born 1867 died 1938. He was the son of Donald M. Hagerman and Ann.  The marriage took place 20 January, 1892 in Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co. Ontario with witnesses, page 325 of Marriages Schedule B.

Murney and Elizabeth Hagerman Tombstone, Stirling Cemetery

Murney and Elizabeth Hagerman Tombstone, Stirling Cemetery

They had 3 children:  Arthur Shorey Hagerman 1894 to 1989, Florence Ada Hagerman b. 1900, and Frank Hagerman born 1902.

Murney and Artella are living in Rawdon in the 1901 per the census.

Line 19, 96, 97, Hagerman, Murney M, Head, m, 30 May 1866, 34, English, Farmer, Hagerman, Artella, F, wife, m, 21 Oct. 1872, 28, Irish, Hagerman, Arthur S, M. son, S, 1 Dec. 1894, 6, Hagerman, Florence A.C., F, daughter, S, 23, May, 1900, 0. All born in Ontario, Children are English, all Canadian, All Methodist

Source: 1901 Canadian Census, Rawdon Twp., Hastings North, Ontario, Dist#71, SDist M-4, page 9. 

3.  Henry McKenzie Brown was born about 1875 and died 1964.  He married 22 April, 1896 to Annie Alana Green, daughter of Alexander Green and Civilla Sine, source Ontario Marriages #005448.  They had 5 children: Gerald Brown 1897-1987, Harold Brown 1898 to 1977, Eva Brown 1901 to 1976, Mabel Brown 1903 to 1971, Charles Brown b. 1909.

Henry and Anna are listed in the 1901 Canadian Census with some of their children: Gerald, Harold and daughter Eva.

Line 39, 110, 121, Brown, Henry M, M, Head, M, 21, Nov. 1875, 25, Farmer. Brown, Anna E., F, Wife, M, 30 June 1875, 25, Brown, Gerald, M, Son, S, 10 Aug. 1897, 3, Brown, Harold, M, Son, S, 11 Aug, 1898, 2, Brown, Eva May, F, daughter, S, 20 March, 1901. All born in Ontario, English, Ch of England, 

Source:  1901 Canadian Census, Rawdon Twp., Hastings North, Ontario, Dist#71, SD #M, 2, page 11, April 26, 1901, J.S. Chard. 

4.  Margaret M. Brown was born about 1886 and died 1976 in Hastings Co. She is buried in the Stirling Cemetery along with her husband Richard Clements born 1880 and died 1956.  They were married 25 October, 1905.

Richard and Maggie Clements, some of their children - Tombstone, Stirling Cemetery

Richard and Maggie Clements, some of their children – Tombstone, Stirling Cemetery

Richard and Margaret Clements had 8 children:

1.  Thomas Moffat Clements was born November 1906 and died 1984. He married Ida Vance who was born 24 November 1909 and died 19 March 1997 and is buried in Stirling Cemetery. See Find A Grave for their tombstone.

2.  Marjory Clements was born about February 1908 and died 1960, she is also buried in Stirling Cemetery.

3. Clarence Clements was born 1909 and died the same year. He is buried in the Stirling Cemetery.

4.  Helen Clements born about April 1911.

5.  Ethel Clements born about 1913

6. Leslie Clements born 1914 and died 1964.  I am not sure of the sex of this individual.

7. Mae Clements was born 1919 and died 1967.  She is buried in Stirling Cemetery.

8.  Russell Clements was born in 1925 and died the same year.

Richard and Margaret are living in Rawdon Twp. in the 1911 Canadian Census:

Line 37, 9, 9, Clements, Richard, 12/5, M, Head, M, June 1880, 30, born Ontario, Merchant, $1000, $956,
Clements, Margaret, F, Wife, M, Jan, 1885, 26, born Ontario, none
Clements, Thomas M., M, son, S, Nov. 1906, 4, born Ontario
Clements, Marjorie, F, daughter, S, Feb. 1908, 3, born Ontario
Clements, Helen, F, daughter, S, April 1911, 1/12, born Ontario
Fleming, Jannet, F, Domestic, S, Sept. 1890, 20, born Ontario, Domestic
All Irish, Canadian and Methodist

Source: 1911 Canadian Census, Rawdon Twp., Hastings West, Ontario, page 1, Dist 80, SD#23, 4, W.F. Sine, June 1 and 2, 1901. 

The Clement family was very prominent in Hastings County.  I do not now at this time Richard’s connection to this large family.  This is not the only marriage of Brown to Clement.

Philip appears in the 1861 census with his family, his step father Thomas Vance, his mother Mary, his siblings and half-siblings.  I have shared this census in past posts regarding Thomas and Mary Brown.

In 1871 they are living in Rawdon Twp.

Line 14, 70, 75 Brown, Phillip, M, 26, born Ontario, C of E all, Irish all, Farmer, Married. Brown, Matilda, F, 23, born Ontario, married

Brown, Thomas, M 8/12, born Ontario.

Source: 1871 Canadian Census, Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, page 20, 62 North Hastings, No. 2 Div. 

They are still in Rawdon Twp. in the 1881 census and his half-sister is living with them.

Line 7, 64, 64, Brown, Phillip, M, 36, born Ontario, all Ch of E, all Irish, farmer, Married. 
Brown, Matilda, F, 34, born Ontario, married
Brown, Thomas, M, 10, born Ontario
Brown, Elizabeth, F, 8, born Ontario
Brown, Henry, M, 5, born Ontario
Vance, Margaret, F, 20, born Ontario

Source: 1881 Canadian Census, Rawdon Twp., Hastings, #page 15, North Hastings, Div. #3. 

In 1901 they have migrated to Huntington Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario.

22, 7, 7, Brown, Phillip, M, Head, M, Feb 12, 1845, 56 born Ontario, Ch of England all, All Irish, Farmer
Brown, Elizabeth M., F, wife, M, Feb 8, 1843, 54 born Ontario
Brown, Maggie, M, F, daughter, S, Jan 16, 1886, 15, born Ontario

Source: 1901 Canadian Census, Huntington Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, page 1, 71 Hastings N, SD#7, Polling #2, Charles Mills, April 8, 1901.

Phillip and Elizabeth Brown moved back to Rawdon Twp., by 1911 and in 1921 they are living in Springbrook Village, Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario and they did not have any children listed living with them.

There is so much more research that could be done on this family of Philip and Elizabeth Brown such as more census work, finding obituaries, estates, deeds, and cemetery records to verify that these are the correct family members. This is a good start on this family.

In the next post I will share a summary of the Heir & Devisee record that I found. Phillip the son of Thomas and Mary Brown submitted an application regarding some land of his father’s in 1868. It is very interesting and ties this family together much like a probate record.