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George and Esther King Brown’s children: Margaret Ann Brown Lamotte 1837 to 1879 and family…

Margaret Ann Brown was born 21 June, 1837 in Hastings Co., Ontario to George Brown and Esther King Brown.  She was baptized at the St. Thomas Church on 21 June, 1837.  Her brother John was also baptized at this time.

Source: Mariette Ann and John Brown, baptized 10 Feb 1839, 7-B-3 St. Thomas’ at Belleville Mariete Ann, born on the 21st of June 1837 & John, born the fifteenth of September 1838, children of George Brown of Rawdon & Esther his wife were baptized on the 10th day of February 1839 by me, _______Parents – Sponsors, Anglican Diocese of Kingston. 

Margaret married Francis or Francois Lamott/Lamotte on 18 January, 1858 in St. Clair Co., Michigan.

Francois Lamotte/LaMotte/Lamott was born about 1836 in Ontario.

In 1871 Francois Lamott and Margaret are living in Enniskillen, Lambton Co., Ontario.

Source:  Francois Lamott Family, 1871 Canadian Census, Enniskillen, Lambton, Ontario, pg. 48 Dist, 4 Lambton, SD, Enniskillen Div. No. 1. 

Line 2, 170, 173, Lamott, Francois, M, 35, O, C of E, French, Teamster, M, Lamott, Margaret, F, 33, O, C of E, Irish, Lamott, Matilda, F, 12, French, Lamott, Francis H, M, 10, Lamott, George, M, 8, Lamott, Ida J., F, 5, Lamott, Kate, F, 3, Lamott, Margaret A, F, 1. Children are listed as French. All born in Ont.

Tragedy struck and Margaret died on 3 October, 1879 in Lambton Co., Ontario.

Death of Margaret Lamotte

Death of Margaret Lamotte

Source:  Death of Margaret Ann Lamott, Oct. 2, 1879, Lambton, Ontario#4, Margaret Ann Lamott, Oct, 2, 1879, Female, 42 yrs, 3 mos. 11 days, matron, born Co. Hastings, ont., died of inflammation 10 days ill, Dr. Demfield?, John Brown oil man – Merthanlee?? Informant. Oct. 3, 1879, Ch. of E. John F. Wilson #006585. 

I have tried to find Francois or Frank Lamott/Lamotte in the Canadian Census and the U.S. Federal Census, after the death of his wife Margaret, but I have not been successful.

However, there is a marriage of a Francis Lamotte male born about 1838 in Ambertsburgh, Ontario. He married on 16 February, 1880 in Port Huron, St. Clair, Michigan age 42 residence Petrolia, Ontario. The spouse is Emma Reynolds age 36 born in Brighton, Ontario. residing in Petrolia, #242, 20 1880 Marquette – 1881 Berrien.  Could this be him?

Francois or Frank and Margaret may have had eleven children.  I have attempted to find information about as many of the children as possible but it has not been easy. so please use the following with care.  Because there is only one census of 1871 showing the Francois Lamotte Family it is making it hard to determine the actual names and number of children born to the couple after 1871.

  1. Matilda Lamott was Eliza Matilda Parks who died June 23, 1934 in Petrolia, Lambton Co., Ontario.

Source:  Death Certificate for Eliza Matilda Parks, Petrolia, Enniskillen Twp., Lambton Co., Ontario, Walnut Street, #019612, 292. Female, French, widowed, born Wisconsin on April 11,1858 age 76 yrs, 2 mos. 12 days. Husband was an Oil producer. 3 yrs in place of death and 75 years in the province.  Father was Francis LaMotte, born in France. Mother was Margaret Ann Brown, born in Wyoming, Ontario. Informant Blake Parks of Petrolia, son. Buried Hillsdale Cemetery June 25, 1934. Undertakers Steadman Bros.  Died june 23, 1934, cancer of the liver. 

2. Francis H. Lamott b. about 1861 in Ontario.

3. George Lamott b. about 1863 in Ontario. I have a marriage for George and he appears in the 1891 and 1901 Canadian Census.

Source: George Lamotte Marriage, Ontario Canada, Marriages 1801-1928, George age 23, born about 1863 in Petrolia, Ontario. Married on 3 March 1886 in Middlesex. Father Francis Lamotte and mother Margaret Ann Lamotte, Spouse Margaret Blair age 27 born about 1859 in Canada. Father Andrew Blair and mother Elizabeth Blair. 

Source:  1891 Canadian Census, Strathroy, 93 Middlesex West, Ontario, page 27, H. No. 2 Ward Town of Strathroy, enumerated on 25 day of April 1891 by John Lau…..

Line 17, 10 1-1/2/9 148, Lamotte, George, M, 28, M, born Ontario, father born US, mother was born in Ontario, Presbyterian, grocer. Lamotte, Margaret, F, 33 M, W, born Ontario, Lamotte, Gordon, M, 4, S, born Ontario. Lamotte, Zethal G., F, 1/12, born Ontario. Blair, Julia, F, 35, SinL, born Ontario, parents born Scotland.

In 1901 George and Margaret Lamotte are still in Strathroy with their children: Gordon, Zella G. and Roscoe G.  Margaret’s sister is still with them Julia Blair and a niece Agnes J. Blair.  They are still there in Strathroy both George age 48, Margarett age 52 and Roscoe age 16.  In the 1921 census he is living now in London, Ontario age 58, and Margaret is age 63.

George may have migrated to California, There is a marriage of George Lamotte on 22, January 1947 in Los Angeles, CA of a male age 83 born 1864, Father Frank Lamotte, mother Margaret Brown. Spouse Lola M. Spratt age 78, female, born 1869, father Abjah Chapman and mother Nancy Fetty.  California County Marriages Records, FamilySearch.

There may be another marriage for George in September 22, 1947 to a Elmyra M. Morton, in California.

4. Ida J. Lamott b. about 1866 in Ontario.  I have a marriage for Ida Josephine to a David Mann. She does appear with the last name of Campfield as a witness to her sister Kate’s marriage, see below.

Source:  Ida Josephine Lamotte, Ontario, Canada, Marriages 1801-1928, Ida age 21 born about 1866 in Marthaville, married on 1 February 1887 in Lambton. Father was Francis Lamotte, mother was Margaret Lamotte, Spouse David Wallace Mann, age 22, born about 1865 in Adelaide, Ontario, father Mark Mann and mother Sophia Mann. 

5. Kate Lamott b. about 1861 in Ontario.  She married on 5 June, 1889 in Port Huron, St. Clair, Michigan to James Stocks b. about 1861 in Canada.

Source: Kate LaMotte, female, white, born about 1868 in Canada, Marriage date 5 June 1889, Port Huron, St. Clair, Michigan age 21. Residence Port Huron. Spouse James Stocks, male, white, age 28, born in Canada, residence Port Huron, father Ballentine Stocks and mother is Jane Brown, Record#780, Film 40 1889 St Clair-1890 Eaton, page 268, carpenter, Pastor John McCledowney, witnesses Maggie LaMotte and Ida Campfield.

6. Margaret/Mary A. Lamott was born 13 October, 1869 in Lambton Ontario (per Ontario birth index family search) and she died 27 May, 1938 in Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon.  She married about 1890 to a Mr. Stone.  See is a witness to her sister Kate’s marriage.

7. Hester Lamott or Esther E.  b. about 1873 in Ontario.  Looks like she may have married an Elmer E. Collins on 7 November, 1901 in Lucas, Ohio. He was 39 yrs old and born about 1862 in Port Huron. Father: Joseph Collins, mother Helen Judson.  Spouse Ester E. Lamotte age 29 born 1872 in Sarnia, Canada, Father Frank Lamotte and mother Margaret Brown. Ohio County Marriages 1789 to 2013 Index,

8. Erastus Lamott b. about 1876 in Ontario. I am wondering if the name is really Ross Albert Lamotte, I have not found anything documents for Erastus. Ross married on 27 March 1901 to a Isabella Corbett in Glencoe, Middlesex, Ontario. He was 27 years old born 1874, his father was Frank Lamotte and mother Margaret Brown. The Spouse was Isabella Corbett age 19, born about 1882, her father was Wm. Corbett and mother Eliza J.  Ontario Marriages 1869-1927, Index. 

9. Horace Lamott b about 1876 in Ontario.  I have a marriage for Horace to Annie.

Source: Horace Lamotte Marriage, Ontario Canada, Marriages 1801-1928, Horace age 19, born about 1874 in Petrolia, Ontario.  Married 2 August 1893 in Elgin. Father Frank Lamotte and mother Maggie Brown Lamotte.  Spouse Annie Mills age 18, born about 1875 in England, Father James Mills and Mother Annie (Reid) Mills. Marriage location Port Stanley. 

In 1901 there is a Horace T. Lamotte age 25 born 25 April 1875 in Ontario, French, Methodist occupation sand buffer living in Middlesex in London. His wife is Annie and a child names Lenord E.  This is a strong possibility that it is Horace because George Lamotte is living in Strathroy at the same time.

10.  Mina Lamott b. about 1877 in Ontario.

11. Emma Lamott b. about 1879 in Ontario.

This family of Francois Lamotte/LaMotte/Lamothe has been very difficult to find and follow.  I was hoping to find the father Francois/Frank in the census with his children living with him but it might mean a 73 page slog page by page through the Petrolia part of the census.  I have been able to find some information on the children of Margaret and Francois Lamotte but have had trouble seeking them in the census, so be careful and make sure you double-check me,

I am still wondering about Erastus and Ross Albert Lamotte?  It is possible that several of the child died young but I was unable to locate death records. This would make the count of children born 12 if these are two separate children.  At this point obituary notices for some of the children might reveal what happened to them and their father.  A cousin believes Francis died in the US and that might be possible.

More research needs to be done on this whole family and hopefully the above gives more clues, but it is time to move on.


Revisiting Henry Brown in Oil Springs, Ontario

Henry Brown was a son of William Brown and Elsie/Alice Tymond.  He moved around a bit in his life and finally settled in Oil Springs, Lambton County, Ontario.

I have written about Henry and his family in the post on this blog dated:

August 29, 2014 titled: The Children of William Brown & Elsie: Henry Brown.

I also visiting the Oil Springs Cemetery in September of 2014 and viewed Henry’s tombstone which was shared by his wife Margaret and daughter Ann.

See the post on this blog dated September 22, 2014 “Ontario Wanderings: Oil Springs and Their Cemetery.” In this post I shared my visit to the cemetery but really didn’t feature the tombstone in detail.

This side of the stone features the Yates Family:

Yates & Brown Tombstone

Yates & Brown Tombstone

Yates Tombstone Oil Springs - front side

Yates Tombstone Oil Springs – front side

YATES:  George Cornell Yates, 1838 to 1901

His Wife Ann Jane Brown 1841 to 1935 (daughter of Henry & Margaret Brown)

Their children:

Harriett Caroline Yates 1878 to 1887

Frederick Charles Yates 1880 to 1957

Henrietta Yates 1873 to 1970

Clifford Russell Yates 1883 to 1973

Henry & Margaret Brown

Henry & Margaret Brown

Yates Tombstone Backside featuring Henry & Margaret, Oil Springs Ontario

Yates Tombstone Backside featuring Henry & Margaret, Oil Springs Ontario

This is the backside of the tombstone in the Oil Springs Cemetery.

Benjamin Yates 1812 to 1888 His wife Phoebe Cornell.  It is my opinion these are the parents of George Cornell Yates.

Henry Brown 1820 to 1899 His Wife Margaret Orr 1824 to 1900. These are Ann’s parents.

These stones are also featured at Find A Grave.  Henry and Margaret Brown may have had a second daughter Elizabeth born in July 1866 but she didn’t survive dying 17 October 1866 in 8 Concession of Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario.

I have shared in the posts I have indicated in this blog about Henry Brown and Margaret Orr his wife.  Unfortunately, we do not know much about Margaret and her family.  Her father might have been Joseph Orr and her mother a Mary Carter.

In the next posts I want to share more about Henry’s brothers’ families, Thomas and Philip Brown who remained in Hastings Co., Ontario.

Ontario Wanderings: Lambton County Archives

I headed for Lambton County and the town of Wyoming.  It would take about 40 minutes to get there and thankfully the weather had improved so my trip was just fine.

I entered Lambton County and was soon at the town of Wyoming.  This town is a long town on a north to south axis.  Lambton County is where George and Esther Brown migrated to from Hastings County.  They are my second great grandparents.  Apparently George had a store there and was postmaster.  Richard Brown his son and my great-grandfather was assistant postmaster and he met Emma/Emily Ward there.  They married in Port Huron, Michigan.

I was there to see the lay of the land and the towns and for finding Richard’s uncle and George’s brother, Henry and other Browns and Wards.  Henry had stayed in Lambton moving down to Oil Springs.

Finding the Lambton County Archives was not easy but I did.  It turned out they were right across from the north city sign announcing the town of Wyoming. The library was set back from the road.  It is near the big county building.


Wyoming Sign South on Hwy 21

Wyoming Sign South on Hwy 21

The sign below is out front of the county buildings.  I am viewing this looking north on highway 21 (Broadway).  http://www.lambtonmuseums.ca/

Lambton County Signs

Lambton County Signs

Library is way back from Hwy 21

Library is way back from Hwy 21

Study the photo above and then turn around 360 degrees and you will see this building with the sign on the side.

Library sign for Lambton County Archives

Library sign for Lambton County Archives

Very important that you understand it is called the Lambton County Archives Library….Do not rely on GPS it will mess you up.

The Lambton County Archives Library

The Lambton County Archives Library

My first chore was to change my wet shoes and socks to dry ones after stomping in two cemeteries they were soaked.

The cost for researching is $5.00 for the day and of course they have you sign in. The archives was well laid out, with plenty of tables.  I didn’t feel cramped. They have stacks, microfilm readers, atlas’ and a whole lot more.

My first goal was to learn more about the Wyoming Cemetery and the Oil Springs Cemetery and make sure I had the cemetery book information.  The Wyoming Cemetery shares the area with the catholic cemetery Mt. Calvary, which is what I see on my Microsoft Streets and Trips software.  I suspected a joint cemetery situation.

The Stacks at Lambton archive

The Stacks at Lambton archive


The librarian on duty was very nice but kept correcting my pronunciation of the cities and locations.  It was funny at first and then it became painful.  She was also a little overbearing regarding the research but I am sure she is use to people who don’t know what they are doing.

Getting the information about the cemeteries was a good thing and I was happy. I did study their newspaper indexes and learned about all the indexing of the local newspapers and she helped me to find Henry’s death announcement.  I think he had three lines. HA!  Since I already had quite a bit of information on George and Esther Brown, his brother Henry all thanks to Bob my cousin, I really didn’t need to spend that much more time. It was not the best research time because of the problem with the librarian.  So if you go be ready to work with her.

It was time for lunch and I headed to Sam’s Restaurant which I had seen when I trying to find the archive. My lunch was a hamburger and not bad.  It was not as happily decorated as the cafe in Strathroy but it was good enough.  I like these small town cafes as a place to stop and relax. The man at the cash register didn’t know where Isabella street was but he found it for me.  I needed to know if I was to go south or north.

Here is the link to the Lambton County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society.


The next stop was to find the Wyoming Cemetery on Isabella Street.