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Revisiting Henry Brown in Oil Springs, Ontario

Henry Brown was a son of William Brown and Elsie/Alice Tymond.  He moved around a bit in his life and finally settled in Oil Springs, Lambton County, Ontario.

I have written about Henry and his family in the post on this blog dated:

August 29, 2014 titled: The Children of William Brown & Elsie: Henry Brown.

I also visiting the Oil Springs Cemetery in September of 2014 and viewed Henry’s tombstone which was shared by his wife Margaret and daughter Ann.

See the post on this blog dated September 22, 2014 “Ontario Wanderings: Oil Springs and Their Cemetery.” In this post I shared my visit to the cemetery but really didn’t feature the tombstone in detail.

This side of the stone features the Yates Family:

Yates & Brown Tombstone

Yates & Brown Tombstone

Yates Tombstone Oil Springs - front side

Yates Tombstone Oil Springs – front side

YATES:  George Cornell Yates, 1838 to 1901

His Wife Ann Jane Brown 1841 to 1935 (daughter of Henry & Margaret Brown)

Their children:

Harriett Caroline Yates 1878 to 1887

Frederick Charles Yates 1880 to 1957

Henrietta Yates 1873 to 1970

Clifford Russell Yates 1883 to 1973

Henry & Margaret Brown

Henry & Margaret Brown

Yates Tombstone Backside featuring Henry & Margaret, Oil Springs Ontario

Yates Tombstone Backside featuring Henry & Margaret, Oil Springs Ontario

This is the backside of the tombstone in the Oil Springs Cemetery.

Benjamin Yates 1812 to 1888 His wife Phoebe Cornell.  It is my opinion these are the parents of George Cornell Yates.

Henry Brown 1820 to 1899 His Wife Margaret Orr 1824 to 1900. These are Ann’s parents.

These stones are also featured at Find A Grave.  Henry and Margaret Brown may have had a second daughter Elizabeth born in July 1866 but she didn’t survive dying 17 October 1866 in 8 Concession of Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario.

I have shared in the posts I have indicated in this blog about Henry Brown and Margaret Orr his wife.  Unfortunately, we do not know much about Margaret and her family.  Her father might have been Joseph Orr and her mother a Mary Carter.

In the next posts I want to share more about Henry’s brothers’ families, Thomas and Philip Brown who remained in Hastings Co., Ontario.


Ontario Wanderings: The Wyoming Cemetery in Wyoming, Ontario

After lunch I headed south on Hwy 21 and turned onto Isabella Street toward the cemetery. As you can see it was cloudy so my pictures are a little dark.

Wyoming Cemetery

Wyoming Cemetery

To the right of this sign is another announcing the Mt. Calvery Cemetery which is Catholic.

Overview of the Wyoming Cemetery

Overview of the Wyoming Cemetery

This cemetery is difficult to figure out even with the use of the map provided in the cemetery book.  I did find the main tombstone of interest to me but not the others.

This is George Edward Brown and Annie Graham and two of their children.  George was a son of George and Esther Brown my 2nd greats and therefore he would be a cousin to me – 1st cousin twice removed.  I will share more in a later post.

George and Annie Brown's tombstone

George and Annie Brown’s tombstone

Next stop was the town of Petrolia which is  south on Hwy 21.