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Revisiting Henry Brown in Oil Springs, Ontario

Henry Brown was a son of William Brown and Elsie/Alice Tymond.  He moved around a bit in his life and finally settled in Oil Springs, Lambton County, Ontario.

I have written about Henry and his family in the post on this blog dated:

August 29, 2014 titled: The Children of William Brown & Elsie: Henry Brown.

I also visiting the Oil Springs Cemetery in September of 2014 and viewed Henry’s tombstone which was shared by his wife Margaret and daughter Ann.

See the post on this blog dated September 22, 2014 “Ontario Wanderings: Oil Springs and Their Cemetery.” In this post I shared my visit to the cemetery but really didn’t feature the tombstone in detail.

This side of the stone features the Yates Family:

Yates & Brown Tombstone

Yates & Brown Tombstone

Yates Tombstone Oil Springs - front side

Yates Tombstone Oil Springs – front side

YATES:  George Cornell Yates, 1838 to 1901

His Wife Ann Jane Brown 1841 to 1935 (daughter of Henry & Margaret Brown)

Their children:

Harriett Caroline Yates 1878 to 1887

Frederick Charles Yates 1880 to 1957

Henrietta Yates 1873 to 1970

Clifford Russell Yates 1883 to 1973

Henry & Margaret Brown

Henry & Margaret Brown

Yates Tombstone Backside featuring Henry & Margaret, Oil Springs Ontario

Yates Tombstone Backside featuring Henry & Margaret, Oil Springs Ontario

This is the backside of the tombstone in the Oil Springs Cemetery.

Benjamin Yates 1812 to 1888 His wife Phoebe Cornell.  It is my opinion these are the parents of George Cornell Yates.

Henry Brown 1820 to 1899 His Wife Margaret Orr 1824 to 1900. These are Ann’s parents.

These stones are also featured at Find A Grave.  Henry and Margaret Brown may have had a second daughter Elizabeth born in July 1866 but she didn’t survive dying 17 October 1866 in 8 Concession of Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario.

I have shared in the posts I have indicated in this blog about Henry Brown and Margaret Orr his wife.  Unfortunately, we do not know much about Margaret and her family.  Her father might have been Joseph Orr and her mother a Mary Carter.

In the next posts I want to share more about Henry’s brothers’ families, Thomas and Philip Brown who remained in Hastings Co., Ontario.


Family Photos – Brown Family Memories?

I was very grateful to receive from my Boardman cousin a pile of family photographs.  These were the ones my Aunt Aileen shared with me back in 1987.  Upon her death they disappeared and apparently ended up with the daughter of my uncle.  Thank goodness. I had regretted not securing them at the distribution of Aunt Aileen’s estate, so I was very happy to become the owner of them. 

Like all family collections of photographs you have ones you can identify and ones think you understand or ones that are a total mystery! 

In the post dated:   September 28, 2011 “Richard Brown Dies – July 1922!”    I featured two photos.  One of Richard Brown from an obituary notice in the newspaper and a photograph of my grandmother Ethel with a man who closely resembled Richard in later years.  The fact she is laughing and beaming is very significant.  The familiarity of the older man with his arm around her planted a seed in me?  I really do believe it is Richard?

Tip:  To see more detail in the photographs below, click on the photo and it will open into a larger window.  Just remember to click your back button to return!

I featured this following photograph of my grandmother Ethel sitting on a lawn area in front of a house, she is on the left.  There is another lady and young boy.  At first I thought it might be my great-grandmother Emma (Ward) Brown on the who died in 1905?  The young boy’s age is confusing.  If he was one of Ethel’s brothers he would be about her age, not so small and young?  The other option is it could be Annie (Stobb) Brown, the older brother Charles’ first wife? I am not aware that Charles and Annie had any children.  She died 1907.   So who is the young boy?  The other possibility is that it is Eva (see last two photos in this post), Charles’ second wife so that means this photo is older than I think?  I am having trouble because my grandmother Ethel had left with her family and migrated to Vancouver, B.C. by around 1907, the year of Annie’s death.  She also looks too young? 

Ethel on the Lawn

Charles Ward Brown has been featured in past posts dated  June 20, 25, and July 10,  2011.  We know this photograph from the newspaper to be Charles Ward Brown. 

Obituary Photo - Charles W. Brown


This photo is in the collection and it is identified as “Charles” by handwriting that looks like my mother’s?

Charles with a dog!

This next photograph is from an obituary for Arthur W. Brown, which I have featured with the complete obituary in a past post dated September 15, 2011 and August 13, 2011.

Obituary Photo of Arthur W. Brown

In the following photograph Arthur is identified again, by handwriting on the back again it looks like my mother’s?  I am not entirely convinced and think it is Charles?

Arthur W. Brown Identified but maybe not?


The next photograph looks very much like the man above but he has a mustache?  It is not identified! However, in the last two photographs on this post Charles has a mustache!

Is this Arthur or Charles with a mustache?

Still another photograph that is not identified.  I am leaning toward Charles for the photo above and below?  I did feature this with Arthur in the posted dated September 15, 2011 but I am starting to think it is not him?

Again Is this Arthur or Charles?


 The next photograph is very difficult.  It could be Charles or it might be Arthur?  Again I think it is Charles?

Charles or Arthur?


This photo below is fun and I wonder what the story was?  I am not sure if they were really camping?  The man on the right makes me think it is Charles, which means that the young man on the left is probably Charles Jr. or maybe it is a young brother Arthur? Charles would be 8 years older?  Nothing was written on the back.  What was the dog’s name?

Two men by a Tent?

Does the young man on the left in the photograph above look like this man in the 3 photographs below? 

Maybe Arthur?


Arthur or one of the sons of a Brown Brother?

The following two photos look like Charles and Arthur with their wives.  I think that one of the ladies is Teresa (on the right) who was Arthur’s wife.  This means the other lady would be Eva (in back), Charles’ second wife?  Charles is the man on the left and Arthur is between him and Teresa.  Take a close look at the photographs above, who has the mustache?  I think that Arthur had more hair and was darker in completion than his older brother Charles.  

The Brown Brothers & Wives?

The Brown Brothers!

It is fun to speculate and ponder old photographs.  Sometimes you get lucky and make a discovery.  The more you look at a photographs the more you recognize similarities in clothing and surroundings.  You can always change your mind as you contemplate the photos.  Just because someone writes something on the back does not mean they really knew.  My mother Marjorie (b. 1911) and her sister Aileen (b. 1908) were their nieces.  There families had moved to Vancouver, B.C. and eventually migrated to the U.S. by 1917.  The chances that they really knew them are very slim unless the Brown brothers visited?  The above two group photos would have to be dated after Annie’s death in 1907  but closer to 1914 when Arthur married Teresa? 

Comments are regarding these photographs are most welcome!

Richard Brown After Emma!

Richard Brown continued to live and work in Winnipeg after the death of his wife Emma in 1905.  He resided at the 175 Magnus address and engaged in the occupation of carpentry.

The city directories list him from 1911 to 1919 as a carpenter for the Canadian Pacific Railway and specifically from 1917 to 1918 he worked as a laborer.   He is in his 70’s at that time!!

In 1906 according to the Canadian Census Richard is living with Arthur, Ethel and his son-in-law Robert Boardman. I was very happy to find this census for it gives information about my grandparents Ethel and Robert.  They had married in 1905 and tracking them has been fun. 

Richard Brown Family, 1906 Canadian Census, North Winnipeg, Manitoba, Page 28, SubDistrict 6a, June 28, 1906, enumerated by W. A. Rough.#28, 197 Brown Richard, Head, Male, widow, 59, 175 Magnus, Brown Arthur, son, male, single, 22, Boardman, Ethel, daughter, female, married, 25, Boardman, Robert, son male, married, 25 born NB. Morton, Rebecca age 26, born Ireland came in 1902

In 1911 he is sharing the house with his youngest son Arthur.  Ethel and Robert Boardman are no longer living Richard. By this time my parents have migrated to Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Richard Brown Family, 1911 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada pg. 35, ED 73, J.E. Baine line 37 [    ] Brown Arthur W. 175 Magnus male, son Single born Nov. 1875 age 36, born Man, Canadian, Presby, Traveller, yes, clerk [   ] yes yes English. Brown, Richard, 175 Magnus, male, Head, Wd, born March 1846 age 65, born Ontario, Canadian, religion [   ], carpenter, yes, yes English.

by 1916 things get a little confused:

Richard Brown Family, 1916 Canadian Census, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada pg. 5, District #14N, City of Winnipeg. line 24, 48, 52, Brown Richard, 175 Magnus, Head, M, Married, age 31, Canadian, Anglican, yes, yes, Proprietor, wholesale paper. Brown Terese, wife, female, married age 31, Holland, Methodist, 1908, nat., father Canadian, mother Dutch, yes, no. English, yes, yes. Brown Richard Anthony, son, m, singled 15 mos. Canadian, Manitoba, Methodist, Canadian, English yes, no, English, Brown Richard, Boarder, male, widowed, age 68 born Canada Ont., Anglican, Canadian, English, yes, no, English, Carpenter, CPR, Goodman, Sarah, female, single, age 16, born Iceland, Lutheran, 1912 al., Canadian, English, yes, no. English, servant.

Somehow the census enumerator mixed things up Arthur ends up with the name Richard? One thing is for certain Arthur has married.  

A Son Becomes of Age: Charles Ward Brown

In past posts I have tried to weave the story of the Boardmans and Browns together showing that they migrated and settled in Winnipeg about the same time and lived not far from each other. 

The Brown family stayed in Winnipeg and the sons of Richard and Emma Brown lived out their lives in that city.  Richard the father died in 1922 and I will talk about him as well.

On the otherhand, only one Boardman remained in Winnipeg and lived out his life.  The other Boardman sons left Winnipeg about 1907 after the death of Edmund Boardman and headed west to Vancouver, B.C. and eventually headed south into the United States.  I will return to my grandmother Ethel Adella Brown’s journey and her marriage to Robert Boardman one of the sons of Charlotte and Edmund but first, I would like to share what I know about the Brown family.  Credit for this information goes to Rick McLellan who did some research for me.  He can be found at the Manitoba Genealogical Society. 

I will start with the oldest son of Richard and Emma Brown.

Charles Ward Brown was born on 6 January 1875 in Lapeer Co., Michigan.  It is possible he was born in Port Huron, Saint Clair Co., Michigan were his parents married on 9 Jan 1874.  The St. John’s Angelican church has baptisms #77 and Charles is listed with this birth date and his parents are Richard Brown and Emma Ward.  The date of baptism is given as 29 June 1890.  This means that Charles was 15 years old when he was baptized.  His siblings are also listed as being baptized on the same date. 

He first appears in the Winnipeg City Directories about 1894 as a clerk.  In the 1900-1901 city directory he is listed as a clerk for Carruthers, Brock & Johnston company in Winnipeg and he is living at 175 Magus St.  This address is where his father and mother lived.  He continues working for this firm till about 1904 when he is listed as an accountant for F.J. Holland and Co. in Winnipeg and he is now living at 153 Magus street in Winnipeg.

The photograph provided may be Charles W. Brown.  On the back someone wrote “Charlie.”  There are other photos of a man who looks similar but they are not identified.  Charles’ obituary presents a photograph and in future post we can compare the photos along with the photos of his brother Arthur and see if we cannot figure out who is who.

Sometime around 1900 he joins the Beaver Lodge A.F. and A.M.

On July 10th, 1901 (Manitoba Vital Statistics)  Charles marries Annie Stobbs so this is probably why he is now living at 153 Magnus Ave. in Winnipeg.  He had established a home for himself and his new wife.

Charles and Annie appear in the 1906 Canadian Census on page 29 living in Manitoba, District of North Winnipeg, Sub-District 6a, enumerated on June 29, 1906, Line #13, family #202

Brown Charles, head, male, married, age 31 born U.S. , lived in area since 1881, 153 Magnus. Brown Annie, wife, female, married age 32, born in England, lived in area since 1881.

Further Winnipeg City Directory pages show that by 1906 Charles was working at the Brown-Clarke Agency to about 1909 and still living at 153 Magnus Ave.  He might be a principal in this agency but further research is needed to determine the extent of his involvement.

Unfortunately, tragedy strikes and Annie dies on 4 October 1907. 

Births, Marriage, Deaths – Deaths – Brown, On Oct. 4 at the Winnipeg General Hospital, Annie, the beloved wife of C.W. Brown, of the Brown-Clarke Agency, aged 33 years.  Funeral services will be held at her late residence, 153 Magnus avenue on Monday, Oct. 7, at 2:30 o’clock, to MacDougall church, and thence to St. John’s cemetery.  Winnipeg Free Press, Monday Oct. 7, 1907.

Annie is buried in St. John’s Cemetery

Annie shares with Arthur

Apparently their were no children born to Charles and Annie that are known.  They were married seven years which is long enough to have children.  Since I do not have her death certificate at this time I cannot determine cause of death and from the information provided at the Manitoba Vital Records database online not much information is given for Annie.