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Benjamin and Sarah Ward a Census Study…

Benjamin Ward and Sarah appear in the 1851 Canadian Census in Middlesex. I shared this transcription in the last post but repeat it here so we can examine these sources and compare them to other census years.

Line 16 Benjamin Ward, Farmer, Born England, Episcopalian, X out of the limits, age 40, Male.
Sarah Ward, born England, Episcopalian, age 33, female.
Joseph Ward, Labourer, born Canada, age 15, male.
Vere Ward, born Canada, age 15, female.
Charles Ward, labourer,born Canada, age 13, male.
William Ward, labourer, born Canada, age 12, male.
Esther Ward, born Canada, age 10, female.
Daniel Ward, labourer, born Canada, age 8, male.
Sabena Ward, born Canada, age 6, female.
George Ward, labourer, born Canada, age 3, male.
Emily Ward, born Canada, age 1, female. All Episcopalian.

Line 27 Samuel Ward, Farmer, England, no religion, age 40, male, residence out of  limits. 
Ann Ward, born England, W. Methodist, age 36, female.
Phoebe Ann Ward, born Canada, age 17, female.
Alfred Ward, labourer, born Canada, 15, male.
Henrietta Ward, born Canada, 13, female.
Albert Ward, labourer, born Canada, age 11, male.
Caleb Ward, labourer, born Canada, age 8, male.
Andrew Thos Ward, labourer, born Canada, age 7, male.
Reima Ward, born Canada, age 5, female.
Abse Elinda Ward, born Canada, age 3, female.
Moses Cole Ward, labourer, born Canada, age 1, male

Children listed as W. Methodist. 

Source:  1851 Canadian Census, Benjamin and Samuel Ward Family, Canada West, Adelaide Twp., Middlesex Co., Ontario, DN#23, SD#216, Enumerated by John A. Scoon, page 9/5?

We see an Emily Ward age 1 with Benjamin and Sarah.  Under Samuel and Ann we see Phebe and I found both of their baptisms in the St. Anne’s registers and wrote about them in the last post.

I am suspecting that Samuel and Benjamin may be brothers; however, if you note their ages you see they are both 40 years old. Does this mean we have twins in the family?

1851 Agricultural Canadian Census also features Benjamin and Samuel Ward.

Line 33 Benjamin Ward Concession Range:485 or 4 & 5

  • Lot or part of lot, 1 W 1/4 – 18W1/4 17, 8 1/2 17,
  • No. of Acres of Land: 300,
  • Under Cultivation: 70,
  • Under Crops in 1851: 38.5
  • Under pasture in 1851: 27.5,
  • Under wood or wild: 230,
  • Acres in Wheat: 22,
  • Produce bushels: 280

Line 34 Samuel Ward, Concession Range: 485 or 4 & 5

  • Lot or part of lot: 8 1/2 17?, ___ 18,
  • No. of Acres of Land: 170
  • Under Cultivation: 38
  • Under Crops in 1851: 30
  • Under Pasture in 1851: 8
  • Wood or Wild: 132
  • Acres in Wheat: 16
  • Produce bushels: 200

Source: 1851 Census of Canada East, West, New Brunswick & Nova Scotia, D#23, SD: Adelaide, SD#216, Agricultural Schedule. 

In 1861 things get confusing.  We have an entry for the children of Benjamin and Sarah Ward, if you compare this to 1851.

Line 40 Joseph Ward farmer, Canada West, C of England, 23, Wm. Ward Laborer, C of W, C of E, 21. Daniel Ward, Laborer, C of W, C of E, 17, George Ward, Laborer, C of W, C of E, 12, Esther Ward, C of W, C of E, 19, Rebina Ward, C of W, C of E, 15, Emily Ward, C of W, C of E, 10, Elizabeth Ward, C of W, C of E, 6, Sarah Ward, C of W, C of E, 4.

Source: 1861 Canadian Census, St. George Ward, Adelaide, Middlesex, Canada West, C-1049-1050, page 16. 

Benjamin Ward appears on the next page and it is statistical.

Line 31, Benjamin Ward, farmer, England, Ch of England, age 54, Male 1, Single S, Males 3, females 4, to school 3, log, stories 1 and families 2

Source: 1861 Census of Canada, St. George Ward, Adelaide, Middlesex, Canada West, C-1049-1050, page 17. 

Benjamin also appears in the 1861 Agricultural Census for Canada.

Line 12 Benjamin Ward, Con/Range 4, Lot S17, Total by Person 197, under cultivation, 46, under crops 1860 30, under pasture 19, under orchard/garden 2, under wood or wild, 151, cash value 4000, cash value farming implements 100, Spring wheat 16, bushels 300, Peas 6, 120, oats 7, 210, Indian corn 1, 25, potatoes 1/2, turnips 60, Hay 6.

Source: 1861 Canadian Agricultural Census, Middlesex, Canada West, C-1051, page 115. 

Samuel Ward looks like he moved to Lambton Co., Euphemia Twp. and was there by 1861 and he is widowed.  He is also there in 1871 under Bothwell District.

Line 23, Samuel Ward, Farmer born England, 49, widowed, frame, 2,1. Alfred Ward, Laborer, 24. Albert Ward, Laborer, 20. Caleb Ward, Laborer, 18. Reim Ward, 14, female. Epsielinda Ward, 12, female. Moses C. Ward, 10. All the children were born in UC and are W. M. The last three are in school. 

Source: 1861 Census of Canada, Euphemia, Lambton, Canada West, C-1040-1041, page 23. 

The 1871 Census presents the Benjamin Ward family with four children:

Line 1, 92, 96 Ward, Benjamin, W, 65 — born in England, C of E. England, Farmer, Widowed,
Ward, George, M, 21, born Ontario, C of E., England, Farmer, S (looks crossed off)
Ward, Emily, F, 19, born Ontario, C of E.
Ward, Betsie, F, 15, born Ontario, C of E. going to school
Ward, Sarah, F, 15, Born Ontario, C of E, going to school.

Source:  1871 Census of Canada, Middlesex North, D#08, Div #02, SD: Adelaide, SD# a, page 23. 

Notice that the two girls Betsie and Sarah are the same age again the possibility of twins emerges.

Benjamin Ward died Nov. 6, 1874 in Adelaide according to the Strathroy Age newspaper.  There is no mention of Sarah in the newspaper index and she is not listed in the 1861 census information above.


Edmund and Charlotte Boardman in 1906!

It is time now to return to the Boardman side of the family.  When I get the chance I will dig further into the Brown side but that might be awhile. I am trying to catch up.  There is a lot to do regarding Emma (Ward) Brown my great-grandmother.  I do not know much about her.

Edmund and Charlotte Boardman/Bordman are still living in Winnipeg in the 1906 Canadian Census their name is spelled “Bordman.”  I have seen this spelling before.

Source:  Edmund Bordman Family, 1906 Canadian Census, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Sub-District Ward Five, 5D

Line 4, 152, Edmond Bordman, Male, Married, birthplace England, age 57, Immigrated 1855, logan 563, Charlott Bordman, wife, female, married, age 47 born NB, Edmond J. Bordman, son, male, single,  age 27 Born NB, Robert Bordman, son, male, single, age 24 born NB, [Vellon] H. Bordman, son, male, single, age 20 born Manitoba.  

1906 Edmond Bordman Family

It is interesting that Robert is listed here.  He is also listed living with the Richard Brown family in Winnipeg with his wife Ethel in 1906.  I described this in the post dated August 5, 2011 “Richard Brown After Emma!” These two individuals are my grandparents.  Here he is “single?”  William the younger brother is missing.  He would be about 21 years old.

I do not know who Vellon H. Bordman is?  This is on the summary sheet that Ancestry has created and they interpret the name in this manner.  I believe it should be “John H.” the younger brother.  The age of 20 would match.  The first letter looks like a “J.”

The Boardman Family 1901!

Boardman Family 1901

The turn of the century comes and we find Edmund and Charlotte settled in Winnipeg and still living there according to the 1901 Canadian Census.

Source:  Edmund Boardman Family, 1901 Canadian Census, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Ward 5, T6438, Cloverdale Library, Surrey, British Columbia

96/104 Boardman Ed, born on May 23, 1848,  52 yrs old, born in England, immigrated to Canada in 1853.

Charlotte A., wife, born October 13, 1855, born in N.B.R., parents born in Scotland, Ch of Eng. 

“Edmond J,”  son, born June 26, 1878, single, 22 years born N.B.R., Clerk, Insurance. 

Robert, born September 8, 1881, 19 years old, single, stenographer. 

Wm. J, son, born January 17, 1884, 17 years, occupation [   ].

John H., son, born April 2, 1886, 15 years old.  “Man W,” for place of birth for last two children.

This is a really good description of the Boardman family in 1901.  As you can see three of the Boardman sons are employed.   I find it interesting that my grandfather Robert tried his hand at being a stenographer.  I have always known him as engaged in the plumbing business but apparently that came later in his life.

James and Mary McMurray of Kent Co., NB

James McMurray and Mary Jackson McMurray, parents of Charlotte Anna, my great-grandmother, were living in Weldford Parish in Kent County, New Brunswick in 1861 and 1871 according to the Canadian Census.  I featured these census in the last post dated June 15, 2010.

I would like to go back one more decade but unfortunately the 1851 Kent Co., New Brunswick census did not survive. 

So instead I will go forward to the 1881 census:

The Family of James McMurray, 1881 Canadian Census, Weldford Parish, Kent Co., New Brunswick, pg. 35, District 34, Div. 2, Line 1, house 175, family 175, McMurray, James, M, age 58, born Scotland, Presb, Scotch, farmer, married; McMurray, Mary F, age 59, born Scotland, Presb, Scotch, married; McMurray, Robert M, age 25, born NB, Presb, Scotch, farmer; McMurray, Elizabeth F, age 21, born NB, Presb, Scotch; McMurray, Thomas, age 17, born NB, Presb, Scotch, farmer.

1881 Kent Co., NB Census

In past census, Mary was born in England and here they have her being born in Scotland.  The census is a great tool but it can be inconsistent and just plain wrong.  So it is always wise to keep an open mind.  It is also noted that Charlotte is no longer listed with her family.  Charlotte appears with Edmund Boardman in the Prince Edward Island Census for 1881.  This census was featured in the post dated May 16, 2010.

We move forward to the 1891 Canadian Census for this family:

Family of James McMurray, 1891 Canadian Census, Weldford Div. #4, Kent Co., New Brunswick, pg. 10, District 15, enumerated 21 April 1891 by Charles McDonald. Line 12, W 2/8, 43 McMurray, James, M, age 67, married, born Scotland, parents born in Scotland, Presby, farmer; McMurray, Mary F, age 69, married, wife, born England, parents born in England, CE; McMurray, Mary E, F, age 30, single, daughter, NB, father Scotland, mother England, Presby; McMurray, James M., F, age 4, L, NB, mother NB, father Scotland, Presby.

1891 Kent Co., Census

This time Mary, the mother, is back to being born in England. 

The next census is 1901:

Family of James McMurray, 1901 Canadian Census, Weldford District, Kent Co., New Brunswick, I-2, Fam. #70, pg. 8, James McMurray, male, married, age 77, born 14 Dec 1823, birthplace NB, head, spouses name Mary, English, nationality Canadian, Presbyterian, farmer. Mary McMurray, age 79. Mary E. McMurray age 41, Leena McMurray age 13.

1901 Kent Co., Census

This census was on two pages.  The picture above is the first page and the family is at the bottom.  Always check the next page because families frequently spill onto the next page.  This following is the 2nd page.  There is only one person listed on this second page but now we have included the whole family for 1901.

1901 Kent Co. Census page 2

James and Mary, my 2nd great-grandparents are still living at age 77 and 79 in 1901.   He is now born in New Brunswick when all other census have him born in Scotland. 

When I made the connection of this McMurray family to Charlotte I never dreamed that I would be tracking them from 1861 to 1901 and a little beyond.  I have more work to do to in the census which involves tracking the siblings of my great-grandmother.  I like having complete families.  This is pretty exciting to find them and learn about another generation of my ancestors.

By 1881 or shortly thereafter, Charlotte and Edmund Boardman and children were living in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  They resided there for approximately 26 years before they again migrated west.  After Edmund Boardman died in 1908 most of his family left Winnipeg except for the oldest son Edmund James who remained in Winnipeg becoming a well-known doctor.