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George and Esther King Brown’s children: William Henry Brown

William Henry Brown was born about 1834 in Upper Canada to George and Esther Brown. He married an Isabella Chalmers on 15 January, 1861 in Lambton Co., Ontario.

Source: Index Only, Ontario, Canada Marriages 1801-1928 Ontario, Canada, County marriage Registers, 1858-June 1869 FHL #103005-1030068, Archives of Ontario MS248, Reel 8.

Marriage of Brown and Chalmers:  William Brown, born Ontario, Residence Wyoming, age 26, born about 1835, parents, George Brown and Esther Brown. Spouse Isabella Chalmers born Ontario, Residence Plympton Twp., Father James Chalmers, Mother Isabella Chalmers, Marriage date 15 January,1861, Lambton Co., Ontario. 

William Henry Brown son of George and Esther Brown

William Henry Brown son of George and Esther Brown

We find William and Isabella living in Plympton Twp. Lambton Co., Ontario in the 1861 Canadian Census.  George, his brother, is living with them.

Source:  1861 Canadian Census, Plympton, Lambton Co., Ontario, pg. 22.

Line 17, William W. Brown, Superintendent store, born Upper Canada, Church of Eng., age 27, male, married, frame house, two stories, 1 family.  Isabella Brown born Upper Canada, Bap, age 24, female, married. George Brown, born Upper Canada, Clerk, Ch. of Eng., age 19, single. 

They are living in Plympton Twp., Lambton Co., Ontario, again, in the 1871 Canadian Census.

Source: 1871 Canadian Census, Plympton, Lambton Co., Ontario, pg. 55, District # 4 Lambton, Plympton Div. No. 1, Ontario. 

Line 16, 180, 186, Brown, William H. M, age 36, born Ontario, CofEng, Irish, conveyancer, M. Brown, Isabella, F age 35, born O, Baptist, Scotch, M. Brown, Esther M. F, age 9, born O, Baptist, Irish, Brown, William J., M, age 7, born US, Baptist, Irish, Brown, Helena A, F, age 5, born O, Baptist, Irish. Brown, Wilhelmina F, age 3, born On Baptist, Irish. Brown, Henry, m 11/12 April, born O, Baptist, Irish. Cunningham, John, M, age 40, Irish, Cof E. Irish, Laborer.

Isabelle Chalmers Brown

Isabelle Chalmers Brown

In the 1881 Canadian Census they are now in Wyoming which is a town in Plympton Twp. just on the border of the township, Lambton Co., Ontario.  The following link has a map that gives the current area municipalities.

Source:  1881 Canadian Census, Wyoming, Lambton Co., Ontario, Dist. 179, SD. Wyoming, Village, pg. 14.

Line 15, 61, 61, Brown W. H., M, age ____, born O., CofE, Irish, Farmer, M. Brown, Isabella, F, 4?, born O, [ ] Scottish, M. Brown, Ettis, F age 19, born O, C of E, Irish, Brown, W. J., M, age 17, O, C of E, Irish, Brown, Hellana, F, age 15, O, C of E, Irish, Brown, Wilhelmina F, age 13, O, C of E, Irish, Brown, James, M, 11, O, C of E, Irish, Brown, Edith, F, age 9, O, C of E, Irish. Brown, Emily, F, age 4, O, C of E, Irish. 

By the 1891 Canadian Census they have migrated to Cornwallis, Selkirk, Manitoba.  There is a town of Selkirk and a municipality of Cornwallis which is the Brandon area.  So I am not exactly sure where they settled.

Southern Manitoba, Can Topo Maps

Southern Manitoba, Can Topo Maps

Source: W. H. Brown Family, 1891 Canadian Census, Cornwallis, Selkirk, Manitoba, Dist# 1 Selkirk, SD Cornwallis, Manitoba, 19 May, 1891, pg. 17,

Line 13, W 9, 74, Brown, W. H., M. age 56, M, born O, father and mother born Ireland, C of E, farmer, 1 employee, read and write. Brown, Isabella, F, age 53, M, W, born On, Father and mother Scotland, Baptist, Brown, Wilhelmina, F, age 23, D, born O, Brown, Henry, M, age 21, S, born O, Farmer, Brown, Edith, F, age 19, D, born O. Brown, Emily F, age 14, D, born O, Galbraith, C.A., M. age 18, [Dom], born O, Father Scotland, Mother O, Meth. Farm Laborer. All can read and write. 

In 1901 Isabella is living with her daughter Helena, William is not with her.  There is a mistake on the birth of Lawrence. His death certificates as his birth date Oct. 25, 1900 not 1890.  This was very confusing and took me a while to figure out the problem.

Source: James Leathorn and Isabella Brown Family, 1901 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Dis 12, SD Winnipeg Quarter No. 2, SD# B-3, pg. 3, H. L. Lovering,  

Line 28, 17, 18, Leathorn, James, M, head, M, Oct 18, 1854 42, born Ont, English, Eng Ch, [con marclled], 12, 1200. Leathorn, Helena, F, Wife, M, Feb 20, 1869, 32, born Ont, Irish, Leathorn, Pearl, F, daughter, S Dec 6, 1891, 9, Manitoba, English. Leathorn, Olive, F, daughter, S, Feb 27, 1894, 7, Manitoba, English. Leathorn, Carmille, F, daughter, S, Mar 28, 1896, 6, Manitoba, English. Leathorn, Lawrence, M, Son, S, Oct 25, 1890, 5/12, Manitoba, English, Brown, Edith, F, S. law S, [Apr 11, 1876, 24, born Ont., Irish, Stenographer. Brown, Emily F, s-law, S, [Apr] 2, 1877, 21, born Ont., Irish. All Eng Ch., Brown, Isabella, F, M-Law, W, Feb 23, 1838, age 63, born Ont., Scotch, Baptist. All can read and write.

William Henry Brown was killed by drowning.  An article appeared in the Winnipeg Daily Free Press, Friday, May 5, 1898 no. 258.

Death of W.H. Brown in Brandon, Manitoba

The Mystery Solved, The Body of a Well-Known Brandon Farmer Found in the Assiniboine

Brandon, May 4, Late last fall W. H. Brown, a well-known farmer living a few miles east of this city, mysteriously disappeared, being seen the last time leaving Rapid City for here driving a single rig. The family though he would turn up on the coast, where he had expressed and intention of going in the near future. Yesterday when the ice went out of the Assiniboine, the body of the missing man was found some sixteen miles down the river.  There is no suspicion of foul play though, strange to say, there is no [      ] as to the whereabouts of the horse and buckboard.  The deceased was about sixty years old and leaves a highly respected Family. He had a married daughter who is residing in Winnipeg. 

Isabella continued to live with her daughter Helena and they appear in the 1921 Canadian Census living in the Point Grey area in Vancouver South, British Columbia having migrated there.  Helena’s family is also there with her husband James William Leatham age 64, daughter Olive 23, Laneille 21 and Lawrence Bran age 19.  Apparently Isabella’s parents were from Scotland.  Ancestry does not like the name Leathorn in the census so I am having trouble finding this couple.

Southern British Columbia,

Southern British Columbia,

Isabella died on the 28th of May, 1922 in British Columbia.  She is buried in the Mountain View Cemetery there. Following is a summary of her death certificate.

Source: In Municipality of Point Grey, Isabell Brown, 5826 Balsona St. Kerrisdale. Canadian, Widow, Lambton Co., Ont. Date of birth Feb 23, 1836, age 86 years, 3 mos. 5 days. Widow. Housewife, 4 years at place of death, 8 years in the province, Father is James Chalmers, born in Scotland, Maiden name of mother Isabella, born in Scotland. Information Helen Leathorn 5826 Balsom St. Kerrisdale, daughter. Place of burial Mt. View Cemetery, date of burial May 30, 1922. Undertake Tho. T. Edwards Co. 612 Main St. Date of death May 28, 1922, Died of generalized arteriosclerosis, partial paralysis left side, cardiac failure. District record number 48, Field 31, May, 1922 J. Mahoney. Certificate of Registration of Death for Isabell Brown #86719, May 28, 1922, Province of British Columbia, Division of Vital Statistics.

There is a memorial for her at Find A Grave at the Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver, B.C. but there is no tombstone at this time.  Other family are also listed without tombstone photos.

According to my cousin’s research and information they had eight children:

  1.  Esther Mary Brown was born the 28th of January 1863. She married a Frederick  Bradwardine Woodhull on the 13th of March 1888 in Deloraine, Manitoba.
  • a. Vera Vivian Woodhull
  • b. Ruth Helena Woodhull
  • c. Winifred Grace Woodhull
  • d. Catherine Isabel Woodhull married Fred Stanley Woodrow,

This family has been featured in a past post on this blog titled Phillip and Margaret McMurray Brown’s children: Alvina Brown Woodrow 1855 to 1943, dated July 24, 2015. For more information on this whole family and her siblings please consult that post.  You can use the Archive box on the right of this blog to find this post.

2. William J. Brown was born about 1864 and died in Oregon.  He married a Mary E. born about 1876 in Canada and they had one child named Lester M. Brown born about 1905.

The 1891 Canadian Census for Marquette, Blanchard, Manitoba has a William J. Brown living next to a John Brown and Lydia.  This would be his uncle, a brother to his father. He is single at this time and a farmer.  I will share that census when I post about his Uncle John Brown who migrated to Oregon.

There is a marriage at the Manitoba Vital Statistics website that has a William Brown marrying a Mary Elizabeth Burns on November 17, 1904 in Winnipeg.  Lester was born in 1905.  This might be their marriage.  There is not much information given with the document at the Manitoba Vital Records website #1904-001759.   It is suggested by others that he married in Oregon?

I almost didn’t find William and Mary. They were there in Oregon.  He says he was married 2x’s and the name of this wife is Nellie E.?  Nellie is a nickname for Elizabeth or Ellen.

Source:  1910 U.S. Federal Census, Oregon, Benton Co., Fairmont Precinct, SD1, ED 5, Sht#2B, enumerated on 8-19 April, 1910 by a Bert L. Davis. 

Line 61, 317, 317, Brown William J., Head, M, W, 46, M2, 12, Can English, father born Canada mother born England. farmer, truck farm. Brown, Nellie E. wife, F, W, 33, M1, 12, one child born one living, Can English, father born Ireland, mother born England, Brown, Lester M. Son, M, W, 6 S, born in Oregon., parents born Canada, 

William and Mary are living in Lone Pine, Lane, Oregon with their son Lester in 1920:

Source:  1920 U.S. Federal Census, Wm. J. Brown Family, Oregon, Lane Co., Lone Pine Precinct, SD#1, ED#221, Sht# 2B, enumerated on 5 January 1920 by Roberts V. Rogers. 

Line, 84, 2m, 48, 47, River, Road, Brown William, J., Head, 0, H, M, W, 55, M, UN yes, yes, born Canada, English, father born Canada, mother born England, farmer, general farm, Brown, Mary E. wife, F, W, 43, M, UN, UN, born Canada, English, father born Canada, mother born England  Brown Lester M. Son, M. W, 16 S. born Oregon. 

In the 1930 U.S. Census, Wm. J. Brown appears living in Lane, Oregon. He has his wife, son, daughter in-law and granddaughter living with him.

Source:  Wm. J. Brown Family, 1930 Lone Pine, Lane, Oregon, ED 20-83, SD #6, April 4, 1930, C.B. {Llausgen] Sht#1-B #4251.

Line 87, 23, 23, Brown, William J. Head, O, yes, M, W, 66, M, 33, No, Yes, Canada English, Canada, England, 1902 NA, Farmer. Brown, Mary E., wife of h, F, W, 54, M, 19, No., Yes, Canada-English, Ireland, 1902, NA, Brown, Lester, M, son, M, M, 25, M, 24, No, Yes, Oregon, Cook, Restaurant. Brown, Opal, Daughter in law, F, W, 19, M, 18, No, Yes, Oregon, United Sates, Nebraska, Brown, Betty June, Granddaughter, F, W, 10/12 S, No. Oregon, Oregon, Oregon. 

It took a little digging because William and Mary/Nellie were not showing up in Oregon.  So I tried the son Lester and found them living next door to him and his family in the 1940 U.S. Census.

Source:  1940 U.S. Federal Census, Oregon, Lane Co., Springfield, Precinct 1, block 4-5-2, SD#4, ED 20-109, enumerated April 20, 1920, by Elsie L. Cornell, Sht #5B,  

Line 74, Mill, 1209, 102, 0, 500, No. Brown, Lester M. Head, M, W, 37, M. No. H-2, Oregon, Eugene, No, No, yes Lane, Oregon, Cook, WPA Project, E. Brown, Opal K. wife, F, w, 29, M, No, H-2, Nebraska, yes, Operator, Beauty. Brown, Betty J. daughter, F, W, 10, S, Yes, 5, Oregon, S. 

Line 72 Mill, 103, 1000, No. Brown W, John, Head, M, W, 76, M, No. 8, Canada, Junction City, Lane, Oregon, No, No, No, No, U. Brown, Nellie wife, F, W, 64, M, No. 8, Canada, No, No, No, No, H. 

3. Helena Alexandra Brown was born 20 February 1867, in Ontario and she died 2 April 1952 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Source: Death Certificate, Province of British Columbia. Royal BC Museum  Click on search the BC Archives.

Place of Death: Vancouver, B.C., Vancouver General Hospital, resided in area 40 years. Helena Alexandra Leathorn, West 35th Ave. House #3341. Canadian, Irish, Widow, born Ontario. birth Feb. 20th 1867, 85 yrs. 1 mo. 13 days, profession at home, husband James WIlliam Leathorn, father Brown not known, mother Chalmers, Isabella, bp of father Ontario, bp of mother Ontario. Informant D. Hollingum, daughter, 3341 West 35th Ave. Burial April 4, 1952, Vancouver, B.C., Mountain View Cemetery, Simmons & McBride Lt. Undertaker. Date of death April 2, 1952, cerebral hemorrhage since March 1952, arteriosclerosis generalized years. Signed by R. U. Marshal, MD. #1308. 

James William Leathorn, born 1855 died 6 December 1929 in Kerrisdale in Vancouver, #23393

Vancover, BC, Kerrisdale Private Hospital, James William Leathorn, 2609 45th Ave. W., male, Welch, married, born Wingham, Ontario on Oct. 14, 1855, age 74 years, manufacturers agent. Died Dec. 6, 1929, Cerebral Hemorrhage. One week at the place of death and 18 years in BC. father John Leathorn born England, mother not known born England, Informant Lawrence Leathorn 2609 45th West, son. Mountain View Cemetery Dec. 9, 1929, Nunn & Thomason in Vancouver,

Both Helena, James and their son Lawrence are buried in the Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver, B.C. and are listed on Find A Grave.  There is no tombstone photo at this time.

In the 1901 Canadian Census that I have shared above. They were living in Winnipeg, Manitoba at the time and the grandmother Isabella was living with them.  In the 1921 census they have migrated to British Columbia.

The name Leathorn is not liked by the Ancestry search engine so I was only able to find them In the 1921 Census they are living in Point Grey, British Columbia.

Source:  James William Leathorn Family, 1921 Canadian Census, Point Grey, British Columbia, Dist#23, page 2, SubDist#3, enumerated June 1, 1921, by John W. Whitelaw. 

Line 4, 16, 16, Leathorn, James William 5826 Baker St., O, BB 3, W, 6, Head, M, 2M, 64, Born Ontario, Father born England, Mother born Scotland, yes, no for all, yes, yes for all, ____Agent. Leathorn, Helena, wife, F, M, 50, born Ont, Irish. Leathorn, Olive, Daughter, F, 6, S, (23), born Manitoba, Stenographer. Leathorn, Camille, Daughter, F, 6, S, (21), born Manitoba, _____salesperson. Leathorn, Lawrence Ivan, Son, M, 1st, (19), born Manitoba. Brown, Isabella, Mother in law, M, 2M, 84 born, Ontario, parents born Scotland.
All Canadian, English, except Isabella Scotch.

  • Pearl Leathorn born 6 December, 1891. She is listed in the 1901 Canadian Census. Unfortunately, it looks like Pearl died on 16 September 1901 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, she was 11 years old at the time.
  • Olive Leathorn born 27 February, 1894 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She married a Horace Josiah Hollingum on 15 December 1923.

Source:  Olive Leathorn marriage to Horace Josiah Hollingum, 15 December 1923, Vancouver, BC, #1923-09-258396.

Vancouver, B.C., Horace Josiah Hollingum, Printer, Bachelor, age 27, Ch of Eng., 1632 36th Ave. E, City, born Essex Co., England, Name of Father Charles Josiah Hollingum, born England, mother Rebecca Best born England. He can read and write. Olive Leathorn, office clerk, Spinster, age 27, Chof E, 5826 Balsam St, City, born Winnipeg, father James Leathorn born Ontario. Mother Helena Brown born Ontario. She can read and write. Married 15 Dec. 1923 at St. Mark’s Church, Lice #81920, signed by Horace Josiah Hollingum and Olive Leathorn. Witnesses Eric Hollingum 1632 36Ave E., Camille Leathorn 5826 Balsam, Clergyman A.H. Sovereign, 24 26 2nd Ave. W., Vancouver, B.C. Ch of E. filed 17th of Dec, 1923, J. Mahoney District Register.

Source:  Death of Olive Hollingum, Dec 7, 1967, Vancouver, BC #67-09-016083

Died Vancouver, B.C. in the Vancouver General Hospital. 56 years in the area, life for Canada. Hollingum Olive Chalmers, Residence in Vancouver, B.C., West 41st Ave. #1136. Female, Canadian, English, Married, Born Winnipeg, Manitoba on Feb. 27, 1894, age 73 yrs. at home, Husband Horace Josiah Hollingum. Father was William James Leathorn, mother was Helena Brown. Father born Manitoba mother born Canada. The Informant was her husband, 11 36 West 41st Ave, Vancouver, BC. Cremation, Dec. 9, 1967, Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver, B.C., Nunn & Thomason, Ltd, Funeral Directors.

She had cancer of the colon and they tried to remove it and the intestines perforated and she got peritonitis as a result.

  • Camile Leathorn 28 March, 1896. She married to a John Morely Treleaven on 14 November 1925 in Vancouver.

Source:  Camille Leathorn to John Morley Treleaven, Marriage 14 November 1925, Vancouver, B.C. #56-T-25.

Treleaven, John Morley, Electrician, Bachelor, age 30, Methodist, 3522 43rd Ave W, City, Born Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Father William Henry Treleaven, Father born Ontario, Mother Mary King born Ontario, he can read. Leathorn, Camille, clerk, spinster, age 27, Ch of E. 5826 Balsam St., City, born Winnipeg, Manitoba, father James Wm. Leathorn born Ontario, Mother Helena Alexandra Brown born Ontario. She can read and write. Married 14 Nov. 1925 at St. Marks Church Lic#91006, signed by groom and bride. Witnesses L. Leathorn 5826 Balsam St. and J.W. Leathorn same. Clergyman A.H. Sovereign, 2436 2nd Ave. W, Ch of E., Registered 25th November 1925, J. Mahoney.

Source:  Death of Camille Treleaven, October 15, 1990 in Richmond, B.C. #018115.

Treleaven, Camille, died 10/15/90 Richmond General Hospital, Richmond, BC 15015, Resident, 7711 Moffatt Road, Richmond, Widowed, Morley Treleavan, homemaker, Born March 28, 1896, 94 years, born Winnipeg, Father James William Leathorn, born Ontario, Mother Helena Brown born Ontario, Signed 10/19/1990 by Nephew _____Treleaven, 13762 72nd Ave, Surrey BC. North Shore Crem, North Vancouver, BC, First Memorial services. She died of a heart attack, arterio sclerotic heart disease, malnutrition and fractured left humerous.

  • Lawrence Leathorn:  Lawrence’s birth has been a little mixed up but I believe that he was the youngest of this family and born 25 October, 1900 in Manitoba.

Source: Lawrence Ivan Leathorn, Death Certificate, Died April 3, 1974 in Vancouver. #1974-09-005613

Lawrence Ivan Leathorn died April 3, 1974 and was born October 25, 1900 to a James Leathorn, mother unknown. He lived in Vancouver and had married an Elizabeth Young. The informant was his daughter Gail Schuss, 378-54th St. Delta, B.C. #1974-09-005613.

Source:  Betty Elizabeth Leathorn death, 18 December 1950 in Ocean Falls, B.C. #50-09-011665. British Columbia Vital Records. 

Ocean Falls, B.C., Unorganized Territory, Fifth Street, Apt. 6, In area 3 years 6 mos, in Province 14 years, 45 years in Canada. Betty Elizabeth Leathorn, resided Ocean Falls, B.C. Female, Canadian, Scottish, married, born Scotland on June 30, 1901, age 49 yrs, 5 mos. 18 days. Housewife, at home. Husband Lawrence Ivan Leathorn. Father J.D. Young, born in Scotland, mother unknown born in Scotland. L. I. Leathorn P.O. Box 326, Ocean Falls, B.C. husband. Buried December 21, 1950 in Vancouver, Ocean View Cemetery, William Ford undertaker in Ocean Falls. Died of Cardiac arrest and coronary occlusion.

4. Wilhelmina F. Brown was born 26 February 1869 in Ontario and died on 15 September, 1953 in Vancouver, B.C.  British Columbia Vital Records.

Source:  Wilhelmina Morrison, Death 19th September, 1953, Vancouver, B.C. #53-09-009214.

Vancouver, B.C., Vancouver General Hospital, in are 4 years, in Province 6 years Canadian for life. Morrison, Wilhelmina, resided Vancouver, B.C., Blenheim Street #5649. Female, Canadian, Scottish, Widow, Born Ontario, Feb. 26, 1869, age 84, yr, 6 mos, 24 days, at Home. Husband Thomas Andrew Morrison. Father William Brown born in Ontario, Mother Isabella Chalmers born Ontario. Informant R.G. Morrison, 5649 Blenheim St, Vancouver, B.C., Son, Buried 21 Sept., 1953 in Burnaby B.C. Ocean View Burial Pk. Simmons and McBride Ltd., Died Sept. 19th 1953 Bronchopneumonia, generalized arteriosclerosis and senility.

She married a Dr. Thomas Andrew Morrison who was born 24 June, 1869 in Kinloss Twp. Huron Co., Ontario. Thomas is shown in the 1871, 1881 and 1891 in Kinloss Twp.. He was a teacher in public schools. His parents were Samuel Morrison and Isabella Moore. Thomas graduated as a medical doctor (M.D. from the University of Manitoba in 1897.  They had at least one child:  They had two children: Reginald Morrison born 15 August, 1900 in Manitoba. He died 27 Jan 1983 in Vancouver General Hospital.  The daughter was Willemina Edna Morrison b. 1913 in Saskatchewan, Canada and d. 1994.

Additional census are 1901 in Holland, Manitoba.

They appear in the 1906 Canadian Census in Manitoba:

Source:  1906 Canadian Census, Thomas A. Morrison Family, 1906, Souris, Manitoba, Line 12, 80, Morrison, Thomas A., H, M, M, 37, Ont., Belmont, Lot 1 Second St. B7, Morrison, Wilhelmina, W, F, M, 37, Ont. Morrison, Reginald, S, M, S, 5, Man. Mills, George, S, M, S, 27, Ont.

There is a family with a Reggie Morrison age 12 a birthplace of Manitoba living with a Minnie age 34 and a Thomas age 38.  They are in the Battleford district, North Battleford in Saskatchewan.

In 1907 they resided in North Battleford, Saskatchewan and in 1911 they are still there.

In the 1921 Canadian Census a Thomas Andrew Morrison is with a Wilhelmina in Saskatchewan living in the Regina City and District. He is a Medical Doctor with an income of $3000.  In addition to Wilhelmina, Reginald is now 19, a Wilma age 8, a Jennie McNabb age 51 and an Eva McNabb age 16 are living with them. Also a John McIntyre Douglas age 42 is present.

Source:  Reginald Samuel Morrison, Death, January 27, 1983 in Vancouver, B.C., B.C. #83-09-002122.  British Columbia Vital Records.

Morrison, Reginald Samuel, Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver B.C., address 7-1419 Beach Ave, Vancouver, B.C., married, Florence Morris Nelson. Occupation RCMP Officer, Retired. Born August 15, 1900, age 82 in Holland, Manitoba. Father Thomas Andrew Morrison, Lucknow, Ontario. Mother Mina Browne, Sarnia, Ontario. ____Morrison, Son, 33755 3rd Ave., Mission, B.C., Jan 28, 1983. Cremated Feb. 1, 1983, North Shore Crematorium, N. Vancouver, B.C. Died Jan 27, 1983 of Pulmonary Fibrosis and pneumonia.

Additional information about Mina’s family was supplied by D. L. Morrison July 29, 2018 via email.

5. Henry Brown whose middle name might be James. Henry was born in Lambton Co., Ontario on April 11, 1870 to Wm. H. Brown and Isabella Chalmers. He may have moved to Melfort, Saskatchewan.

Source: April 11, 1870, Henry, Father Wm. Henry Brown and mother Isabella Chalmers, Conveyancer, by Letter Wm. Henry Brown, Wyoming, May 14, 1870, Mrs. M. Connell. Registrar Tos. R. K. Scott, Plympton, Lambton Co., Ontario. Henry Brown Birth, April 11, 870, Plympton, Lambton Co., Ontario. 

6. Edith Brown was born 6th April 1872 in Lambton Co., Ontario. She married a David Ross McIntyre b. 1861 and died 1949.  Edith died 22 July, 1949 in Oak Bay, Victoria, British Columbia.

Source:  Births, County of Lambton, April 6th 1872, Edith Brown female born to William H. Brown and Isabella Chalmers, General No. 1034, April 6th 1872, Edith, Female, Father William H. Brown, mother Isabella Chalmers, Occupation Conveyancer, Signed by William H. Brown, registered July 11, 1872, D. Mott, Thos. R. K. Scott Registrar, Township of Plympton.

In the 1921 Canadian Census we have a D.A. McIntyre age 50 living with an Edith age 49, a Helen age 17 and a Frederick age 15.  They are at 2350 Trent St,, Victoria, British Columbia.  He was born about 1871 in Ontario. His father was born in Ontario and his mother was born in Scotland.

Source:  Edith McIntyre, Death 2 July 1949, Victoria, B.C., #49-09-007196. British Columbia Vital Records.

Victoria, B.C., St. David Street #1377, in area 28 yrs, in province 31, Canadian life, McIntyre, Edith, resided Victoria BC, Oak Bay, St. David Street #1377. Canadian, N.K. Widowed, born Wyoming, Ont. April 7th, 1872, age 77 yrs, 3 mos, 15 days. Husband was David Ross McIntyre. Father William Henry Brown born NK. Mother Chalmers, Isabella, born NK. ___ McIntyre, son, address Saanichton, B.C., Burial July 26, 1949, Royal Oak Burial Park, Saanich, B.C.. McCall Bros of Vancouver. Died July 22, 1949. Sudden death of natural causes, myocarditis.

7. Nellie Brown – Nellie’s birth record born August 5, 1875 in Lambton Co., Ontario.

Source: Ontario, Canada Births, 1869-1913 – Brown Family, August 5, 1875, Nellie, F. Father Wm. Henry Brown, Mother Isabella Chalmers, Conveyancer and Merchant, Informant Wm. H. Brown The Father, Wyoming, Sept. 16, 1875, D. N H Beemer, John B. Dale. #9142?.  #012575, No. 24,

I have tried to find out what happened to Nellie and I get the feeling she died but that has not been confirmed.  She is not in any census nor in the death records at this time.

8. Emily Isabella Brown was born 19 May, 1877 in Lambton Co., Ontario. She married a George H. Funk a native of the United States.

Source: Ontario, Canada Births, 1869-1913 – Brown Family, 2nd April, 1877, Emily Isabella to Wm. H. Brown and Isabell Chalmers, Potash Manufacturer, Wm. H. Brown the father Wyoming, 19 May, 1877. Dr. N.H. Beemer, John B. Dale.

There is a marriage of a George Henry Funk to an Emily Elizabeth Browne on 29 November 1905 in Winnipeg, Manitoba vitals, Index only.

I found Emily and George Funk in Manitoba in the 1916 Census.  They had several children by then.

Source: George H. Funk Family, 1916 Canadian Census, Selkirk, Manitoba, Dist. #10, pages 2-13. 

Line 3, 227, 238, Funk, George H., Reid Ave., Head, M, M, 52, USA, He is Congressional all others Ch of E., na 1909, al, American, Scotch all, yes, no, English, yes, yes, Real Estate, O.A. 10-0-12. Funk, Emily, wife, F, M, 33, Ontario, Canadian. Funk, George C., Son, M, S, 9, USA, American. Funk, Gordon, D.W., Son, M, S, 7, USA, American. Funk, Kathleen E., Daughter, F, 4, Manitoba, Canadian. Funk, Marjory I. Daughter F, S, 2, Manitoba, Canadian. Servant, MacLean, Christina 22, Scotland, Presbyterian.

There is so much more that could be done researching this family. I was having trouble finding them in the census so it will take a bit more digging.  I think this is a good start, please double-check me for it was confusing I found mistakes in births, problems with family groupings, not enough information in the marriages, too many choices for a person like Thomas Morrison. Many other records need to be consulted like obituaries, all the vitals etc., so use the above as a guideline and let me know if I need to update.

There seems to be a restlessness about this and other children of George and Esther Brown.  The father George was said to have been in many places and a restless man till he finally settled in Lapeer Co., Michigan.


Phillip and Margaret McMurray Brown’s Children: Frances Brown Clements 1843 to 1933

Frances Brown was born to Phillip and Margaret Brown on the 9th of January, 1843 in Rawdon Twp., Hastings County, Ontario.  She married James Clements about 1865. He was born 1838 in Ontario.  James was the son of Thomas Clements (1803-1891) and Christina King (11 June 1805, b. Northern Ireland and died 30 September 1901 in Rawdon).

James and Francis Clements burial information

James and Francis Clements burial information

James and Fanny lived next to her brother William for a while.  They were there in 1871:

Line 91, 98 Brown, William, M, 29, All born in Ontario, all Church of England, Irish, Farmer, Married:
Brown, Emila, F, 21, Scotch, Married
Brown, Walton, M, 1, Irish

Line 4, 92, 99, Clements, James, M.32, All born in Ontario, all Ch. of England, all Irish, Farmer, Married:
Clements, Fanny, F, 28, Married
Clements, Ann, F, 6
Clements, Matilda, F, 1

Source:  1871 Canadian Census, Rawdon Twp., Hasting Co., Ontario, page 28, #62 Hastings North. 

In the 1881 Census we find James and Fanny are still next door to her brother William:

Line 5, 74, 74, Brown, William, M, 40, Born Ontario, all Ch of England, Irish, Farmer, Married
Brown, Emily, F, 30, born Ontario, Scotch, Married:
Brown, Walton, M, 11, born Ontario, Children all Irish
Brown, Wilbert, M, 8, born Ontario
Brown, Isabella, F, 8, born Ontario
Brown, Blanch, F, 5, born Ontario
Brown, Phillip, M, 3 born Ontario
William, M, 1, born Ontario

Line 13, 75, 75, Clements, James, M, 41, all born Ontario, all Ch of England, all Irish, Farmer, Married:
Clements, Fanny, F, 30, married
Clements, Margret, F, 16
Clements, Matilda, F, 11
Clements, Clementine, F, 6

Source: 1881 Canadian Census, Rawdon Twp., Hastings North, page. 18, Dist#122. 

James and Fanny stay in Rawdon and are there in 1891.  William has left for Thurlow Twp.

Line 1, 3?, 44, Clements, James, M, M, 52, Married, born Ontario, father born Ireland, mother born Ireland, Ch of E, farmer:
Clements, Frances, F, 46, Married, Wife, born Ontario, parents, born Ireland,
Clements, Clementine, F, 16, S, Daughter, born Ontario
They can all read and write.

Source:  1891 Canadian Census, Rawdon Twp., North Hastings, Ontario, page. 10, Dist. 74, April 16, 1891 by John Bateman.

By 1901 Fanny and James are getting up in years and living on their own.

Line 29, 6, 6, Clement James M, W, Head, born November 25, 1838, 62, born Ontario, Irish, Ch. of England, Farmer

Clement, Frances, F, W, wife, M, born January 9, 1842, 58, born Ontario, both Irish, Ch. of England

Source: 1901 Canadian Census, Rawdon, North Hastings, Dist. #71, 5, page 1, April 6th, 1901, J.W. Heagle. 

Frances and James Clement are buried in Stirling Cemetery. I did not get a photo of their graves although I tried very hard to find all of those interred.

James Clements appears in the Anglican Diocese of Kingston records as

James Clements 80, farmer Heart, Nov. 4, 1918. C. Ryan, Stirling Cemetery 

The Stirling Cemetery book reads:

#1210 CLEMENTS:  Clements/James/Born 1838-Died 1918/his wife Frances BROWN/Born 1843-Died 1933.

Francis died on the 2nd of August, 1933 in Northumberland, Ontario.

County: Northumberland, Township of Seymour, Village, Campbellford
Name: Frances, Clements, Female, Irish, Widowed, Birth: Rawdon Township Ontario, Dated of Birth January 9, 1843. Age 90, years, 6 mos 23 days. No occupation. Lived 2 years in city.
Father Philip Brown, Ireland, Margaret McMurray, Ireland, Informant: Mr.s Thomas Russell, Campbellford, Ont. daughter. Buried Stirling, Aug, 3, 1933, Undertaker, A.D. Bennett, Campbellford, Ont. Filed 11:30 am 3rd of Aug. 1933, J.F. McGregor. Dated of Death Aug. 2, 1933, July 12, 1993 to July 30, 1933 attended. Stroke, assisted with arteriosclerosis and hypertension. . E.A. Stuart, Campbellford, Aug. 2, 1933.

Source: Francis Brown Clement’s Death Certificate, #225, 025164, Aug, 2, 1933, Campbellford, Northumberland, Ontario

Frances and James Clements had the following children:

1.  Margaret Christin Clements b. about 1864 in Ontario. She married a William J. Mumby of Rawdon.  They married on 20 December 1887 in Marmora. His parents were Joseph and Mary Mumby.

Wm. J. Mumby age 23, residence Rawdon, born Rawdon, Bachelor, Farmer, father Joseph Mumby and Mary. Spouse Margaret Christin Clements, age 23, residence Rawdon, born Marmora, S. father James Clements, mother Frances. Witness Thos Russell of Rawdon and Matilda Clements of Rawdon, married December 20, 1887 in Marmora. Ch of England, R.C.M. Harris, L.

Source: Wm. J. Mumby to Margaret Christin Clements, 20 December 1887, Hastings Co., Ontario, #004879 page 208 Schedule B Marriages, Marmora & Lake #12, Ontario Canada Marriages 1803-1938. 

Margaret and William John Mumby migrated to Brandon, Manitoba.  They are on Find A Grave buried in the Brandon Municipal Cemetery.  They may have had three children: Ambrose, Ina and Clarence.

2.  Alice Matilda Clements was born about 1870 in Ontario and she married a Thomas Wellington Russell of Rawdon Twp. on 4 February 1891 in Hastings Co., Ontario.

Thomas Wellington Russell, age 23, residing Rawdon, PofBirth Rawdon, Bachlor, Farmer, father John B. and Annie Russell, spouse Alice Matilda Clements, 22, living Rawdon, born Rawdon, Single, parents James and Frances Clements, Witnesses George Russell and Clementina Clements both of Rawdon. Marriage February 4, 1891, Rawdon, both Ch of England, C.M. Harris

Source: Thomas W. Russell and Alice Matilda Clements, 4 February 1881, Rawdon, Hastings Co., Ontario, page 367, Schedule B – Marriages, #001808, Ontario Canada Marriages 1801 to 1928

There is a T. W. Russell born March 30, 1867 age 34 and an A.M. Russell his wife born January 11, 1869 age 32 living in Rawdon, Hastings Co., Ontario in the 1901 census. They have two children: Irene born Aug, 8, 1892 and John born June 11, 1895.

In 1911 Thomas and Matilda are now living in Northumberland East, in Seymour Twp. with two children Irene age 19, August 1892, and John age 16 June 1895.

A John and Mary Russell are below them on the 1911 Census. They are 49 years old and maybe be a brother to Thomas.

3.  Clementina Clements was born about 1875 in Ontario and she married to George Archibald Johnston on 31 January, 1900 in Hastings Co., Ontario.

George Archibald Johnston, 21 Campbellford residing, born Campbellford, B, Farmer, parents John Johnston and Mary Clements, Clementina age 24, Rawdon, born Rawdon, Single, farmers daughter, parents James and Fanny Brown,

Source: George A. Johnston and Clementina Clements, 31 January 1900, Hastings Co., Ontario, Ontario Marriages 1801-1928. 

There is a George W. Johnston and a Clementina living in Owen Sound, Grey North, Ontario in 1911. He is 33 years old and she is 36 being several years older than him. They have Wilhelmenia (10 yrs), Marjorie (9 yrs.) and Dorothy (3 yrs).

There is of course more research to be done on this family such as a thorough census search, and finding burial locations, but I think this is a good start for James and Francis (Brown) Clements and their family.

Mary Johnston Brown Vance’s children: John, Robert, William and Margaret

After Thomas Brown’s death in 1848, Mary remarried to Thomas Vance.  Here is a little more about each of the children of this couple.

Mary and Thomas Vance appear in the 1861 and Mary in 1871 census with the children. See the post, on this blog, dated April 4, 2015 titled: Thomas Brown and Mary Johnston of Hastings Co., Ontario, Their Descendants for more information.

In the 1871 Canadian Census there is a Thomas Vance listed with Mary and the other children who is 24 years old and a Merchant.  There is also a Philip Vance 26 years old married to Matilda who is 23 years old below them on the page.  I am not sure who these two individuals are but maybe from a previous marriage of Thomas Vance, Sr.? Mary and Thomas Vance married in 1851 and he was 31 years old.  It is interesting these children do not appear in the 1861 census. So this is a bit of a tangle of information that will need to be further studied.

1871 Vance Family

1871 Vance Family

I will proceed with the idea that Thomas Vance and Mary Johnston Brown Vance had the following children together.

1. John Vance born 14 November, 1853.  He married on 22 December, 1874 in Rawdon to Catherine Montgomery. She was born about 14 March 1856 in Rawdon.

John and Catherine’s marriage is recorded in the Ontario marriages and also in the records of the Anglican Diocese of Ontario at Kingston.  You can see there is a little problem with his parents?  It should read Thomas Vance not Thomas Brown?

John Vance, Bp, Rawdon, age 21, born about 1853, father Thomas Brown, Mother Mary Brown, Spouse Catherine Montgomery, age 18, born about 1856 in Rawdon, father James Montgomery and mother Jane. Residence Stirling. Bachelor, Harness marker, She is single. Witness: Maggie Montgomery, Saml Bird, Stirling. 22 Dec. 1874 Rawdon, Groom C of E, Bride Presbyterian, Married by Rev. J. [Hallinwall]

Source:  John Vance & Catherine Montgomery, 22 Dec. 1874, Rawdon, Hastings Co., Ontario, Ontario Marriages, pg. 43 #003633. 

They are still living in Rawdon Twp. in the 1891 with the following children: James age 12, Clarence age 4 and Jennie  (hard to read) a daughter age one.

John and Catherine Vance migrated to Manitoba by 1901.  James is still with them and he was born 5 October 1878 in Ontario. Clarence was born 18 May 1887 in Rawdon.  Jennie was born 26 February 1890 per the census.

By 1906 James has gone off on his own, but Clarence and Jennie remain at home, the family of Robert and Catherine Vance are living in Brandon, Manitoba.

By the 1921 census John is alone and widowed living with his son James Vance who is also widowed.  They are living in Elton Twp., Manitoba.

John Vance and Catherine Montgomery Vance are buried in the Chater Cemetery in Chater, Brandon, Manitoba along with one of their daughters Jennie who died 29 February 1920.  There are tombstone photos at the Canadian Genweb Cemetery Project online.

Here is a link for exploring Manitoba. Brandon and Chater are just west of Winnipeg in the southern area of the province.

2.  Robert Vance born about 1855 and he married on 23 March 1881 in Huntington Twp., Hastings Co. to Mary Blakely born about 1860 in Huntington Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario.

Hastings County Vital Records have a Robert Vance marrying a Mary Blakly:

Robert Vance, bp Roden, age 25, born 1856, Father Thomas Vance, mother Mary Vance, Spouse Mary Blakly, age 21, born about 1860 in Huntington, father Henry Blakly, mother Christina Blakly. Witnesses John G. Waad and William Vance. bridegroom C of E, bride Presbyterian, married by David Wirhart.

Source:  Hastings Co. Vital Records, #004357, pg. 745, No. 2.

They had the following children:  William Vance, Philip Vance, Jessie Vance, Annie Vance, Christina Vance, Charles Vance and Mary Vance.

He is also in the 1881 census and Mary his mother is with him.

Line 6, 194, 196, Vance, Robert, M, 25, C. of England, Irish, farmer, M. Vance, Mary, F, 18, English, C of England, Irish, M. Vance, Mary, F, 65, [ ] C of England, Irish, W; Vance, Wm, M, 19, English, C of England, Irish.

Source:  1881 Canadian Census, Huntington Twp., Hastings North, Hastings Co., Ontario, Dist, #122, Sub. D #A, Div. 2, page. 41.

In 1891 the family was living in: Robert Vance age 35, Mary Vance age 23, Philip Vance age 8, Jessie Vance age 6, Christiana Vance age 3 and Mary J. Vance 4/12. They are living in Rawdon, Hastings North.  They are on line 1 of the census.  All are Church of England.  Mary’s states her father was born in Ontario and her mother was born in Scotland.  Robert lists his parents as Irish.

In the 1911 Canadian census Robert and Mary Vance are living in Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario with their children:  Christina born August 1893, Mary J. born March of 1890 and Annie born November 1891 and Charles born May 1894.

By 1921 Robert and Mary Vance have moved to Stirling and are by themselves. He is 62 and she is listed as 59, both are Ch of England. They are living on Edward Street.

Robert died February 9, 1926 and Mary Vance died June 17, 1862. They are buried in the Stirling Cemetery in Hastings County, Ontario along with their daughter Mary J. Vance who died August 22, 1913.  See Find A Grave for their memorial and tombstone.

3.  William Vance born about 1857 and died 16 July 1930 in Chatham, Kent Co., Ontario.

William Vance married a Mary Ann Johnston on 23, November 1881 in Huntingdon, Hastings Co., Ontario.  This Mary’s relationship to William’s mother is unknown at this time.

William Vance, 22 yrs, Huntingdon, born Rawdon, Bachelor, Farmer, Parents Thomas and Mary Vance, Spouse Mary Ann Johnston, age 20, born and residing Huntingdon, father William and Jane Johnston, witnesses John Heagle, Emma Brown of Rawdon.  Marriage in Huntingdon Nov. 23, 1881. Groom Ch of Eng., Bride Methodist, by Robert Walker, L. 

Source:  Ontario Canada Marriages 1801-1928, William Vance & Mary Ann Johnston, Nov. 28, 1881, Huntingdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, Schedule B Marriages, page 601, #004177.

William and Mary Vance migrated to Bothwell Twp., Chatham, Kent Co., Ontario by the 1891 Canadian Census.  He is living there with his wife and their daughter Ida who is about a month old.

They are also there in Bothwell Twp. in 1901 with Ida born 17 March, 1891, Maggie born 19 January, 1892, and another daughter Bessie born 14 February, 1896.

In 1911 William Vance is with his daughters Maggie B. and Bessie [T.] in Bothwell Twp., Kent Co., Ontario.

Ida married William H. McDonald a carpenter, Baptist residing in Wallaceburg. His father was Donald J. McDonald a farmer and mother was Mary E. [Sheen]. Ida Pearl Vance a domestic and spinster was Methodist and living in Tupperville. Her father was William Vance a farmer and mother was Mary Johnson.  The marriage took place 28th September, 1910 in Wallaceburg, Kent Co., Ontario. The witnesses were a Frank Crow and Alberta Robert’s.  A Wm. L. Robert’s was the minister.

In 1921 William Vance is living with his daughter Ida and her family in Chatham Twp., Kent Co., Ontario.  W.H. MacDonald is head , farmer age 32, Ida his wife, R.H.V. his son 9 years old, and Margaret J. daughter 8 years old. They are listed as Baptists.  Ida is Irish, W. H. is Scottish but born in Ontario.

Mary died about 1921 and William Vance died on the 16th of July, 1930.  I do not have their burial location at this time.

At the following link is a nice 1885 Kent County map that shows Bothwell and Tupperville in Kent County, Ontario:

4.  Margaret J. Vance was born about November 1859 and died 26 Dec. 1930 in Ivanhoe, Hastings Co., Ontario. She is buried in the White Lake Cemetery in Ivanhoe.

She married John George Wood, son of John Wood and Mary, on 14 September 1881 in Hasting Co., Ontario.

John George Wood, 25 years, Huntingdon, Ontario, Bachelor, farmer, parents John & Mary Wood, Spouse Maggie Jane Vance, 21 years born Rawdon, Single, parent Thomas & Mary Vance, Witnesses Wm. Vance and Marg A. Johnston of Huntingdon, Marriage Rawdon Sept 14, 1881, Groom Bible Christian, Bride Bible Christian, Rev. Geo. Dunkley.

Source:  John G. Wood to Maggie J. Vance, 14 September, 1881, Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, Schedule B, page 687, #004228. 

They had about 6 children: Percy, Nellie, Ethel, Arthur, Tillie who died in 1922 and Florence who married an Ernest Bateman of Tweed, Ontario.

After an illness of three months duration, John George Wood passed away at his late residence at Ivanhoe, on Saturday, March 9th. The late Mr. Wood, who was in his 84th year, was born at Ivanhoe and had resided there all his life. He was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Wood. For years, he was engaged in farming and in the community he was held in high regard. In religion he was a member of Beulah United Church and when age and health permitted, he took an active part in the work of the congregation, and held the office of a trustee. He was a man of fine character and to those near to him his death has brought sincere regret. Surviving him are two sons, Mr. P. M. Wood, London, Ont.; three daughters, Mrs. A. Ashley, West Huntingdon; Mrs. F.J. Blackburn, Orillia, Ont. and Mrs. W. E. Bateman of Tweed; one sister, Mrs. Annie Wood of Stirling. His wife, who prior to her marriages was Miss Margaret Vance, passed away nine years ago and a daughter, Tillie Wood died in the year 1922. The funeral took place Monday afternoon from the family residence at Ivanhoe to the United Church at White Lake, where an impressive service was conducted by the Rev. S.A.R. Delve, pastor of the Ivanhoe Circuit. Many friends were present at the service. Interment was made in White Lake Cemetery. The bearers were Messrs. Douglas Blackburn, Jack Blackburn, George Wood, Wilber Bateman, Don Bateman and Geo. Ashley, all of whom are grandsons of the late Mr. Wood.

Source:  John G. Wood, Obituary Notice, March 28, 1940 died March 8, 1940, Tweed Newspaper for March 8, 1940.  Tweed Historical Society, Tweed, Ontario.

The Wood family appears in the 1891 Canadian Census for Huntingdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario living with his father.

Line 1, ___/11, 6 Wood, John, M, 81, W, Scotland, parents Scotland, All Methodist, Farmer
Wood, John G., M, 34, M, Son, born Ontario, father Scotland, mother England
Wood, Margaret Jane, F, 31, M, wife of son, born Ontario, father Ireland, mother Ireland
Wood, Percy McCloud, M, 8, grd son, all children born Ontario
Wood, Nellie Maud, F, 6, grd daughter
Wood, Maggie Ethel, F, 4, grd daughter
Wood, John Arthur, M, 2, grd son
Wood, Mary Matilda, F, 7/12, grd dau
Blakly, John, M, 21, Dom, born Ontario, Ch of E, farm labor
Reid Berth Jane, F, 18, Dom, Methodist, dom. servt.

Source:  John G. Wood Family, 1891 Canadian Census, Huntingdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, page 2, Dist#74, SD No. 3, W. B. Tanner. April 7, 1891.

John and Margaret Wood appear in the 1901 Canadian Census for Huntingdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario.

Line 32, 31, 31, Wood, John, M, Head, M, 16 Sept 1856, 44, all Scotch, all born Ontario, Canadian, Methodist, Farmer
Wood, Margaret F, wife, M, 6 Nov. 1859, 41
Wood, Percy M, M, Son,S, 26, Sept 1882, 18
Wood, Nellie, M, F, daughter, S, 2 Sep 1884, 16
Wood, Maggie, E, F, daughter, S, 18 Jan, 1887, 14
Wood, John A, M, Son, S, 6 March 1889, 12
Wood, Mary, M, F, daughter, S, 25, Nov. 1890, 10,
Wood, Florence, F, daughter, S, 15 Oct. 1892, 8
Siocet, James H, M, Dom, S, S, 20 May 1879, 21, English

Source:  John Wood Family, 1901 Canadian Census, Huntingdon, Hastings Co., Ontario, page 3, Dist # 71, SD F, Polling #3, April 15, 1901, Erastus Geary.

In the 1921 Canadian Census for Huntingdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario John Wood is with his wife Maggie Vance Wood, his daughters Nellie and Lillie.

John Wood and Margaret J. Vance Wood are buried in the White Lake Cemetery in Ivanhoe, Hastings County, Ontario.  Margaret is buried under her maiden name of Vance.

I have given summaries of some of the census rather than a detailed account.  If you would be interest in copies of these documents just leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

Conclusion:  This is my stopping point in the research of the family of my 2nd great great uncle Thomas Brown and his wife Mary Johnston. Thomas is the brother of George Brown who is of my family line.  In this post I have done a little on the history of Mary’s second family of Vance.

Once again, I emphasize that there is more research to be done regarding the children and making sure the information is correct. What I have presented in the past posts is a little mix of my own research on the Thomas Brown family and others like my cousins who have gone before. They have been very generous with their research.

George & Esther Brown’s Children

We have looked at the guardianship and estate file of Esther Brown and in these court papers we have found the names of their children.  Here is a summary of the children of George and Esther Brown of Burnside Twp., Lapeer Co., Michigan:

  1. William Henry Brown b. abt. 1834 U.C., d. 1892 Brandon, Manitoba m. Isabella Chalmers 15 Jan 1861.  They had 7 children.  Migrated to Manitoba.
  2. Margaret Ann Brown b. 1836 Wyoming, Lambton Co., Ontario, d. 1879 Lambton Co., Ontario, Canada. Married Francis Lamott 18 Jan 1858 in St. Clair Co., Michigan and had 11 children.  He remarried.
  3. Jeremiah Brown b. 1837, U.C. d. 1901 Wyoming, Lambton Co., Ontario. Married Elizabeth Steadman about 1868 and had 6 children.
  4. John Brown b. 1838, U.C. d. 1912 Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon. Married Lydia Holling 23 Oct 1861 Lambton Co., Ontario and had 5 children.
  5. Elizabeth Brown b. abt. 1840, Hastings Co., Ontario, d. 1893 Burnside Twp., Lapeer Co., Michigan. Married Thomas Little Clement and had 5 children.  She was married before to a James Duncan and had 1 child.
  6. George King Brown b. 1842, Belleville, Hastings Co., Ontario, d. 1919 Oretga, Duval Co., Florida. Married Maude Cecilia Hunt 31 Jan 1870 Wyoming, Lambton Co., Ontario and migrated to Florida.  They had 9 children.
  7. Matilda Jane Brown b. 1844, Belleville, Hastings Co., Ontario, d. 1930 Kelowna, British Columbia.  Married William Charles Clement 23 Jan 1866 in Caradoc, Middlesex Co., Ontario and had 7 children and migrated to British Columbia.
  8. Richard Brown, b. 1846 probably Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, d. 1922 Winnipeg, Manitoba. Married Emma/Emily Ward 9 Jan 1874 Port Huron, Saint Clair, Michigan and had 4 children and migrated to Manitoba.
  9. Esther M. Brown, b. abt. 1848, Hastings, Ontario, d. 1886 Burnside Twp., Lapeer Co., Michigan.  Married a James Basna 1 Jan 1867 in Lapeer Co., Michigan and had 2 children.  She remarried 6 Jul 1875 in Michigan to Mark Robson and had 5 more children.
  10. Isabella Brown, b. 1851, Ontario, d. 1929 Grand Rapids, MI. Married William McIntosh about 1871 in Michigan and had 2 children.

The information in the color orange was provided by my cousin Robert (Bob) M. Hayes a descendant of Matilda Jane Brown #7. He has more details and information and would be happy to share.  The #8 Child: Richard Brown is my ancestor.  If you are descendants please let us know.  You can reach me by clicking on “Leave a comment,” at the bottom of this post or checking out my links under “Compiler,” above.