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Phillip & Margaret Brown’s Children: William Brown 1841 to 1922

William Brown was a son of Phillip Brown and Margaret McMurray and he was born 3 April, 1841 in Rawdon Twp., and was baptized at the Saint Thomas Anglican Church in Belleville on 2 October, 1841.

William born 3rd April last, son of Philip Brown of the Twp. of Rawdon, & of Margaret, his wife was publicly baptized this 2nd day of October 1841 by me, John Grier, Rector, Parents Sponsors.

Source:  William Brown baptized 2nd Day of October, 1841, son of Phillip & Margaret Brown, 7-B-3, St. Thomas, Belleville, Anglican Diocese of Ontario in Kingston. 

He died in Hastings County, on 14 November 1922 and he is buried in Stirling Cemetery. His tombstone is a large obelisk. The writing and inscription are difficult to read. She Find A Grave for his stone in Stirling.

Wm. Brown and Emily Reid Inscription.

Wm. Brown and Emily Reid Inscription.

Source:  Ontario Canada Deaths, 1869-1938, William Brown, 14 November 1922, page 100, 30 Forin Street, Male, Irish, Married, 81 yrs, Rawdon Twp., 1841, retired, #015275, 10 yrs in place of death, lifetime in Ontario, father Phillip Brown, born Ireland, Mother Margaret M. Murray, born Ireland, Informant Erastus W. Brown of Thurlow Twp., son, Sterling, Ont. buried November 16, 1922, Belleville Burial Co., died Nov. 14, 1922, arteriosclerosis, 4 years, heart failure. F.W.  Hill of Belleville. 

He married Emily Reid on 1 December, 1868 in Rawdon Twp.. She was born 5 October 1850 in Rawdon to Elijah Reid and Isabella.

She died on 23 April 1936 in Rawdon and is buried in Stirling Cemetery.

County of Hastings, Twp. of Thurlow, Belleville, 23 yrs, life in Ontario, Brown, Emily, 30 Forin Street, Belleville, Female, Canadian, British, Widow, born Ontario, Oct. 6, 1849, age 86, yrs, 6 mo. 17 days, housewife, given name of husband Wm. Brown, Father Elijah Reid born Ontario, mother Isabel [McIroy] born Scotland, Informant: E.W. Brown, R.R. #6 Belleville, Buried Stirling, April 25, 1936, Died 23 April 1936, old age, G.S. Crank, Belleville. 

Source:  Ontario Canada Deaths, 1869-1939, 25 April 1936, Emily Brown Death Certificate, Died Belleville, Hastings Co., Ontario #018305 pg. 240. 

William appears in the 1861 Canadian census with his parent’s family:

Line 1, Philip Brown, farmer, Ireland, C. England, age 45, male, married, log, 1 story, 1 family, all members of family. Margret Brown, Ireland, C. England, age 43, female, married. Wm. Brown, Laborer, born Canada, E. England, age 19 male, single, Francis Brown, born Canada, C. England, age 17, female, single, Elley Brown, born Canada, C. England, age 15, female, single, Henery Brown, laborer, born Canada, C. England, age 13 male, single, Diana Brown, born Canada, C. England, age 11, female, single, Matilda Brown, born Canada, C. England, age 9, female, single, Margret Brown, born Canada, C. England, age 7, female, single, Alvina Brown, born Canada, C. England, age 5, female, single, Hariet Brown, born Canada, C. England, age 1, female, single

Source:  1861 Canadian Census, Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, #26 page 12. 

In 1871 William has started his own family and he is living next door to his sister Fanny.

Line 91, 98 Brown, William, M, 29, All born in Ontario, all Church of England, Irish, Farmer, Married, Brown, Emily, F, 21, Scotch, Married, Brown, Walton, M, 1, Irish

Line 4, 92, 99, Clements, James, M.32, All born in Ontario, all Ch. of England, all Irish, Farmer, Married, Clements, Fanny, F, 28, Married, Clements, Ann, F, 6, Clements, Matilda, F, 1

Line 8, 93, 100, Clements, Thomas, M, 25, born in Ontario, Ch. of England, Irish, Farmer, Single

Source:  1871 Canadian Census, Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, page 28, 62 North Hasting.

We find William again in Rawdon Twp. living next to his sister Fanny in 1881 and both have growing families:

Line 5, 74, 74, Brown, William, M, 40, Born Ontario, all Ch of England, Irish, Farmer, Married
Brown, Emily, F, 30, born Ontario, Scotch, Married
Brown, Walton, M, 11, born Ontario, Children all Irish
Brown, Wilbert, M, 8, born Ontario
Brown, Isabella, F, 8, born Ontario
Brown, Blanch, F, 5, born Ontario
Brown, Phillip, M, 3 born Ontario
William, M, 1, born Ontario

Line 13, 75, 75, Clements, James, M, 41, all born Ontario, all Ch of England, all Irish, Farmer, Married:
Clements, Fanny, F, 30, married
Clements, Margret, F, 16
Clements, Matilda, F, 11
Clements, Clementine, F, 6

Source: 1881 Canadian Census, Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, page 18, District 122.

Life does change and in 1891 William has migrated to Thurlow Twp. in Hastings Co., Ontario. He was Church of England in 1881 but here we see he is now Methodist?

Line 14, Brown, William, M, 50, Married, Head, Born Ontario, all born Ontario, parents born Ireland, farmer, all Methodist:
Brown, Emily, F, 41, Married, Wife, father born Ontario, mother Scotland,
Brown, Erastus, M, 21, son, Born Ontario and all other children born Ontario,
Brown, George, M, 18, son
Brown, Edith, F, 16, daughter
Brown, Blanche, F, 15, daughter
Brown, Phillip, M, 12, son
Brown, William, M, 11, son
Brown, John, M, 8, son
Brown, Arthur, M, 5, son
Brown, Maggie, F, 10/12 , daughter

Source:  1891 Canadian Census, Thurlow Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, page 34, District 73, No. 4, 28th April 1891, U.N. Gould.

Again William is still in Thurlow Twp. in 1901:

Line 9, 26, 29, Brown, William, M, W, Head, M, April 3, 1843, 58, all born Ontario, Irish, Methodist, Farmer:
Brown, Emily, F, W, Wife, M, Oct. 5, 1850, 50, German,
Brown, Eratus W. , M, W, Son, S, Jan, 20, 1870, 31.
Brown, Emma B, F, W, daughter, S, Feb, 1, 1877, 24
Brown, William E., M, W, son, S, April 6, 1880, 20
Brown, Wallice, A. M, W, son, S, Nov. 26, 1885, 15
Brown, Magie, M, F, W, daughter, SD, June 9, 1890., 10

All Children are listed as Irish. 

Source:  1901 Canadian Census, Thurlow Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, Dist. 70, SD#C, Polling#5, John L. Clopp, page 3.

By 1911 William and Emily have moved to Belleville. This census is very difficult to read:

Line 26, 8, 8 Brown William, M, Head, M, May 1836, 75, born Ontario Irish, Methodist
_______________Wife, M, June 1845, 66, born Ontario, Irish, Methodist

Source: 1911 Canadian Census, Belleville, Hastings Co., Ontario, page 1, Dist#80, SD#5, Belleville Coleman Ward.

William and Emily are in Belleville in the 1921 census living on their own.  This is the first time I have ever seen mention of the birth of a parent “at sea.”

Line 33, 290, 294, Brown, William, 30 Foria St, Baldwin Ward, Head, M, Married, 80 Born Ontario, father Irish, mother born Atlantic Ocean, born at sea, Irish, yes, no, Methodist., yes, yes, Income, 4, B, Brown, Emily, wife, F, M, 70, born Ontario, father Ontario, mother Scottish, Race Dutch, Methodist, yes, yes, None.

Source:  1921 Canadian Census, Belleville, Hastings Co., Ontario, Dist#90, SD#31, page 23, H.V. Clarke.  

Here are the children of William and Emily (Reid) Brown:

1. Erastus Walton Brown b. 20 January 1870 in Rawdon and died 12 July 1952.  He married Esther Mary Emma Hall of Segmour Twp. in Northumberland and Durham, Ontario. They had two children: Emily Isobel Brown b. 1904 married a Mr. Eggleton, and Annie Grace Brown b. 30 June 1908 and died 15 March 1971. She married a Mr. Davidson.

Here is Erastus’ and Esther’s marriage:

Name Esther Mary Emma Hall, age 28, born about 1873, Campbellford, Segmour, married 25 September, 1901 in Northumberland & Durham. Father James Hall and mother was Isabella Ingran.  Spouse: Erastus Walton Brown yeoman, age 31, born about 1870 in Rawdon Twp (Rawston) residence Thurlow Twp. father William Brown mother Emily Reid. Schedule B, pg. 281, 

Source: Ontario Canada Marriages 1801-1928, Esther M. E. Hall to Erastus Walton Brown, 25 September 1901.  

UPDATE 12/8/2015 – I discovered that Erastus was above Reuben Ketchpaw his brother-in-law in the census.  His name was spelled so badly I didn’t notice till recently.

Source:  Ketchpaw & Brown Families, 1911 Canadian Census, Thurlow Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, page 3, Dist#74, SD#12, ED#6, enumerator J.E. O Shouy.

Line 6, 25, 25, Brown, Erctic, Lot E 1/2 18 erd, M, Head, M, January 1870, 41, born Ontario, English all, Canadian, all, Methodist, farmer, yes, no, yes, Farm, 52, none, 60, none, $1300, $1000, 17, all yes, yes, English. Brown Ester, Lot E1/2 18 3rd, F, Wife, M, August 1873, 37, born Ontario. Spencer Jospeh, Lot E1/2183rd M, labormen, S, November 1886, age 14, born England, farm laborer, no, yes, no, farm, 52 none, 60 none, 20.0, Hall Bessie Lot e1/2 18 3rd, F, sister in law, S, August 1878, 37, born Ontario, Baptist. Brown Isabell, lot e1/2 18 erd, F, daughter, S, February 1904, 7, born Ontario. Brown, Ann, Lot e1/2 18 erd F, daughter S, June 1909, 1, born Ontario. 

2.  Wilbert George H. Brown b. 21 June 1872 in Rawdon. He married Isabella Dean Cumming born about September 1880.  They had Walter Brown born January 1903 and Mira/Mina Brown born December 1905.

They married on 3 July 1901 in Northumberland and Durham Co., Ontario:

W. G. Henry Brown, age 29, born about 1873, Merchant, Married 3 July 1901 in Northumberland and Durham to Isabella Dean Cumming, age 21, born about 1880 in Campbellford, Canada,  W.G.’s father was William Brown and mother was Emily Reid. Her parents were Robert A. Cumming and Harriet E. Hermestone Cumming. 

Source:  Ontario Canada Marriages 1801-1928, W.G. Henry Brown to Isabella Dean Cumming, 3 July 1901 in Northumberland and Durham page 281, Schedule B.

In the 1911 census we find that W.G. Henry has started his own family and he has migrated:

Line 44, 26, 26, Brown, W.G. H., W.S. Adelpha, M, Head, M, June 1872, 38, born Ontario, Irish, Methodist all, Agent, Insurance, Brown, Bella, F, Wife, M, Sept, 1880, 30, born Ontario, Scotch, Brown, Walter, M, Son, S, Jan, 1903, 8, born Ontario, Irish, Brown, Mira (Estirca), F, Daughter, S, Dec 1905, 5, born Ontario, Irish.

Source: 1911 Canadian Census, W.S. Adelphe, Napanee, Lennox & Addington, Ontario, page 2, 92 Lennox, ED East Ward, Napanee Town, by Patrick Gleason on June 6, 7 & 8, 1911. 

Once again Wilbert G. has moved in 1921 and this time we find him in Toronto:

Line 43, 106, 128, Brown, Wilbert G., Jerome St., #47, R, Head, M, M, 48, born Ontario, Real Estate, $1200. Brown, Isabell, wife, F, M, 40, born Ontario, Brown, Walter, son, M, S, 18, born Ontario, clerk, Brown, Mina, daughter, F, S, 15, born Ontario, student. All parents born Ontario, all Canadian, Father is Irish, mother is Scotch, yes, no, Methodist 

Source: 1921 Canadian Census, pg. 10, Ontario, Dist. 113, ED#130, Parkdale, 47, Toronto, H.Ray Bullmen. 

3.  Edith Isabella Brown, b. 15 April 1874 in Rawdon. She married a William D. Morton on 1 January 1894.

Wm. A. Morton, 31 years, residence Belleville, Ont., born Ogdensburg, U.S.  Bachelor, Police Constable, father Albert Morton and mother Elizabeth. Spouse Edith J. Brown, 19 years, residence Thurlow Twp., born Rawdon, Spinster, Father Wm. and mother Emily Brown, Witnesses Lyman Moore, Belleville, Blanche Brown, Thurlow Tp. married 1 Jan 1894, Thurlow Twp., both Methodist, Rev. D. Obrosley. 

Source:  Ontario Canada Marriages 1801-1928, Edith J. Brown to Wm. A. Morton, 1 January 1894, page 362, Schedule B. Marriages, Hastings Co., Thurlow. #004926 No. 11. 

We find Edith and William living in Belleville in 1901.

Line 46, 313, 323, Morton, William, M, W, Head, M, Oct. 30, 1863, 38, US 1860, Irish, Canadian, Meth. Policeman. Morton, Edith, F, W, Wife, M, April 12, 1874, 27 born Ontario, Irish, Meth. Morton, Elizabeth, F, W, Dau, S, Jan 23, 1895, 6, born Ont, Irish, Meth, Morton, Vera F, F, W, Dau, S, Jan. 12, 1900, 1, born Ont., Irish, Meth. 

Source: 1901 Canadian Census, Bellevue, Hastings West, Ontario, District A, SD#6, enumerated April 30th, 1901 by J.W. Malloy, page 26.

4.  Emma Blanche Brown was born 1 February 1877 in Rawdon. She married a Reuben Ketchepaw on 7 December 1904 in Hastings Co., Thurlow Twp.

Ketchepaw, Reuben 40, living Thurlow, born Thurlow, Bachelor, Yeoman, father Abram Ketchpaw, mother Catherine. Spouse Blanche Brown age 28, residence Thurlow, born Rawdon, Single, Parents: William and Emily Brown. 

Source: Ontario Canada Marriages 1801-1928, page 483, Schedule B, no. 48, 7, Dec. 1904

We find Reuben and Emma in Thurlow Twp., Hastings East in 1911. They are next door to Erastus Brown.

Line 12, 26, 26, Ketchpaw, Reuben, Lot 1 W 1/2 18 3rd, Head, M, April 1864, 49, born O, English, Canadian, Methodist, farmer, yes, no, yes, Farm, 52 weeks, none, 60, $1000, can read and write. Ketchpaw, Emma B. Lot W 1/2 18 3rd, F, wife, M, Feb. 1876, 36, born O, English, Canadian, Methodist, no occupation.  Ketchpaw, Luella P. Lt W 42 18 3rd, F, Daughter, Single, July 1908, 2, born Ontario, Ketchpaw, Hattie Lot 2 W 1/2 18 3rd, sister, Single, June 1867, 43. Born Ontario, English, Canadian, Methodist, no occupation.  Klunghell, Fred Lot 1 1/2 18 3rd, M, laborer, S, July 1840, age 70, born Germany, 1842, German, Canadian, Presby. Farmer, farm, $100.

Source: 1911 Canadian Census, Thurlow Twp., Hastings East, Ontario, Dist. #79, SD#12, ED#6, page 3, by J.E.O. Shorey.

The remaining children of William and Emily have little information.  Records have been looked at for marriage, death and census and the OCFA but online sources do not reveal these individuals fate at this time.

5.  Phillip Elijah Brown was born 27 April 1878 in Rawdon.

6.  William Ernest Brown was born 6 April 1880 in Rawdon.

7.  John Burton Brown born 23 June 1882 in Rawdon.

8.  Wallace Arthur Brown born 26 November 1885 in Rawdon.

9.  Maggie Matilda Brown born 9 June 1890 in Thurlow Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario.

This family will require a lot more research to learn more about the rest of William and Emily’s children especially the last five. I suspect that Philip and John maybe not have survived and possibly others but have not been able to find them in cemeteries online.  A really good obituary notices of the parents might be of help.