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Edmund Boardman Coppersmith!

My mother left a handwritten note among her papers that stated that Edmund was born in Lancashire, England.  At this point I have briefly studied the Lancashire area for a possible connection to Boardman’s in that part of England.  My focus has been on finding Edmund in New Brunswick and connecting him to the many Boardman families in that province.    

I first found Edmund and Charlotte Boardman in the 1881 Canadian Census for Prince Edward Island.  

1881 Canadian Census PEI


This census shows that they are at the bottom of the page.  It starts 75/78 Boardman, E., male, age 30, born in England, religion Church of England, of English decent, occupation Coppersmith.  Next is Boardman, Charlotte, female, age 25, born in NS (Nova Scotia), religion is Presbyterian, of Scottish decent, no occupation listed.  Boardman, Edmund J., male age 3 born in NB, religion Church of Eng., of English decent.  Very carefully listed on the following page we find a Boardman, Zelia A., female, white, age 1, born P.E.I., religion Church of England, English descent.  

Apparently moving back and forth from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island was not to difficult because of the ferries.   

Edmund is 30 in this census so that means he was born about 1851? Charlotte is 25 in this census places her birth about 1856.  Charlotte is listed as being born in Nova Scotia which is interesting.   This makes them slightly younger than the information I have about their birth dates from death and other documentation.  

The next Canadian census was for 1891 and in that census I find them living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  There is no Zelia listed. My Aunt Aileen, their granddaughter, stated that there was a little girl.  She didn’t say much more. 

1891 Canadian Census - Manitoba


In this census we have first W1/3/21 Boardman, Edmond, male, age 41, married, born England, parents born in England, occupation copper smith.  Next is Boardman, Charlotte, female, age 36, married, W – wife, born N.B., father born in Scotland, mother born in England, no occupation.  Boardman, Edmond, male, age 13, son, born NB, father born in England, mother born in NB. Boardman, Robert, male, age 10, son, born in NB, father born England, mother born NB.  Boardman, William, male, age 7, son, born in Man, father born in England, mother born in NB. Last is John, male, give years old, son, born in Manitoba, father born in England, mother born in N.B.  All are listed as Church of England.  

We now have the complete Boardman family of Edmund and Charlotte Boardman.  In this census we have Charlotte now being born in NB, not NS.  

The drive to build the railroad across the Canadian landscape sent many to Winnipeg in the 1880’s and 1890’s.  Being a coppersmith my great-grandfather had skills that were needed.  

My Aunt Aileen gave me a silver bowl for a present one time and told me to turn it over and there etched on the bottom was the name “Boardman DA17.”  She giggled.  I still have that bowl even though it is a little tarnished.  As to whether we are a member of that Boardman side of the family I do not know at this time.  I am aware that there are many Boardman’s in the New England area.