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Philip & Margaret McMurray Brown children: Diana Brown 1854..

Diana Brown was a daughter of Philip and Margaret Brown. She was born 9 January 1856.

From my findings she married a Richard West on the 2nd of April, 1877 in Hastings Co.

Marriage of Richard West age 27, born Hungerford, B., Farmer, father and mother John and Hannah West. Spouse Diana Brown, age 27, born Rawdon, S, father and mother Philip & Margaret Brown. Witnesses Philip Brown of Rawdon and James West of Madoc. Marriage date Rawdon April 2, 1877, Wesleyan Methodist, bridegroom, Ch of England Bride, Rev. F.L. Stephenson. 

Source: Ontario, Canada, Marriages 1801 to 1928, Richard West to Diana Brown, 2 April, 1877 Rawdon, Hastings Co., Ontario, #03878

A search of the Huron West 1881 census showed that there were about 30 out of 98 pages of very faded handwriting so it was not possible to find them.


Township map of Huron Co. at Ontario Genweb page

Jumping ahead to 1891 we find Diana and Richard are living in Ashfield Twp., Huron. His name is under “Restiard” and hers is “Deana.” James, Richard’s brother, is living with them.

Line 8, W7, 192, West, Restiard, M, 35, M, Born, all born Ontario, parents Ireland, Meth, West, Deana, F, 33, M, W, parents father Ireland, mother Ontario, farmer. West, Maggie, F, 13, Da. West, James E, M, 30, Brother. 

Source: 1891 Canadian Census, Ashfield, #78 Huron West, Ontario, page 56, enumerated 1st of May 1891, A. C. [Marshfield]. 

They appear in the 1901 Canadian Census in Ashfield, Huron West.

line 50, 32/32, page 3, line 50, West, Richard M, W, Head, M, 12 Oct, 1854, age 47, born Ontario, English, Canadian, Ch. of England, farmer, page 4, line 1, West, Diana, F, W, wife, M, 9 Jan, 1856, age 45, born Ontario, English, Canadian, Methodist, occupation unreadable. 

Below Diana on the next line is a James West with family:

Line 2, 33/33, West, James, M, W, Head, M, 11 April, 1861, all born Ontario, English, all Meth., farmer, West, Mary, F, W, wife, M, 9 June 1872, Scotch, West, John, M, W, Son, S, 11, Dec. 1895, West, Hazel, F, W, Daughter, S, 21 April 1897, West, Elinor, F, W, Daughter, S, 20 Feb. 1899. 

Source: 1901 Canadian Census, #75 Huron West, SD#A, PDIv#7, Ashfield Twp., page 3 and 4, enumerated April 4 and 5, 1901, by John Jamison. 

With the very bad condition of the 1881 census I have not been able to figure out where Diana and Richard West were living in 1881.  They are just not appearing in Hastings nor Huron Counties.

This is only a beginning on researching this couple and I encourage you to make sure that the information is correct, more sources need to be checked to verify that it is truly Diana’s family.  I was having difficulty finding them in 1911. The County of Huron is north of Middlesex County and the city of London and borders Lake Huron on the east side.