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A Beginning…

As a young person I obtained an education.  I went to college and graduated with a BA in History but never even knew at that time that there was this field called genealogy.  The year was 1972.  They were just starting to open up history and add women’s studies.  I took a class on slavery which was leading to the development of African-American history.  The dark ages of history were being slowly torn down and history books were starting to open up to a more balanced and open view of history.  There was no internet then.

What started me on my genealogical quest was the death of my mother.  I realized that I had waited to long to ask questions.  So back in 1986 I started to ask those questions.  I visited with my Aunt Aileen my mother’s older sister and learned a little about the family of the Boardmans and Browns.  Fortunately I prepared charts based on the information from that visit.  I didn’t know anything about genealogy.  I didn’t record the interview or make copies of the photos.  I didn’t know I was supposed to do these things.  I encourage you to start asking questions.  Here is a link to get started and get your creative juices flowing on how to do an oral interview.  Oral interviews if done right are a very good source to your family history.  They are using LA as a location but you can simply change it and make it your own.


These charts of the families gave me the path to finding more about the Boardman family and the Brown Family.   This is a good place to start.  Make a chart of your family and use that as a map to plan your research.  The National Archives (NARA) has a Charts and Forms section of their website that could be helpful.

I didn’t do much till about 1998.  At that time I really launched into the search for my family.  The business of making a living had interfered till then.

I started with my McDonald/MacDonald side which is my father’s side of the family.  I knew more about them.  I was to eventually start digging into the Boardman and Browns and for some reason I have been extremely lucky in finding all that I have found.

In 1998 Canadian genealogy was just getting started.  It is now 2010 and Canada has made tremendous strides in opening up their treasures.  It is a lot like the way they built their country with tremendous push and drive.

I am excited to share the story of the Boardmans and Browns so come along with me and let’s enjoy some wonderful photos, discover more mysteries and learn more about their story.