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Two Families Merge – A Marriage

Courtship 1905

The story of the Boardmans and Browns starts with the marriage of my grandparents Robert Boardman and Ethel Adella Brown.

In the photo above, I think that the two individuals on the left are my grandfather Robert and my grandmother Ethel.  She is trying to avoid the photographer but I believe that is her in the white hat.  She was always very well dressed.  The man on the right in the hat might be one of my grandmother’s brothers.  It is hard to say.  The rest of the people in the photo are unknown.

Apparently they traveled down to St.Paul/Minneapolis to get married.  There are many Boardman’s living in that area of Minnesota per the census.  If there was a connection I don’t have that knowledge at this time.  Maybe Minnesota was like a “Gretna Green.”  This means that possibly the laws in Minnesota were less stringent than in Manitoba.

Marriage Certificate

This document looks like the Church record of the marriage of Ethel Brown to Robert Boardman on August 28, 1905 with a Samuel & Della Gibney as witnesses.  I do not know if the Gibney’s are members of our family or friends.  The marriage was recorded in St. Paul, Ramsey Co., Minnesota.  The pastor was Arthur D. Stroud of the M.E. Church in White Bear, which is very close to St. Paul and Minneapolis. This marriage record was among my mother’s possessions.

I also checked the marriage license information to verify my grandparents marriage when at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.  Their official license was listed in these films:  Marriage License & Certificate for Robert Boardman of Ramsey Co., Minnesota, Filed Sept. 5, 1905. Marriages 1850-1916 Ramsey Co., Minnesota No. 5, 1901-1907,  Boardman, Robert to Ethel Adela Brown FHL# Index to Marriages FHL#1314523 pg. 44.  Marriage Certificate – Book 37, pg. 571, FHL#1314523.

I am sure that the adventure of traveling to St. Paul was exciting for this young couple.  Why they chose to go there is a mystery.