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A place to pause for this blog….

It has been five years since I started this blog.  I have written about the families of my heritage and it has been amazing.

Me with George & Esther's Tombstone

Me with George & Esther’s Tombstone

I never thought I would get as far as I have on the Boardman and Brown side of the family. I knew very little about my mother’s family.  Of course, I have had help from many cousins and appreciate it more than they know.  I have also met some of my cousins in comments on this blog, in email and some in person.  I am so happy that we have connected.

This does not mean that the research is done. Genealogical research is never done, there is always something you can do.

On the top of this blog are PAGES in drop down menus that cover the posts written on this blog by surname and then they are broken down by children or other topics.  I hope this will help in understanding the families and finding the information.

I have had the good fortune to travel to Canada to do genealogical research three times in the last few years.  I have been to Canada many times in the past mostly to British Columbia on my own with friends, my husband and with my parents.  I learned to drive practicing on Vancouver Island.  Victoria was a place to visit for family day trips from Seattle.

The recent trips have been for genealogical purposes.  The first place was traveling to Kelowna, British Columbia in April of 2010 to learn about the Brown family history and visit my cousin who had done a lot of research on the families.  Hopefully I have honored him by adding more documentation to the families.

My second trip was to Ontario and Quebec in May 2010 which emphasized the Brown families of Hastings County, Ontario and a lot on my McD side. The third trip was to Ontario and Michigan to dig deeper into the Boardman and Brown families and visit areas where they lived.  Don’t forget to read the posts about my trips to Canada they can be of great help and I have a page of the table of contents of the posts written about all these trips at the top of this blog.

Me with Phillip Brown's and others tombstone

Me with Phillip Brown’s and others tombstone

I have reached a stopping point on this blog where I feel I have written as much as I can about each family. I have published about the Boardmans, the Browns, the Wards, the McMurrays and Jacksons and their allied families.

I do have more photos, documents and information that I could share but I feel that the posts written have given enough information to assist family members who come to this blog to either get started or add to their history. Hopefully, I can help others trying to make family connections.

I have done a little maintenance on the blog in the categories, and checked the links.  So things should work pretty good.  Links in posts might be out of date but just let me know and I will fix it if I can and I will take a look one of these days to make sure they are okay.

My focus now will be to get my binders organized, sourced and source documents printed. The binders contain copies of the posts written on this blog in Word.docx form.  I will then make sure my computer documents are also organized and in good order.  The most important is sourcing them to my Legacy database and making sure that is up-to-date so I can print out reports. I am making progress.

Once the binders are all updated and organized, I will focus on Irish and English research and if I do find anything of value I will share that with you. There are still a lot of questions about my family history that I have not solved.

Here are a few examples:

  1.  I still do not know what happened to Edmund Boardman’s parents who appear to have settled in London, Ontario. So far I have not found a burial in Middlesex County for Edmund and Zelia/Tycha. They seemed to have disappeared.  Edmund and his brother Thomas ended up in New Brunswick but did the parents go there as well?
  2. Where exactly did William and Alice/Elise Brown come from in Ireland and if I travel there can I learn more? I am told they came from Longford and Cavan.
  3. Are Benjamin and Sarah Ward truly the parents of Emma Ward Brown.  I think so but I would like a little more documentation to get that satisfied feeling.

Please remember to double-check the research, I did try to be accurate but it can get confusing because the names are so similar.  The census are just transcribed in a summary and you really need to study the actual page which means you need to get your copy.

Once again, if you have questions or just want to connect please leave a comment and I will be able to contact you.

Yours in genealogy Bonnie

Another option is to try me at:


Ontario Wanderings: London, Ontario – The Anglican Diocese of Huron

Church records are extremely important in Canada.  There where no vital records before 1869 and it took a while for compliance in some areas.  My task was to visit the Anglican Diocese of Huron which is in London, Ontario.  It is located on the Huron University College on Western Avenue.  They do charge a $25.00 fee for research and for copies.  I used my camera.  They also require you sign their registration form.

Parking it very difficult, I went to the visitor parking and the sign told me to go to the Visitor Center but there was no sign pointing to where that was.  It turned out it was in the building diagonal to the visitor parking.  I learned that I did not have a parking pass and she didn’t have any more and I could not park in the visitor parking as a result.  Apparently you need an appointment with faculty?  So I suggest a call to find out if you can prearranged a pass?

The building I parked next too at Huron.

The building I parked next too at Huron with the cross street of  Elgin on Western Ave.

After driving around a little and avoiding the construction as best I could I found a small parking area up near Elgin next to this ugly square building on the west side of the road which apparently was of some importance of which I could not figure out.

The Anglican Diocese of Huron is in the basement of the beautiful church like building with a spire right next to the large red Huron sign.

The Sign for Huron

The Sign for Huron

The Anglican Diocese of Huron is in the basement

The Anglican Diocese of Huron is in the basement

I went up to the double doors and found the chapel and then turn down the hall to the left and found a door to a library (see photo) and they explained that the archives were down the stairs behind me. In the photograph below it is through the doors on the right and 180 degrees.

Almost there go to the right and turn down the stairs

Almost there go to the right and turn down the stairs

The stairs to the Diocese archive

The stairs to the Diocese archive

The Doors to the Diocese

The Doors to the Diocese

I had emailed them about a month ago but they had no knowledge of my visit and the person I had communicated with was not there that day.  The director and the volunteer were very helpful.

This is not a fancy archive with tables to sit down and wait for your order of church registers. This is a small organization.  They are nice and friendly.

No admittance

No admittance through the hall into the back room for visitors

Here you will get the actual church register or you could look at the film but they didn’t seem to have a machine to use.  I had to sign a photographic release form and wear white gloves.

The woman I had emailed with had sent me about quite a few PDF’s of a list of the church registers so I was ready to make my order.  I would point to my list and the registers I wanted and either the director or his volunteer would go and get the register.  It was one register at a time.  I had made copies of them so I had gone over them and highlighted the ones I wanted.

About three pages into the St. Anne Anglican Registers for Adelaide Twp., Middlesex County I found Emma Wards baptismal record and she is definitely the daughter of Benjamin and Sarah Ward, the family I found in the census. I found two girl children of this couple but no others. The birth date was exactly what they had in the register. I was thrilled.  Unfortunately that was all I was able to find.  I tried for the Browns in Lambton, Levi Goss in Chatham which was a longshot he was Methodist not Anglican, the Boardman in Middlesex records, I was looking for death records for Edmund’s parents.  There are indexes to these church registers so you might want to find them first so you can narrow your search.

I eliminated a great many of the records as too soon. I needed the 1850’s and 1860’s and they are rare.

This is good news I have been able to identify my great-grandmother Emma Ward’s family and can now do more work on finding them.  I have taken it back another generation Benjamin and Sarah are my 2nd great grandparents.

Once I had completed my searches I headed to my car and down Western Avenue which eases into Wharncliffe  and further down to Southdale.  From there I headed east to Wellington and found my Comfort Inn on the other side of the street but situated right by a Tony Roma how clever of them.  They even had a $5.00 off coupon to use.

It was a good day, except for the terrible parking situation.