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My name is Bonnie Jean MacDonald and I have been researching my family since 1998 and a little bit before in 1967 when my Aunt Miriam gave me 6 pages of family notes.

I have retired from the Association of Professional Genealogists and the Puget Sound Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists as of the end of September 2015.  I had closed my client business at the end of 2011. I was a past president of the Chapter and held other positions during my time with this organization.

I have also retired as the Newsletter Editor of the Washington State Genealogical Society  at the end of 2013.  You will find the newsletters at this link:

This does not mean that I am done with genealogy, it just means that I plan to go in another direction.   Recently I attended the 2015 Delano Kindred Reunion in San Diego, California and it was a great experience.  You can read about it in my other blog: Solomon Goss in Fearing Twp. in Ohio, see link on the right side of this blog for all my other blogs.  I am also a member of Find A Grave and have been contributing to that website for the past year.

Much to my surprise, I have made a great deal of progress on my own family starting with my Dad’s side.  On my mother’s side are the Boardmans, Browns, Wards, Jacksons and McMurrays.  I really didn’t know much at all.  I had a chart of both sides of the family that I made after I visited my Aunt Aileen, a sister of my mother Marjorie Boardman MacDonald.  I also had very few photos until my cousin came to my rescue and sent me a pile of them. So this side of the family has been a lot of dumb luck and perseverance. Hopefully as I reveal the research I can inspire progress in others’ research.

My mother’s parents were Robert Boardman and Ethel Adella Brown.  They lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba and migrated to Vancouver then to the Pacific Northwest.  Grandfather, Robert, was born in Shediac, New Brunswick in 1881, from what I have learned.  Ethel, my grandmother was born in Winnipeg in 1881.  How they managed to get together and get married in 1905 is a little interesting.  The Boardman’s came to Winnipeg because of the Canadian Pacific Railroad.  The Browns came from Ontario.  By the early 1880’s both the Boardman’s and the Browns had made their way to Winnipeg, Manitoba.

This merging of the two families is why I am calling this blog the Boardmans and the Browns of Winnipeg and adding the part of “A Canadian Story,” for they are truly families that helped to build the great nation called Canada.

My great grandmother Charlotte Boardman was a McMurray a Scottish name and her mother was Mary Jackson.  They settled in New Brunswick in Kent County after immigrating from Liverpool mostly likely.  My great grandmother Emma Ward was English and came from Ontario where she met Richard Brown.  Richard was of Irish descent and lived in Lambton County, Ontario.

Here is a list of surnames associated with this blog:

  • MacDonald/McDonald/McDonell/Macdonell/Macdonnell
  • Boardman, Bordman
  • Campbell
  • Pendergast
  • Lee
  • McMurray
  • Brown
  • Ward
  • Duncan
  • Dalton
  • Slater
  • Cahan
  • Davidson
  • Butler
  • Colbeck
  • Miller
  • Williams
  • Cuthbert

Locations covered will be:  Minnesota, Washington State, Nevada, California, Michigan. In Canada we have New Brunswick, Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.

I have other blogs on different lines of my family because it is so big and preserves my sanity.  Check out the “Blogs I Like” section on the right side of this blog and you will find links to my other creations.

For some reason I lost the “Home” page on this blog or the page that makes it easy to go back to Home.  Just click on the title and that works too.

Please contact me I would love to hear from you!  Or leave a comment, that would be wonderful!   Just copy to your Email:



12 thoughts on “The Author of this Blog

    1. bonmac Post author

      Hello Madison, thanks for stopping by. Isn’t that picture amazing. I just wished that there were names written on the back. It is quite large on the stiff backing. I wish I knew more about the photograph. I get so curious about these things. I would love to have you use the picture so I will contact you via email soon. I only placed a few links on my post dated April 19, 2012 “Vancouver B.C. – The Road Leads West.” Chat with you soon. Bonnie

  1. allie boardman

    The spelling is prendergast. Jean Campbell, nee Boardman, daughter gail was married to leo Prendergast, they have 2 sons fred in toronto and jim in Winnipeg

    1. BJ MacDonald Post author

      Allie: Thanks so much for stopping by. I will make the changes on my post about this family. I don’t have much on this family just what I could get out of newspaper articles and such. I will contact you off line soon. Bonnie

  2. John S. Snow

    Been researching my family tree for a few years now and am surprised I haven’t run across your blog before this — it’s terrific. Anyway – bear with me on this – my grandmother was Bernice (Bateman) Abner and her father was Samuel Bateman. I did some looking some time ago and found out that her mother was Alice (Allie) Miner (it was listed on Bernice’s marriage certificate from Spokane, Washington plus my Uncle Raymond’s middle name is – Miner). So, Alice Miner was Samuel’s first wife. She and Samuel married in 1894, Bernice born in 1895 and Alice Miner died in 1897. The story goes that my grandmother, Bernice, only being two or three went to live with Samuel’s mother, Elizabeth and she basically raised her. BTW, I inherited Elizabeth Brown Bateman’s bedroom set (bed, wash stand and dresser) and it is in the guest room of my 1899 Queen Anne house in Covington, KY.

    Hope this fills in a blank for you. Feel free to contact me.
    John Snow

    1. BJ MacDonald Post author

      Hello John: How nice of you to find my blog. I did not post about the Bateman family till in 2015 so it might not have caught your attention. The research on the Bateman’s was from Bob Hayes out of Kelowna, British Columbia. He corresponded with several Bateman family members years back. He kindly shared his research with me and gave permission to post it. I did share as much as I felt comfortable and did a little of my own sleuthing to fill in some of the history of this family. Bob is a descendant of George Brown a brother to Thomas Brown who married Mary Johnston the parents of Elizabeth. Bob is down from Matilda Jane Brown and I come down from Richard a brother, children of George and Esther Brown. Let me contact you off line and we can chat. Thanks for this information.

  3. Ruth Moses Scherer

    My name is Ruth Moses Scherer. I am a great granddaughter of Lena Basna and Ben Brown. I would love to communicate with you about information you have found about the Basnas. I have found some information you may be interested.

    1. BJ MacDonald Post author

      Ruth, how nice of you to stop by. I went back to my post and reviewed what I had done and you can see that I had a lot of trouble with this line of the family. Let me email you off line and we can chat. Bonnie

  4. Mike West

    Thank you for your blog. It is very good. I am glad I found it. Elizabeth and Thomas Bateman are my 2X Great Grandparents. In fact I have their Bible. From the Bible info, most of the dates you have are right. It has marriages, births, and deaths listed in it. If any of the dates would help, I would glad to share them. I was going to give you the info on my Grandmother Bernice Bateman Abner (Samuel & Allie Agnes Miner Bateman) but I see that my cousin, John Snow, beat me to it. I haven’t seen him or heard of him for years so it is nice to know he is still around.

    1. BJ MacDonald Post author

      Mike: Thanks for stopping by. Thank you for your compliment. I do try to get it right but I am willing to make changes and updates. I see that John Snow did contact me and I do try to keep track of everyone and what they contribute. The real research was done by our cousin Bob Hayes of Kelowna, BC a descendant of Matilida Jane Brown Clement sister to my Richard Brown and descended from George Brown. I have added to it when I could. If you are willing to share the bible information that would be great and even give me your version of your family I am willing. Let me contact you directly off line and we can chat.


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