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Revisiting City Directories: Winnipeg

We return to the Winnipeg City Directories to see what is happening with the Boardman and Brown families after the 1891 Canadian Census.

We find the Richard Brown family to be as follows:

The Brown Family

1893 Brown, Richard, carpenter 175 Magnus Ave

1894-1899 Brown Richard CPR, 175 Magnus Ave

Brown, Chas W. clerk, 175 Magnus Ave [19 years old in 1894]

The Boardman’s are listed as follows:

1892 Boardman, Edmond, Coppersmith corner of Henry & Lulu

1892:  Boardman, Peter, Carpenter, 765 8th Ave N.  [It is not known who this person is]

1893-1896 Boardman, Edmond, Coppersmith, 573 Logan Ave.

1897 Boardman, Edmond, Coppersmith 573 Logan Ave.

Boardman, Robert, apprentice, 573 Logan Ave. [16 years old]

Boardman, Ed. James, student, 573 Logan Ave. [19 years old]

1899-1909 Boardman, Edmond, Coppersmith CPR, 573 Logan Ave.

Henderson City Directory 1899

We see that one of the children of Richard Brown, Charles, has struck out on his own.  We also see that the children of Edmund Boardman: Robert and Ed. James, are also beginning their work careers.  Robert is my grandfather.

The siblings of Edmond Boardman are not known.  More research needs to be done on the Boardman family.  It is possible that the man named Peter is a relative and it would require some further digging to confirm or disprove that possibility.


1891: The Richard Brown Family!

Because the name Boardman is a little easier to trace I started with them.  Much to my surprise as I was looking through the 1891 Canadian Census I stumbled upon the Browns while researching at the Cloverdale Library in Surrey, British Columbia.  I found them living rather close to the Boardmans and did I do a happy dance!!!

Source:  Richard Brown Family, 1891 Canadian Census, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Page 34, District No. 1, Ward 6, also on Canadian Film #T6297, 13 May 1891 by J. [   ] 1891 – Richard Brown, 36 years old, born in Ontario, father and mother from Ireland, carpenter. Emily Brown, 35 years old, born in Ontario, parents from England. Charles 16 years old, born in USA.  Ethel 9 yrs old, born in Manitoba. Arthur 7 yrs., born in Manitoba.

Below is a map of Winnipeg divided up into the various census areas for the year 2001.  The Red River is the blue wiggly line dividing the city.  In order to make the map work you will have to go to this link for any interactive playing around: http://www.winnipeg.ca/census/2001/ 

Winnipeg Census Map

 Here is another map to give a little more detail.  It was a small world!

A Small World!

Click on the map above and you will see where the Boardman’s and the Brown’s lived in Winnipeg. In addition the St. John’s Cemetery and the Elmswood Cemetery are nearby.  The families would eventually be buried in these cemeteries. 

The other interesting point is that the Boardman’s and Brown’s lived on the “otherside of the tracks” from each other.  Both families worked for the Canadian Pacific Railway so it is understandable that they would live in these areas.

George & Esther Brown’s Children

We have looked at the guardianship and estate file of Esther Brown and in these court papers we have found the names of their children.  Here is a summary of the children of George and Esther Brown of Burnside Twp., Lapeer Co., Michigan:

  1. William Henry Brown b. abt. 1834 U.C., d. 1892 Brandon, Manitoba m. Isabella Chalmers 15 Jan 1861.  They had 7 children.  Migrated to Manitoba.
  2. Margaret Ann Brown b. 1836 Wyoming, Lambton Co., Ontario, d. 1879 Lambton Co., Ontario, Canada. Married Francis Lamott 18 Jan 1858 in St. Clair Co., Michigan and had 11 children.  He remarried.
  3. Jeremiah Brown b. 1837, U.C. d. 1901 Wyoming, Lambton Co., Ontario. Married Elizabeth Steadman about 1868 and had 6 children.
  4. John Brown b. 1838, U.C. d. 1912 Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon. Married Lydia Holling 23 Oct 1861 Lambton Co., Ontario and had 5 children.
  5. Elizabeth Brown b. abt. 1840, Hastings Co., Ontario, d. 1893 Burnside Twp., Lapeer Co., Michigan. Married Thomas Little Clement and had 5 children.  She was married before to a James Duncan and had 1 child.
  6. George King Brown b. 1842, Belleville, Hastings Co., Ontario, d. 1919 Oretga, Duval Co., Florida. Married Maude Cecilia Hunt 31 Jan 1870 Wyoming, Lambton Co., Ontario and migrated to Florida.  They had 9 children.
  7. Matilda Jane Brown b. 1844, Belleville, Hastings Co., Ontario, d. 1930 Kelowna, British Columbia.  Married William Charles Clement 23 Jan 1866 in Caradoc, Middlesex Co., Ontario and had 7 children and migrated to British Columbia.
  8. Richard Brown, b. 1846 probably Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, d. 1922 Winnipeg, Manitoba. Married Emma/Emily Ward 9 Jan 1874 Port Huron, Saint Clair, Michigan and had 4 children and migrated to Manitoba.
  9. Esther M. Brown, b. abt. 1848, Hastings, Ontario, d. 1886 Burnside Twp., Lapeer Co., Michigan.  Married a James Basna 1 Jan 1867 in Lapeer Co., Michigan and had 2 children.  She remarried 6 Jul 1875 in Michigan to Mark Robson and had 5 more children.
  10. Isabella Brown, b. 1851, Ontario, d. 1929 Grand Rapids, MI. Married William McIntosh about 1871 in Michigan and had 2 children.

The information in the color orange was provided by my cousin Robert (Bob) M. Hayes a descendant of Matilda Jane Brown #7. He has more details and information and would be happy to share.  The #8 Child: Richard Brown is my ancestor.  If you are descendants please let us know.  You can reach me by clicking on “Leave a comment,” at the bottom of this post or checking out my links under “Compiler,” above.

A Possible Picture: Richard Brown?

Ethel and a Mystery Man?

I found this picture in the collection of photographs that my cousin sent to me last year and as I pondered and studied it, I began to develop a theory.  

What you see is my grandmother Ethel on the left and she is smiling.  She is very happy.  Usually she was very serious in her photos.  The man who has his arm around her neck is also smiling. He is hugging her and has his hand firmly on her arm.  She seems to be okay with that.  Now this man is older so who could he be?  The ages between the two are obviously great.  There was nothing written on the back of the photo and there are very few Brown family photos in the collection, most of them are Boardman.  There are mystery photos which I cannot identify. 

Could this be my great-grandfather Richard Brown and a brief moment with his daughter Ethel Adella Brown? They are not a couple….yet he is holding her in an affectionate manner?  Ethel’s father Richard lived to 1922 and this outfit that my grandmother Ethel is wearing is very similar to outfits she wore in circa 1915 to 1920. 

It would be great if it was him for this would be the only photograph I have of him.  There were no photos of Emma Ward Brown my great-grandmother that I could determine in the collection and she lived to 1905.

So who were Richard’s parents and where did he come from?