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Who is Thomas Boardman?

1871 Canadian Census – Boardman

In seeking the family of Edmund Boardman I found a Thomas Boardman also living in Shediac in 1871.   There are lots of Boardman’s in other counties in New Brunswick but so far any connection has eluded me.  I keep digging.

The census of 1871 for Shediac Parish, Westmorland Co. and Dundas Parish, Kent Count of New Brunswick in transcribed in a book by a Tony A. LeBlanc.  FHL#971.52 X29L 1871 or FHL#1425090 Item 1.  Line 17: Boardman, Thomas, M, age 36, born England, C of E, English, Copp Smith SH3-59 M. Boardman, Rebecca, F, age 40, born Ireland, C of E, Irish.  Boardman, William, M, age 13, born Q, C of E, English. Boardman, Samuel, M, age 12, born Q, C of E, English.

The picture above is from the 1871 Canadian Census for Thomas Boardman on pg. 58.

Could he be Edmund’s brother or is he too old? This Thomas is about 36 years old which means he was born about 1835.  In comparing Edmund’s birth year which is 1848 we find that there is a 13 year difference in their ages.  It is not unusual.  My hubbie is 13 years older than his little sister and they have the same parents.

In the 1881 Canadian Census, Thomas is not with Rebecca.

1881 Canadian Census – Bordman

We find William Bordman the son, living in the Moncton District #3 of Westmorland, New Brunswick, GE 10, pg. 13.  Line 12, 41/52 changes to 57, Bordman, William, m, age 24, born Q, Methodist, English, Copper Smith, married.  Bordman, Althea, F, age 24, born NB, Methodist, English. Bordman, Jane, F, age 2, born NB, Methodist, English.  Rebecah, F, age 60, born Ireland, Methodist, English.

Rebecah is now 60 when she was 40 in 1871.  That is a 20 year difference.  Is it possible she was the mother and not the wife as implied in 1871? It just might be a mistake. Meanwhile where is Thomas Boardman?

Thomas Boardman may have gone to Massachusetts.  There is a man living in Boston there who may fit his description.

1880 US Census – Boston, MA

Massachusetts, County of Suffolk, [   8] Precinct, [Boston] 1, 3 June, 1880, George [Bartlett].  On line 22 we find a Thos. Boardman, W, M, age 43, lodger, married, Copper smith, born England, parents born England.  He is living with family #142, on line 19, William Chewster, w, m, age 55, married, Wksas Baker, born Mass, father Scotland, mother Mass.  Carrie Chewster, w, f, age 26, wife, married, keeps home, born N. Scotia, father Ireland, mother N. Scotia.  Nellie Chewster, w, f, 5/12 (Jan), daughter, single, born Mass, father born Mass, mother born N. Scotia.  They are living at Emmett Place.   There are other families listed #141, on line, 16, Morris, James age 34.  On line 10 is Morrison, Hiriam age 35 and wife Helen age 30.  On line 8 is listed house number 7, dwelling 64, family #140.

So in this one house there are 3 families.  They are born in Mass., NB, and N. Scotia.  Are these relatives?

The other son Samuel Boardman of Thomas Boardman may be living in Manitoba in 1881

1881 Canadian Census, Province of Manitoba, District No. 185 Lisgar, S. District: B. St. Clements, pg. 36.  [1] Family 167 line 7, Boardman, Samuel, M, age 22, born Que, Ch of Eng., English, Copersmith. Enumerated April 4, 1881.

Apparently Samuel Boardman is the only Boardman listed in the 1881 Canadian Census for Manitoba all others are in New Brunswick or Ontario.   Edmund Boardman does not appear in Winnipeg till 1884-1885 where we find him in the city directories.  Edmund is definitely there by 1891 as we have seen in a previous post dated May 16, 2010.

We jump ahead to the 1900 U.S. Census and we find William Boardman living in Iowa?

1900 U.S. Federal Census, Iowa, Marshall Co., Marshalltown, SD#5, ED#122, Ward #4, Sht# 7, 6 June 1900, Mary C. [Heriffaker], enumerator. Line 26, SW1/2/124/135/4, Boardman, William, Head, W, Ma. born Dec 1857 age 42, married 22 yrs, born Canada Eng., father born England, mother born Ireland, immigrated to US 1880, here 19 years, mail carrier, 0, yes, yes, yes, R, H; Boardman, Althea, wife, w, f, born Mar, 1856, 44 yrs old, m. 22 yrs, 9 children born 5 living, born New Brunswick, father born New Brunswick, mother New Brunswick, immigrated to US 1880, 19 yrs in US, yes, yes, yes; Boardman, Jennie, daughter, w,f, born Oct. 1878, age 21, single, born NB, father born Canada E., mother born NB, clk Tea Store, 0, yes, yes, yes.  Boardman, Bessie, daughter, w, f, born Aug. 1881, 18 yrs, single, born in Boston, father born Canada E, mother NB, in School, 9, yes, yes, yes; Boardman, Nellie B., daughter, w, f, born Aug 1884, age 15, single, born Iowa, father Canada E, mother NB, in school, 9, yes, yes, yes; Boardman, [Lulu], daughter, w, f, born July 1891, age 8, single, born Iowa, father Canada E, mother NB, in school, 9, yes, yes, yes; Boardman, Francis, son, w, m. born July 1891 age 8, Single, born Iowa, father Canada E, mother NB, in school, 9, yes, yes, yes.

William and Althea Boardman are also living in Marshall Co., Iowa in 1910.  Of course, using the census only to track someone does not guarantee that they are the correct family so I still have more work to do on these families.

There are many interesting trends in these families.  The occupation of Coppersmith.  The birth of the two men Edmund and Thomas in England.  Edmund named one of his sons “William Thomas.”  The locations of Shediac and Moncton also are of interest.  The connection to Boston.  I keep digging for clues.   I am aware that a lot of Boardman’s lived in Massachusetts and have wondered about the connection.

Thomas Boardman’s son’s William and Samuel are listed as being born in Quebec.  Did the Boardman’s come in to Canada via Quebec and then migrated to New Brunswick and if so why?

Another interesting event is a deed found by one of my clients who helped me with my research while I assisted him in his in Washington State.  He lives in PEI.  This is where Edmund and Charlotte were living in 1881.  He could not find a deed for Edmund in Charlottetown, but he did find a deed for a Thomas Boardman.  More on this deed in the next post.

UPDATE December 12, 2012:  New information has been found about Thomas Boardman.  He is the brother of Edmund Boardman.  See the posted dated December 12, 2012, “New Info:  Thomas and Edmund Boardman are Brothers!