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Tracking John and Laura (Cuthbert) Boardman’s Journey to the US!

John Henry Boardman, the youngest brother of my grandfather Robert Boardman, stayed behind in Winnipeg where he became the proprietor of the Boardman Drug Store at 19-254 Home St.

On the 1st of February, 1921 he married Laura Eleanor Cuthbert in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Source: Vital Records of the Province of Manitoba, on-line index reads:  Grooms LN: Boardman, GN: John, Brides LN: Cuthbert, Given Name: Laura Eleanor, Date of Marriage:  2/1/1921, Place WPG, Reg. # 1921,006059.  Note:  I have not obtained the actual marriage record. This information is from the index at their website.

City Directory research in Winnipeg was done by Rick McLellan of the Manitoba Genealogical Society,  who I hired.  Here are some of the listings for John Henry Boardman and Laura:

  • 1908 Boardman John student, 563 Logan Ave.
  • 1909 Boardman, J.H. clk Bemis Bros. Bag Co., 563 Logan Ave.
  • 1912-1913 Boardman, John H. druggist WFC Brathwaite, 563 Logan Ave.
    • He was probably in the military at this time. 
  • 1922 Boardman John H. prop. Boardman’s Drug Store, 19-254 Home St.
  • 1923 Boardman John H., druggist 1164 Portage Ave. 19-257 Home St.; Boardman Laura hairdresser Mrs. B. Brown 366 ???Side
  • 1924 Boardman, John pro. Boardman’s Drug Store 500 Basswood; Boardman Laura Mrs., cashier Boardman’s Drug Store, 500 Basswood.

After 1926 John and Laura were no longer listed in the Winnipeg City Directories.

John apparently went to Vancouver, B.C. for a while because he shows up in the city directory there helping his brother William run the drugstore in 1910, while brother Robert worked as a coppersmith.

Boardman Brothers in Vancouver 1910

Boardman Brothers in Vancouver 1910

1911 Boardman, John H. clk 610 Victoria Drive lvs 1975 Keefer; Wm. T. prop. Victoria Pharmacy h 610 Victoria Drive; Boardman Robt, coppersmith h 626 Victoria Drive.

We know that John and Laura were at the family reunion in 1924 in Pasadena at his brother Willie’s home.  I posted about this Boardman Family reunion in past posts.

The 1930 U.S. Federal Census has John and Laura living in California in Inglewood City.  So apparently they stayed behind in Los Angeles County.  In looking at a map of LA you can see that Inglewood was not that close to Pasadena.

Line 31 East Carson St., 112, 224, 244 Boardman, John, Head, R, 20 R No, M, W, 44, M, 34, No, Yes, Canada English, Father born England, mother born Canada English, English, 00, 43, V, 1923 Al, yes, Proprietor, Book Store, 8V91, O, yes, Not a veteran. Boardman, Laura E., wife – H, F, W, 38, M, 28, No, Yes, Canada English, Father born England, Mother Canada English, English, 00, 43 v, 1923 Al, yes, Manager, Book Store, 8V91 NP, yes. 

Source:  John and Laura Boardman Family, 1930 U.S. Federal Census, Inglewood City, Inglewood Twp., Los Angeles Co., California, ED #19-1016, SD #19, Sht #9A (197) Enumerated on April 11, 1930 A.W. Barnhardt #3952.  

However, by 1935 they begin appearing in the Seattle City Directories.  The Seattle Public Library has a great city directory collection on the 9th floor.

  • 1935 – Boardman, John H (Laura E.) lending library 4507 Calif Av h 5430 44th Av SW.
  • 1936 – Boardman, John H (Laura E.) pharm W Mace Schooley Jr. lending library 4507 Calif Av h do
  •  1937 – Boardman, John H (Laura E.) pharm Swift Drug Co lending library 4507 California av h do
  •  1938 – Boardman, John H. (Laura E.) h 8203 32nd Av SW
  •  1939 – Boardman, John H. (Laura E.) pharm Swift Drug Co. h 8203 32d Av SW

They do appear in the 1940 U.S. Federal Census living in Seattle, WA. or what we call West Seattle.

32nd Ave, SW, line 56, 8203, 18, 0, 2400, Boardman, John H., Head, O, M, W, 53, M, No, C4-70, Canada English, 35, PA, same place, no, NW, yes —–1, 48, prescription pharmacist, retail drug store, Pw, V30, 70, 1, 52, 1820, No. Boardman, Laura E., wife, 1, F, W, 48, M, No, 8, 8, Canada English, 35, Al, same place, No, NW, no, no, no, no, H.

Source:  John and Laura Boardman Family, 1940 U.S. Federal Census, Seattle, King Co., Washington, Block No. 39-100-115, 116, 117, SD#1, ED#40-329, Sht#1-B, April 2, 1940, Mary Whitman, enumerator

Here are more Seattle City Directory entries for John and Laura Boardman:

  •  1940 – Boardman, John H. (Laura E.) pharm Swift Drug Co. h 8203 32nd av SW
  •  There is an ad for the Swift Drug Co that reads:  Drugs, Sundries, Prescriptions, Ice Cream, Candies, at Downtown prices, Free Delivery – 6501 California Ave, the other branch is at 918 2nd Ave.
  •  1941 – Boardman, John H. (Laura E.) pharm h 3225 38th av SW
  •  1942 – Boardman, John H. (Laura E.) pharm h 3225 38th av SW
  •  1943-44 – John H. Boardman is working for Schooley as a pharmacist.  Same address as above.  Laura E. is with him.
  •  1948-1949 – John H. Boardman (Laura E) pharmacist at Schooley Drug Co. and living at 3225 38th Ave SW in Seattle.
  • 1951 – John H. Boardman (Laura E) is a pharmacist working now at McRory’s Swift Drug Co. and living at the same address as above.
  • 1953 – John H. (Laura E) Boardman Pharmacy,  Home was at 3225 38th Ave SW – The Pharmacy was at 6969 Calif Ave.  I remember Aileen said he worked at a pharmacy.  She pointed to a building once and said he had worked there.
  • 1956 – John and Laura are together still and living at the same address. He is now working for a Westside Prescription Pharmacy.

Trying to follow John and Laura through their life has been a challenge.  In summary they grew up and lived in Winnipeg till about 1924 and then headed to the United States first starting out in Los Angeles County California, then migrated to Seattle by about 1935 and remaining there till their deaths.

In the next post I will discuss John and Laura’s naturalization as U.S. Citizens.  In that documentation we find more information about their migration to the United States and also a puzzle about a border crossing.