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1945: John and Laura Become United States Citizens!

On a field trip to the Seattle National Archives Branch, I was searching for my mother’s naturalization papers and much to my surprise I found John and Laura Boardman’s naturalization in 1945.  I was pleased for I know very little about my greatuncle.

John had both a Declaration of Intention and Petition for Naturalization.

John H. Boardman's naturalization picture

John H. Boardman’s naturalization picture

Information as indicated on the Declaration of Intention dated May 6, 1936 #39912:

US District Court, W. Distr of Wash, Seattle, WA
Name: John Henry Boardman
Address: 4507 California Ave., Seattle, King Co., Wa
Occupation: Pharmacist
Age: 49
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Brown
Height: 5 ft 7-1/2 inches
Weight: 140 lbs.
Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Date of birth: April 2, 1886
Married: Laura Eleanor Boardman (no maiden name given)
Married in Winnipeg, Manitoba
She was born in Winnipeg,Canada
on May 8, 1891
Came into the US through Wilmington, California
on December 13, 1923
Permanent Residence – Seattle, WA
Emigrated from Victoria, B.C., Canada
Came on the SS Princess Adelaide December 4, 1923
Signed John Henry Boardman
Seattle, WA May 6, 1936 Certification No. 20-25611
Signed by Edgar M. Laxin – Deputy Clerk

Followed by a Certificate of Arrival U.S. Department of Labor,  #20-25611, Issued February 24, 1936 at St. Paul, Minnesota

Name: John H. Boardman
Port of Entry: Seattle, WA
Date: December 4, 1923
Manner of Arrival: S.S. Princess Adelaide

The next was the Petition for Naturalization November 26, 1945 which had most of the same information as the Declaration. Here I have indicated the additional information

Address: 3225 38th SW, Seattle, King, WA
Occupation: Druggist
Age: 56
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Small scar on forehead
Nationality: British
He has no children
Witnesses were: Wildr W. Willard, Retired Printer and Ethel May Willard
Address: 3240 41st SW, Seattle, WA

Source:  Naturalization Petitions, Vol. 136 (6 of 6), Box 56, Record Group # 21, U.S. District Court, Western District of Washington, Northern Division at Seattle, King Co., WA

His also had an Oath of Allegiance at the bottom of the Petition dated 26 November, 1945

Laura on the other hand, only had a Petition for Naturalization which was with her husband’s documents and there was no photograph of her.

Name: Laura Eleanor Boardman
Address: 3225 38th SW, Seattle, King, WA
Occupation: Housewife
Age: 57
Born: May 8, 1891
In Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Lt. brn
Height 5 ft
Weight 105 lbs.
Scar on right side of neck, white
Nationality: Canadian
Married to John Henry Boardman on Feb. 1, 1921
in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Entered the US at Wilmington, California
on December 13, 1923
Final residence: Seattle, WA
Husband was naturalized on Nov. 26, 1945, Seattle, WA #6074776
She has no children
Last place of residence was Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Came into the US Dec. 4, 1923 SS Pr. Adelaide #AR1313606
Witnesses: Joseph T. Neale, Chief, Fiscal Section of the Federal Works Agency – 2106-47th SW, Seattle, WA
Doris A O’Neill, Housewife – 2715 – A 59th SW, Seattle, WA

Oath of Allegiance is also included
Petition granted, line 17
List No. 2231
Certificate #6444798

Source:  Naturalization Petitions, Vol. 160 (2 of 3) Box 73, Record Group # 21, U.S. District Court, Western District of Washington, Northern Division at Seattle, King Co., Washington

Princess Adelaide:

We learn from these documents that John and Laura entered California at Wilmington in 1923.  Ancestry has border crossings where I found an entry for John and Laura coming into the United States  on May 4,  1924 from Winnipeg and headed for Seattle.  Source:  Border Crossing 1895 to 1956, List or Manifest of Alien Passengers Applying for Admission, 1924, Sheet 42.  

Comparing the Border Crossing with these naturalizations there is a bit of a difference.  I tried to pin down the border crossing date but have to go with Ancestry’s source that the date was 1924 because the pages of the border crossing do not really show a date at the top.  The naturalizations are a year earlier in 1923, so I am puzzled as to why they went back to Canada?

Most importantly is that they finally settled in West Seattle and remained there for the rest of their lives.