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A Search for Wards, in the Strathroy Municipal Cemetery…

In September of 2014, I visited the Strathroy Municipal Cemetery, south of Strathroy, Ontario and tried to find as many Ward surnames as possible.

At this point, I do not know how my Wards fit in with the other Wards in Middlesex County, Ontario.

As a member of Find A Grave I have been adding cemetery memorials with tombstone pictures to existing cemeteries.  The Strathroy Municipal Cemetery is featured on Find A Grave:


Here is a list of those Ward surnames that I have added to this cemetery listing at Find A Grave. I have included tombstone pictures but warn that if they were on the ground and covered with debris it was hard to get a good photo.

1.  Catherine Sarah Ward, 1846 to 1915 wife of Daniel

2. Clifford Stewart Ward, 1923 to 2001

3. Daniel Ward 1844 to 1933 – He might be another son of Benjamin & Sarah Ward.

Catherine & Daniel Ward in the Strathroy Municipal Cemetery

Catherine & Daniel Ward in the Strathroy Municipal Cemetery

4.  Earl M. Ward 1920 to 1921, son of George & M. Esther.

5. Eliza P. Ward 1877 to 1881

6.  Eliza P. Luckins Ward 1883 to 1944 wife of John F.J. Ward

7. Emily J. Ward 1880 to 1881

8. Florence E. Ward 1870 to 1954

9. George J.S. Ward 1886 to 1955. His wife is M. Esther McDonald

10.  George Ward 1849 to 1936 may be a son of Benjamin and Sarah Ward.

George & Harriet Ward in Strathroy Municipal Cemetery

George & Harriet Ward in Strathroy Municipal Cemetery

11. Harriet Jones Ward 1846 to 1928. This is George Ward’s wife. In addition there is a Joanna Furey Gill on the same tombstone.

12. Hopper Ward 1854 to 1930 his wife is Sarah M. Fitzgerald

13. John F.J. Ward 1883 to 1964 his wife is Eliza P. Luckins

14. John H. Ward 1865 to 1936

15. M. Esther McDonald Ward 1886-1947

16. Mary Isabel Ward 1931 to unknown

17. Olive Louise Ward, ? to 1905 is daughter of Hopper and Sarah.

18. Rachel Brown Ward 1856 to 1936 wife of Richard Ward

19. Sarah Ann Ward 1874 to 1890

20. Sarah M. Fitzgerald Ward 1858 to 1949

There may be more that I have added with different surnames but this is the Ward section.

The cemetery is very large but the Strathroy Public Library has a cemetery transcription book with maps to assist you if you need to find someone.  I do not know how all these Wards fit together so if you know who they are please leave a comment at the end of this post.  The other option is for you to go to Find A Grave and target the stone you are interested in and find my name at the bottom in the Created by link and leave me a message.


Ontario Wanderings: Several Strathroy Cemeteries…

It was time to load up the car and the problem was getting my stuff down the many stairs in the Clock Tower Inn.  I decided to do it in stages and put my stuff outside my room door, then take it to the landing area, then move down to the second landing and finally to the front door.  Once at the front door, I had to put it outside in the foyer and down the very steep steps.  I managed to do this and the door didn’t lock on me.

I then retrieved my car from their free parking lot which was behind and to the side of the inn.  I pulled up front and loaded my car making sure I didn’t leave anything behind.

My next stop was the Strathroy Municipal cemetery just south of town on Metcalfe. I  had no problem finding it and was able to determine from my cemetery map where the Ward d tombstones were located.  It was very wet from the rain storm and my shoes and feet got soaked.

This is one of the largest cemeteries in Middlesex County so you need to consult the cemetery book and get a map.  There are single lane roads in this cemetery so you can move your car along with you.  The sectiona start with A and go from east to west.

Strathroy Municipal Cemetery

Strathroy Municipal Cemetery

Now I do not know if any of these people with the Ward surname are my family. I have just started digging in to this surname.  I do know that Benjamin and Sarah Ward are my 2nd greats and so I am just taking advantage of the situation and gathering names.

Overview of the Strathroy Municipal Cemetery

Overview of the Strathroy Municipal Cemetery

Once I had completed searching for Ward tombstones I then headed to the 4th Line Methodist cemetery which was on Hwy 39 at Eastman on the southeast corner. It is about 7 blocks from Frank Street to the west. There is plenty of area space to park on Eastman.

I did find the Ward names but they were pretty hard to read.  It was not as well cared for this cemetery but it is the mostly likely one for where Benjamin and Sarah are buried even though there is no tombstone.   Some of the tombstones were laid out on this mound/cairn which is much better than piling them on top of each other.  At least this makes it so you can read them although it makes it so you don’t know where they are buried in the cemetery.

4th Line Methodist Cemetery

4th Line Methodist Cemetery


4th Line Methodist Overview

4th Line Methodist Overview

In this post, I am giving an overview of these two cemeteries.  I will get more specific when I return at the end of my trip.