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Growing up in Vancouver, BC

From 1911 to 1916 Aileen and Marjorie were the two children in the Robert and Ethel Boardman family. They give an idea of the life of my Aunt and my mother, Marjorie.  

Aileen and Marjorie

Here they are very serious:

Aileen and Marjorie with frowns

Bows, bows and more bows!

With Fancy Bows

With their mother Ethel and Ethel’s friend Della Gibner.

Della Gibner, a friend, Ethel, Aileen and Marge


Grandmother Ethel Brown Boardman and the early 1900’s!

The early 1900’s were very eventful for my grandmother Ethel Adella Brown.  I last featured her and some photographs in the post dated April 1, 2011 “Ethel Adella Brown – Growing Up!”

My grandmother always dressed well.  In digging deep into my memories I realize that she never looked rumpled or untidy.  Here she is about the age of 20 which would place the time about 1902.  This is a reprint.  The original is missing?

Photo:  Rarely do I do a large photo.  This is amazing and I am proud of my Grandmother.  This photo was given to me by her oldest daughter Aileen sometime in the 1980’s before my Aunt’s death. So it is very precious to our family.   I wish I had seen it as a child.  As a child I would have been fascinated.  The questions I would have asked?  I think that my grandmother Ethel looks absolutely amazing. 

Photo:  This photo is of Ethel with a friend? There is no writing on the back. It probably dates about the same time as the one above. 

Photo:  Here is another picture of Ethel with a friend.  This time it has the name Della Gibner written on the back.  If you study the photo above and compare it to this photo, I think you will agree that it is the same lady.   That must have been a wonderful friendship!

Photos:  In this photo Ethel is having  fun.  She looks happy and like she is enjoying herself.  The hair is still in the elaborate style.  I do not have dates written on the back of any of these photos so I am guessing that it was around the late 1890’s and early 1900’s and close to the first photo I presented.  Here she seems younger.   The stamp reads:  W.C. Woods [59 E.] Main St., Winnipeg.  I had a hairpiece and it would take me a good 2 hours to put my hair up.  I have very thick hair.  Can you imagine the time these hairdos took?

Over the course of the early 1900’s my grandmother would experience sad and happy times. 

Unfortunately Ethel’s mother Emma Ward passes on the 20th of April 1905.  Ethel was about 23 at the time of this event. 

Several months later in August on the 28th of 1905 my grandmother Ethel Adella Brown married Robert Boardman in St. Paul.  She was now a married lady. 

Robert and Ethel are living with her father Richard Brown 1906 per the census.  Ethel was the only girl in the family so maybe she took on the duties of caring for her father, brother, and her husband.

Following in 1907 Ethel’s brother Charles lost his first wife Annie Stobbs on 4 October 1907.  She is buried in the St. John’s Cemetery in Winnipeg.

Edmund James Boardman, brother of her husband Robert, gets married to Jesse in August of 1908.  This is followed by the death of her father-in-law Edmund Boardman who passes October of 1908. 

The next year there is a wedding in October of 1909 with the marriage of brother Charles to Eva Nellie. 

Photographs below:  Ethel in a straw hat and without.  Straw hats were apparently worn in the summer time according to the Hat History website: http://www.hathistory.org/dress/index.html 

The other change is the style of her hair.  It is now curly. 

Photo above:  Here she is looking a little wistful.  Again she is dressed beautifully.  

Photo:  Once again she is having fun in this photo.  That coat is something to see.  I wonder what it was made of?  The pose is very reminiscent of my Aunt Aileen. 

Things were going to change for Ethel about 1907.  She would become a mother and she would migrate with her husband Robert to Vancouver, British Columbia about 1910 and eventually to the U.S.