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Hastings County: The Hastings Co. Historical Society & Archive

My next stop was the Hastings County Historical Society:  They have changed the website and I am not sure what is going on 9/16/2016.

The hours are limited so you need to plan in advance 1-4 on Tuesday through Wednesday.  They offer appointments if required.  At some point in the coming year or so they will be moving to a new location.

The website page I have referenced above has a summary of what they have in their holdings. 

Except for the road construction I did not have trouble finding their current location at 154 Cannifton Road North in Cannifton, Ontario.  It is just north of Belleville beyond the 401 highway.

Hastings County Heritage Centre

I approached the door and the instructions were to ring the doorbell but I guess I did not press hard enough.  Someone eventually came and opened up for me.  They were all friendly and I was greeted by the archivist who had been expecting me.  I had emailed them that I was coming and to verify the hours.  Look for the sign, see the photo below and you can park in front of the centre.

Their collection is also restricted but I was being helped by an individual who was willing to go in search of items for me.  She was very helpful and willing to ask if she didn’t know the answer.

Hastings County Heritage Centre

I started with their card catalogue which is an index of surnames and their source locations.  Once you get the information from the card they can retrieve the source for you.  They did allow me to access these index cards and I did all the surnames I could regarding my Brown family and collateral names.  Once I pulled a card they would find the reference which was either an obituary notice or a family history or a book.

I purchased a copy of the “Heritage Atlas of Hastings County, editor Orland French, 2006.  My way of helping out.  It is very good and I am eager to review it more thoroughly.  It has maps, history, and really covers quite a bit of information.

Again, I left a copy of the Boardman and Brown booklet for their collection.

During my visit it was very busy at the centre, people were coming and going.  Several were working on a project involving photographs.  One lady was glued to the computer.

By the way, they had a model of the new location building which will be in downtown Belleville by 2013, they hope and it looks wonderful.  The archivist was beaming.