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Mary Johnston Brown Vance’s children: John, Robert, William and Margaret

After Thomas Brown’s death in 1848, Mary remarried to Thomas Vance.  Here is a little more about each of the children of this couple.

Mary and Thomas Vance appear in the 1861 and Mary in 1871 census with the children. See the post, on this blog, dated April 4, 2015 titled: Thomas Brown and Mary Johnston of Hastings Co., Ontario, Their Descendants for more information.

In the 1871 Canadian Census there is a Thomas Vance listed with Mary and the other children who is 24 years old and a Merchant.  There is also a Philip Vance 26 years old married to Matilda who is 23 years old below them on the page.  I am not sure who these two individuals are but maybe from a previous marriage of Thomas Vance, Sr.? Mary and Thomas Vance married in 1851 and he was 31 years old.  It is interesting these children do not appear in the 1861 census. So this is a bit of a tangle of information that will need to be further studied.

1871 Vance Family

1871 Vance Family

I will proceed with the idea that Thomas Vance and Mary Johnston Brown Vance had the following children together.

1. John Vance born 14 November, 1853.  He married on 22 December, 1874 in Rawdon to Catherine Montgomery. She was born about 14 March 1856 in Rawdon.

John and Catherine’s marriage is recorded in the Ontario marriages and also in the records of the Anglican Diocese of Ontario at Kingston.  You can see there is a little problem with his parents?  It should read Thomas Vance not Thomas Brown?

John Vance, Bp, Rawdon, age 21, born about 1853, father Thomas Brown, Mother Mary Brown, Spouse Catherine Montgomery, age 18, born about 1856 in Rawdon, father James Montgomery and mother Jane. Residence Stirling. Bachelor, Harness marker, She is single. Witness: Maggie Montgomery, Saml Bird, Stirling. 22 Dec. 1874 Rawdon, Groom C of E, Bride Presbyterian, Married by Rev. J. [Hallinwall]

Source:  John Vance & Catherine Montgomery, 22 Dec. 1874, Rawdon, Hastings Co., Ontario, Ontario Marriages, pg. 43 #003633. 

They are still living in Rawdon Twp. in the 1891 with the following children: James age 12, Clarence age 4 and Jennie  (hard to read) a daughter age one.

John and Catherine Vance migrated to Manitoba by 1901.  James is still with them and he was born 5 October 1878 in Ontario. Clarence was born 18 May 1887 in Rawdon.  Jennie was born 26 February 1890 per the census.

By 1906 James has gone off on his own, but Clarence and Jennie remain at home, the family of Robert and Catherine Vance are living in Brandon, Manitoba.

By the 1921 census John is alone and widowed living with his son James Vance who is also widowed.  They are living in Elton Twp., Manitoba.

John Vance and Catherine Montgomery Vance are buried in the Chater Cemetery in Chater, Brandon, Manitoba along with one of their daughters Jennie who died 29 February 1920.  There are tombstone photos at the Canadian Genweb Cemetery Project online.

Here is a link for exploring Manitoba. Brandon and Chater are just west of Winnipeg in the southern area of the province.

2.  Robert Vance born about 1855 and he married on 23 March 1881 in Huntington Twp., Hastings Co. to Mary Blakely born about 1860 in Huntington Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario.

Hastings County Vital Records have a Robert Vance marrying a Mary Blakly:

Robert Vance, bp Roden, age 25, born 1856, Father Thomas Vance, mother Mary Vance, Spouse Mary Blakly, age 21, born about 1860 in Huntington, father Henry Blakly, mother Christina Blakly. Witnesses John G. Waad and William Vance. bridegroom C of E, bride Presbyterian, married by David Wirhart.

Source:  Hastings Co. Vital Records, #004357, pg. 745, No. 2.

They had the following children:  William Vance, Philip Vance, Jessie Vance, Annie Vance, Christina Vance, Charles Vance and Mary Vance.

He is also in the 1881 census and Mary his mother is with him.

Line 6, 194, 196, Vance, Robert, M, 25, C. of England, Irish, farmer, M. Vance, Mary, F, 18, English, C of England, Irish, M. Vance, Mary, F, 65, [ ] C of England, Irish, W; Vance, Wm, M, 19, English, C of England, Irish.

Source:  1881 Canadian Census, Huntington Twp., Hastings North, Hastings Co., Ontario, Dist, #122, Sub. D #A, Div. 2, page. 41.

In 1891 the family was living in: Robert Vance age 35, Mary Vance age 23, Philip Vance age 8, Jessie Vance age 6, Christiana Vance age 3 and Mary J. Vance 4/12. They are living in Rawdon, Hastings North.  They are on line 1 of the census.  All are Church of England.  Mary’s states her father was born in Ontario and her mother was born in Scotland.  Robert lists his parents as Irish.

In the 1911 Canadian census Robert and Mary Vance are living in Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario with their children:  Christina born August 1893, Mary J. born March of 1890 and Annie born November 1891 and Charles born May 1894.

By 1921 Robert and Mary Vance have moved to Stirling and are by themselves. He is 62 and she is listed as 59, both are Ch of England. They are living on Edward Street.

Robert died February 9, 1926 and Mary Vance died June 17, 1862. They are buried in the Stirling Cemetery in Hastings County, Ontario along with their daughter Mary J. Vance who died August 22, 1913.  See Find A Grave for their memorial and tombstone.

3.  William Vance born about 1857 and died 16 July 1930 in Chatham, Kent Co., Ontario.

William Vance married a Mary Ann Johnston on 23, November 1881 in Huntingdon, Hastings Co., Ontario.  This Mary’s relationship to William’s mother is unknown at this time.

William Vance, 22 yrs, Huntingdon, born Rawdon, Bachelor, Farmer, Parents Thomas and Mary Vance, Spouse Mary Ann Johnston, age 20, born and residing Huntingdon, father William and Jane Johnston, witnesses John Heagle, Emma Brown of Rawdon.  Marriage in Huntingdon Nov. 23, 1881. Groom Ch of Eng., Bride Methodist, by Robert Walker, L. 

Source:  Ontario Canada Marriages 1801-1928, William Vance & Mary Ann Johnston, Nov. 28, 1881, Huntingdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, Schedule B Marriages, page 601, #004177.

William and Mary Vance migrated to Bothwell Twp., Chatham, Kent Co., Ontario by the 1891 Canadian Census.  He is living there with his wife and their daughter Ida who is about a month old.

They are also there in Bothwell Twp. in 1901 with Ida born 17 March, 1891, Maggie born 19 January, 1892, and another daughter Bessie born 14 February, 1896.

In 1911 William Vance is with his daughters Maggie B. and Bessie [T.] in Bothwell Twp., Kent Co., Ontario.

Ida married William H. McDonald a carpenter, Baptist residing in Wallaceburg. His father was Donald J. McDonald a farmer and mother was Mary E. [Sheen]. Ida Pearl Vance a domestic and spinster was Methodist and living in Tupperville. Her father was William Vance a farmer and mother was Mary Johnson.  The marriage took place 28th September, 1910 in Wallaceburg, Kent Co., Ontario. The witnesses were a Frank Crow and Alberta Robert’s.  A Wm. L. Robert’s was the minister.

In 1921 William Vance is living with his daughter Ida and her family in Chatham Twp., Kent Co., Ontario.  W.H. MacDonald is head , farmer age 32, Ida his wife, R.H.V. his son 9 years old, and Margaret J. daughter 8 years old. They are listed as Baptists.  Ida is Irish, W. H. is Scottish but born in Ontario.

Mary died about 1921 and William Vance died on the 16th of July, 1930.  I do not have their burial location at this time.

At the following link is a nice 1885 Kent County map that shows Bothwell and Tupperville in Kent County, Ontario:

4.  Margaret J. Vance was born about November 1859 and died 26 Dec. 1930 in Ivanhoe, Hastings Co., Ontario. She is buried in the White Lake Cemetery in Ivanhoe.

She married John George Wood, son of John Wood and Mary, on 14 September 1881 in Hasting Co., Ontario.

John George Wood, 25 years, Huntingdon, Ontario, Bachelor, farmer, parents John & Mary Wood, Spouse Maggie Jane Vance, 21 years born Rawdon, Single, parent Thomas & Mary Vance, Witnesses Wm. Vance and Marg A. Johnston of Huntingdon, Marriage Rawdon Sept 14, 1881, Groom Bible Christian, Bride Bible Christian, Rev. Geo. Dunkley.

Source:  John G. Wood to Maggie J. Vance, 14 September, 1881, Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, Schedule B, page 687, #004228. 

They had about 6 children: Percy, Nellie, Ethel, Arthur, Tillie who died in 1922 and Florence who married an Ernest Bateman of Tweed, Ontario.

After an illness of three months duration, John George Wood passed away at his late residence at Ivanhoe, on Saturday, March 9th. The late Mr. Wood, who was in his 84th year, was born at Ivanhoe and had resided there all his life. He was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Wood. For years, he was engaged in farming and in the community he was held in high regard. In religion he was a member of Beulah United Church and when age and health permitted, he took an active part in the work of the congregation, and held the office of a trustee. He was a man of fine character and to those near to him his death has brought sincere regret. Surviving him are two sons, Mr. P. M. Wood, London, Ont.; three daughters, Mrs. A. Ashley, West Huntingdon; Mrs. F.J. Blackburn, Orillia, Ont. and Mrs. W. E. Bateman of Tweed; one sister, Mrs. Annie Wood of Stirling. His wife, who prior to her marriages was Miss Margaret Vance, passed away nine years ago and a daughter, Tillie Wood died in the year 1922. The funeral took place Monday afternoon from the family residence at Ivanhoe to the United Church at White Lake, where an impressive service was conducted by the Rev. S.A.R. Delve, pastor of the Ivanhoe Circuit. Many friends were present at the service. Interment was made in White Lake Cemetery. The bearers were Messrs. Douglas Blackburn, Jack Blackburn, George Wood, Wilber Bateman, Don Bateman and Geo. Ashley, all of whom are grandsons of the late Mr. Wood.

Source:  John G. Wood, Obituary Notice, March 28, 1940 died March 8, 1940, Tweed Newspaper for March 8, 1940.  Tweed Historical Society, Tweed, Ontario.

The Wood family appears in the 1891 Canadian Census for Huntingdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario living with his father.

Line 1, ___/11, 6 Wood, John, M, 81, W, Scotland, parents Scotland, All Methodist, Farmer
Wood, John G., M, 34, M, Son, born Ontario, father Scotland, mother England
Wood, Margaret Jane, F, 31, M, wife of son, born Ontario, father Ireland, mother Ireland
Wood, Percy McCloud, M, 8, grd son, all children born Ontario
Wood, Nellie Maud, F, 6, grd daughter
Wood, Maggie Ethel, F, 4, grd daughter
Wood, John Arthur, M, 2, grd son
Wood, Mary Matilda, F, 7/12, grd dau
Blakly, John, M, 21, Dom, born Ontario, Ch of E, farm labor
Reid Berth Jane, F, 18, Dom, Methodist, dom. servt.

Source:  John G. Wood Family, 1891 Canadian Census, Huntingdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, page 2, Dist#74, SD No. 3, W. B. Tanner. April 7, 1891.

John and Margaret Wood appear in the 1901 Canadian Census for Huntingdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario.

Line 32, 31, 31, Wood, John, M, Head, M, 16 Sept 1856, 44, all Scotch, all born Ontario, Canadian, Methodist, Farmer
Wood, Margaret F, wife, M, 6 Nov. 1859, 41
Wood, Percy M, M, Son,S, 26, Sept 1882, 18
Wood, Nellie, M, F, daughter, S, 2 Sep 1884, 16
Wood, Maggie, E, F, daughter, S, 18 Jan, 1887, 14
Wood, John A, M, Son, S, 6 March 1889, 12
Wood, Mary, M, F, daughter, S, 25, Nov. 1890, 10,
Wood, Florence, F, daughter, S, 15 Oct. 1892, 8
Siocet, James H, M, Dom, S, S, 20 May 1879, 21, English

Source:  John Wood Family, 1901 Canadian Census, Huntingdon, Hastings Co., Ontario, page 3, Dist # 71, SD F, Polling #3, April 15, 1901, Erastus Geary.

In the 1921 Canadian Census for Huntingdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario John Wood is with his wife Maggie Vance Wood, his daughters Nellie and Lillie.

John Wood and Margaret J. Vance Wood are buried in the White Lake Cemetery in Ivanhoe, Hastings County, Ontario.  Margaret is buried under her maiden name of Vance.

I have given summaries of some of the census rather than a detailed account.  If you would be interest in copies of these documents just leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

Conclusion:  This is my stopping point in the research of the family of my 2nd great great uncle Thomas Brown and his wife Mary Johnston. Thomas is the brother of George Brown who is of my family line.  In this post I have done a little on the history of Mary’s second family of Vance.

Once again, I emphasize that there is more research to be done regarding the children and making sure the information is correct. What I have presented in the past posts is a little mix of my own research on the Thomas Brown family and others like my cousins who have gone before. They have been very generous with their research.


Philip Brown, son of Thomas and Mary Brown, and the Heir & Devise Case File…

The Archives of the Ontario has a First and Second Heir & Devisee Index under Philip Brown’s name. They have an index online at this link that you can search.

Phillip Browns application for Heir Devisee on land owned by Thomas Brown

Phillip Browns application for Heir Devisee on land owned by Thomas Brown folder

Philip was under Rawdon Township, Parcel 170:1868 #40-4671 RG 40, Film#MS 657, reel 89. You can find this at the Family History Library on film #1316021. The film reads Land Records 1796 to 1894, The handwriting is very difficult to read for this case file.

This is the petition of Philip Brown son of Thomas Brown and Mary (Johnston) Brown regarding the West half of lot No. 3 in the 8th Concession of Rawdon, Clergy Sale No. 5475. You will see mention of Mary Brown, Henry, and Thomas Brown.

These documents are listed in the order they appeared on the film.  The handwriting is extremely difficult to read so I am not going to transcribe the various documents.  If you would like a copy of this file, leave a comment at the end of this post.

Here is a summary of the contents of the case:

1.  File Folder for Case #40-4671

2.  21. Notice Philip Brown Rec’d 8 January 1868 from Mr. [Megus] W1/2 Lot 3, 8 Con, Rawdon, 16 Jan. 1868 Allowed _______________

3. Affidavit of C.S. Coleman, Clerk of the Peace, County of Hastings 6 January 1868.

4.  Affidavit of Adam [Amoy Raulvil], Solicitor for Claims, Dec. 6, 1867.

5. Application of Philip Brown W/12 Lot 3 8 Con Rawdon (signed below unreadable) a jacket cover. .

6. ______#186 Mary Brown to Philip Brown Quit Claim Deed, she makes her mark Mary Brown, Witnessed by Henry Brown. [second] January 1868.

Quit Claim Deed Jacket for Mary to Phillip Brown. Mother to son.

Quit Claim Deed Jacket for Mary to Phillip Brown. Mother to son.

7. ______Dec. 5, 1867, Henry Brown & Thomas Brown to Philip Brown Quit Claim Deed.  Witnessed by Robert Mills, signed by Henry Brown and Thomas Brown.

8.  _____W1/2 3 – I Con, Rawdon, faded writing at bottom unreadable, jacket

9. Affidavit #477 Dept. of Crown Lands, Toronto January 8, 1868, by I. O. [Tachutt] for the Com Cr Land

10.  Thomas & Elizabeth Bateman to Philip Brown Quit Claim Deed ___ March 1866.

11. This indenture ___ March, 1866. Signed by Thomas and Elizabeth Batemen and witnesses by Wm. R. Parks, and G.H. Boulter.

12. Application of Philip Brown W1/2 Lot 3, 8 Con. Rawdon Affidavit of Henry Brown, Attorney ____________

13.  Affidavit of Henry Brown, several pages handwritten.

14.  Application of Philip Brown W 1/2 Lot 3, 8 Cons Rawdon, appt of Philip Brown, A _____________

15.  Affidavit of Philip Brown, several pages handwritten

16.  Application of Philip Brown….there are two from him.

These are receipts showing Thomas Brown, the father, paying for the land:

17. Receipt – Crown Land Agency, Belleville 19 February 1852, Received from Philip Brown eight pounds eight shillings ___pence seventh installment on West 1/2 lot 3 in 8th Conc. Rawdown Clergy Sale #5475 Sold to the late Brother Thomas, ___ [McAnnay]

18.  Receipt Crown Lands Belleville Feb. 1856, Rec’d from Mrs. Thomas Brown his widow, the sum of seven pounds 13/curr being an installment on West 1/2 lot No. 3, in 8th Concession of Hungerford Clergy  F McAnnany.

19. Receipt Crown Land Agency, Belleville 8 [July] 1847. Received from Thomas Brown the sum of six pounds, thirteen shillings and four pence, being the Ricaud Eustalands, W half of lot No. 3, 8 Conc of Rawdon, Clergy – F. McAnnany

20.  No. 127, Crown Lands Belleville 4 June 1844 Thomas Brown the sum of twelve pounds ten shillings being first installment of West 1/2 Lot No. three in the Eighth Con, in the Township of Rawdon in the District of Victoria, Clergy Lands containing 100 acres sold to him at the sale of 12/4 shillings per acre F McAnnay Dist. Agt. The _____  payable in nine equal yearly instalments with interest from this date.

21. No. 189, $55 Bank of Montreal, Belleville, 9 March 1866 Received from Thomas Brown fifty five dollars for account of the Dept. of Crown Lands, _____West half Lot No. three in the Eighth conc.  of Township of Rawdon, ______Acct. sign by _____________

22.  $90.00 Original for the Depositor, Bank of Upper Canada, Belleville, 17 Nov. 1859, Received from Thomas Brown, Ninety & no/100 dollars We 1/2 Lot No. 3, 8th Con. Township of Rawdown, A. J, Cameron…

23.  Principal 12 . 60 . 0 – Interest 2 . 10. 0 = $15.00 Crown Lands Agency Belleville 2 October 1849 Received from Mr. Thomas Brown the sum of Fifteen Pound, Currency, being the 3 and fourth instalment on West half lot No 3 in 8th Concession of Rawdon. Clergy Sale No. 5475 F. McAnnay Dist. Agt.

This is almost like getting a probate/estate file of your ancestor and it features the four children of Thomas and Mary (Johnston) Brown: Henry, Elizabeth, Phillip and Thomas. Thomas will be discussed in the next post. I believe it also mentions Thomas’ brother Philip. It does not include the Vance children which is interesting.  It also confirms that Mary, the mother, was still living in 1868.

Once again if you would like a copy of the file leave me a comment and we will connect.

Thomas and Mary Brown’s Children: Philip Brown and Elizabeth Patterson: Their Family

Philip Brown was a son of Thomas and Mary Johnston Brown.

Philip was born 6 July, 1845 in Rawdon, Hastings Co., Ontario.  He was baptized on 3 February, 1846 at the St. Thomas Anglican Church in Belleville.  He died in 1929 and is buried with his wife Elizabeth in the Stirling Cemetery in Stirling, Hastings Co., Ontario. I have created a memorial for them at Find A Grave.

Tombstone of Philip and Elizabeth Brown in Stirling Cemetery

Tombstone of Philip and Elizabeth Brown in Stirling Cemetery

He married Elizabeth Matilda Patterson on 24 December, 1869 and the record is in the Anglican Diocese of Ontario holdings.

Brown to Patterson, Bachelor of the Tp. of Rawdon, Co. Hastings. To Elizabeth Matilda Patterson of the same place, spinster by me, Geor. W.G. Group, Clk. incumbent of Stirling, Ontario. Witnesses: Robert Bird, Elizabeth Johnston.

Source:  Anglican Diocese of Ontario, Marriage of Patterson to Brown, 24 October, 1869, Rawdon, Hastings Co., #91. 

Philip and Elizabeth Brown had 4 children:

1. Thomas Patterson Brown was born about 1870 and he married Sarah Tucker born 1879.  They were married on 13 June, 1899 in Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario.

Thomas P. Brown, born Rawdon, age 28, about 1871, father Philip Brown mother Matilda Patterson, Spouse Sarah Tucker, age 20, born about 1879 in Rawdon, father Manford Tucker, mother Louise Cummings. He is a Bachelor and a farmer.

Source: Hasting Co. Ontario Marriages, Brown to Tucker, 13 June, 1899, Rawdon Twp., Ontario.

They may have had one daughter Keitha who married to a Robert Thayer.

2. Elizabeth Artilla Brown was born 21 October, 1872 and died 8 October, 1965. She is buried in the Stirling Cemetery.

She married Murney Hagerman born 1867 died 1938. He was the son of Donald M. Hagerman and Ann.  The marriage took place 20 January, 1892 in Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co. Ontario with witnesses, page 325 of Marriages Schedule B.

Murney and Elizabeth Hagerman Tombstone, Stirling Cemetery

Murney and Elizabeth Hagerman Tombstone, Stirling Cemetery

They had 3 children:  Arthur Shorey Hagerman 1894 to 1989, Florence Ada Hagerman b. 1900, and Frank Hagerman born 1902.

Murney and Artella are living in Rawdon in the 1901 per the census.

Line 19, 96, 97, Hagerman, Murney M, Head, m, 30 May 1866, 34, English, Farmer, Hagerman, Artella, F, wife, m, 21 Oct. 1872, 28, Irish, Hagerman, Arthur S, M. son, S, 1 Dec. 1894, 6, Hagerman, Florence A.C., F, daughter, S, 23, May, 1900, 0. All born in Ontario, Children are English, all Canadian, All Methodist

Source: 1901 Canadian Census, Rawdon Twp., Hastings North, Ontario, Dist#71, SDist M-4, page 9. 

3.  Henry McKenzie Brown was born about 1875 and died 1964.  He married 22 April, 1896 to Annie Alana Green, daughter of Alexander Green and Civilla Sine, source Ontario Marriages #005448.  They had 5 children: Gerald Brown 1897-1987, Harold Brown 1898 to 1977, Eva Brown 1901 to 1976, Mabel Brown 1903 to 1971, Charles Brown b. 1909.

Henry and Anna are listed in the 1901 Canadian Census with some of their children: Gerald, Harold and daughter Eva.

Line 39, 110, 121, Brown, Henry M, M, Head, M, 21, Nov. 1875, 25, Farmer. Brown, Anna E., F, Wife, M, 30 June 1875, 25, Brown, Gerald, M, Son, S, 10 Aug. 1897, 3, Brown, Harold, M, Son, S, 11 Aug, 1898, 2, Brown, Eva May, F, daughter, S, 20 March, 1901. All born in Ontario, English, Ch of England, 

Source:  1901 Canadian Census, Rawdon Twp., Hastings North, Ontario, Dist#71, SD #M, 2, page 11, April 26, 1901, J.S. Chard. 

4.  Margaret M. Brown was born about 1886 and died 1976 in Hastings Co. She is buried in the Stirling Cemetery along with her husband Richard Clements born 1880 and died 1956.  They were married 25 October, 1905.

Richard and Maggie Clements, some of their children - Tombstone, Stirling Cemetery

Richard and Maggie Clements, some of their children – Tombstone, Stirling Cemetery

Richard and Margaret Clements had 8 children:

1.  Thomas Moffat Clements was born November 1906 and died 1984. He married Ida Vance who was born 24 November 1909 and died 19 March 1997 and is buried in Stirling Cemetery. See Find A Grave for their tombstone.

2.  Marjory Clements was born about February 1908 and died 1960, she is also buried in Stirling Cemetery.

3. Clarence Clements was born 1909 and died the same year. He is buried in the Stirling Cemetery.

4.  Helen Clements born about April 1911.

5.  Ethel Clements born about 1913

6. Leslie Clements born 1914 and died 1964.  I am not sure of the sex of this individual.

7. Mae Clements was born 1919 and died 1967.  She is buried in Stirling Cemetery.

8.  Russell Clements was born in 1925 and died the same year.

Richard and Margaret are living in Rawdon Twp. in the 1911 Canadian Census:

Line 37, 9, 9, Clements, Richard, 12/5, M, Head, M, June 1880, 30, born Ontario, Merchant, $1000, $956,
Clements, Margaret, F, Wife, M, Jan, 1885, 26, born Ontario, none
Clements, Thomas M., M, son, S, Nov. 1906, 4, born Ontario
Clements, Marjorie, F, daughter, S, Feb. 1908, 3, born Ontario
Clements, Helen, F, daughter, S, April 1911, 1/12, born Ontario
Fleming, Jannet, F, Domestic, S, Sept. 1890, 20, born Ontario, Domestic
All Irish, Canadian and Methodist

Source: 1911 Canadian Census, Rawdon Twp., Hastings West, Ontario, page 1, Dist 80, SD#23, 4, W.F. Sine, June 1 and 2, 1901. 

The Clement family was very prominent in Hastings County.  I do not now at this time Richard’s connection to this large family.  This is not the only marriage of Brown to Clement.

Philip appears in the 1861 census with his family, his step father Thomas Vance, his mother Mary, his siblings and half-siblings.  I have shared this census in past posts regarding Thomas and Mary Brown.

In 1871 they are living in Rawdon Twp.

Line 14, 70, 75 Brown, Phillip, M, 26, born Ontario, C of E all, Irish all, Farmer, Married. Brown, Matilda, F, 23, born Ontario, married

Brown, Thomas, M 8/12, born Ontario.

Source: 1871 Canadian Census, Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, page 20, 62 North Hastings, No. 2 Div. 

They are still in Rawdon Twp. in the 1881 census and his half-sister is living with them.

Line 7, 64, 64, Brown, Phillip, M, 36, born Ontario, all Ch of E, all Irish, farmer, Married. 
Brown, Matilda, F, 34, born Ontario, married
Brown, Thomas, M, 10, born Ontario
Brown, Elizabeth, F, 8, born Ontario
Brown, Henry, M, 5, born Ontario
Vance, Margaret, F, 20, born Ontario

Source: 1881 Canadian Census, Rawdon Twp., Hastings, #page 15, North Hastings, Div. #3. 

In 1901 they have migrated to Huntington Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario.

22, 7, 7, Brown, Phillip, M, Head, M, Feb 12, 1845, 56 born Ontario, Ch of England all, All Irish, Farmer
Brown, Elizabeth M., F, wife, M, Feb 8, 1843, 54 born Ontario
Brown, Maggie, M, F, daughter, S, Jan 16, 1886, 15, born Ontario

Source: 1901 Canadian Census, Huntington Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, page 1, 71 Hastings N, SD#7, Polling #2, Charles Mills, April 8, 1901.

Phillip and Elizabeth Brown moved back to Rawdon Twp., by 1911 and in 1921 they are living in Springbrook Village, Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario and they did not have any children listed living with them.

There is so much more research that could be done on this family of Philip and Elizabeth Brown such as more census work, finding obituaries, estates, deeds, and cemetery records to verify that these are the correct family members. This is a good start on this family.

In the next post I will share a summary of the Heir & Devisee record that I found. Phillip the son of Thomas and Mary Brown submitted an application regarding some land of his father’s in 1868. It is very interesting and ties this family together much like a probate record.

Thomas and Mary Brown’s Descendants: Elizabeth Brown Bateman

Elizabeth Brown was born 6 July, 1843 in Stirling, Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, she was baptized 14 Feb. 1844 at Saint Thomas Anglican Church in Belleville.

Please note that this post was inadvertently published about two weeks ago unfinished.  If you received a copy of that unfinished post please discard it and replace with this updated and finished posting.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

The photo below is courtesy of Bob Hayes:

Thomas Bateman and Elizabeth Brown of Hastings Co., Ontario and Piatt Co., Illinois

Thomas Bateman and Elizabeth Brown of Hastings Co., Ontario and Piatt Co., Illinois

Elizabeth married Thomas Bateman who was born 18 June, 1837 in County Cork, Ireland.  They married on 3 November, 1864 in Toronto, York Co., Ontario according to another researcher.

Elizabeth is featured in the 1861 Canadian Census with the Thomas Vance family, along with her mother, siblings and half-siblings.  I have posted about this census in recent posts.

In 1871 Thomas and Elizabeth were in Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario.

Line 12, 43, 47, Bateman, Thomas, M, 34, Ireland, All C of Eng., All Irish, farmer, married.
Bateman, Elizabeth, F, 27, Ontario, married
Bateman, Thomas, M, 5, born O
Bateman, Jane, F, 4, born O
Bateman, Ann, F, 2, born O
Bateman, Samuel, 1/12 Mar, O

Line 18, 48, Bateman Samuel M, 77, Ireland, Ch of E, Irish, Farmer, Married, Bateman, Jane, F, 73, Ireland. 

Source:  1871 Canadian Census, Rawdon, Hastings Co., Ontario, page 13, 62 N. Hastings.

Piatt County Illinois

Piatt County Illinois

By 1880 Thomas and Elizabeth had made the migration to Illinois and you can see from the information below the children born in Canada and the ones born in Illinois.  Piatt County is east of Springfield, Illinois and after the city of Decatur.

Line 23, 51, 53, Bateman, Thomas, W, M, 42, married, Farmer, born Ireland, parents born Ireland; Bateman, Elizabeth, W, F, 36, wife, married, Keeping house, born Canada, parents Ireland; Bateman, Thomas, W, M, 14, son, S, born Canada; Bateman, Jane, W, F, 13, daughter, S, born Canada; Bateman, Mary A. W, F, 11, daughter, born Canada; Bateman, Samuel, W, M, 9, Son, S, born Canada; Bateman, Frederick, W, M, 7, son, S, born Illinois; Bateman, Elizabeth, W, F, 5, daughter, S, born Illinois; Bateman, John R, W, M, 3, son, S, born Illinois; Bateman, Margaret, W, F, 6/12, Dec. daughter, S, born Illinois.

Source:  1880 U.S. Federal Census, Blue Ridge Twp., Piatt Co., Illinois, page 6, SD#5, ED#176, enumerated 2 June 1880, Thomas Jones.

Thomas and Elizabeth are living in Blue Ridge Twp. in the 1900 census:

Line 42, 178, 181, Bateman, Thomas, Head, W, M, June 1837, 62, M, 35, born Ireland, parents born Ireland, farmer, 154; Bateman, Elizabeth, wife, W, F, July 1843, 56, M, 35, eleven children born, 11 alive, born Canada (Irish?), parents born Ireland; Bateman, John R, son, W, M, Feb. 1875, 25, S, born Illinois, father Ireland, mother born Canada, farm laborer; Bateman, Etta, Daughter, W, F, Dec, 1879, 20, S, born Illinois, servant; Bateman, Lillie, Daughter, W, F, Jan, 1882, 18, S, born Illinois; Bateman, Edna, Daughter, M,F, Mar, 1884, 16, S, born Illinois; Bateman, Harry, Son, W, M, April 1887, 13, S, born Illinois. 

Source:  1900 U.S. Federal Census, Blue Ridge Twp., Piatt, Illinois, SD#7, ED#126, Sht 10, enumerated 12 June 1900, Jesse W. Klinger.

In the 1920 census Elizabeth age 76 is living in Blue Ridge, Piatt, Illinois on South Street, she is widowed and naturalized. Living with her is Etta, age 40, a daughter.  Also living with her is Lelia, age 20, granddaughter born about 1900.

Elizabeth and Thomas had the following children based on the census above and other researcher contributions.

1. Thomas Bateman Jr. born 14 Nov, 1865/66 near Toronto.  He married Cora Slater on 16 March, 1892/3. She was the daughter of William Slater and Mary R. Lyons. She was born 2 May, 1872. Thomas died 17 December 1939 and Cora died 26 Aug, 1905 in Mansfield, Illinois.

They had one son a William Bateman born 28 January, 1893 in Blue Ridge Twp. who married Irene Vance 28 January, 1893 in Farmer City, DeWitt Co., Illinois. He died Feb 1933.  William and Irene had three daughters.

Thomas remarried to Flora Watson and in the 1910 U.S. Census we find him living with her:

Line 19, 49, 50 Bateman, Tom, Head, M, W, 43, M2, 2, born Canada, Immigrated 1873, Naturalized, Farmer, general farm; Bateman, Flora, wife, F, w, 35, M1, 2, one child born 1 living, born Illinois, father born Ireland, mother born Ohio; Bateman, William, son, M, W, 16, S, born Illinois. Bateman, Lucile, daughter, F, W, 14/12, born Illinois.

Source: 1910 U.S. Federal Census, Blue Ridge Twp., Piatt Co., Illinois, SD #18, ED 148, Sht #3A, enumerated 20 April, 1910, Frederick A. [Nash]. 

Thomas and Flora Bateman had Callie Bateman born about 1913.  She appears in the 1920 U.S. Census for Piatt County along with William and Lucile.

Thomas Bateman Jr. is featured in the book:  Past and Present of Piatt County etc…, by Charles McIntosh, 1903, pages 383 to 384.  This book can be found at Internet Archive and is pretty detailed about the rest of the Bateman family.

Thomas and his second wife Flora are buried in the Farmer City Cemetery in DeWitt, Illinois. Cora Slater Brown, his first wife, is buried in the Mansfield Cemetery.  Find A Grave has a picture of Cora’s tombstone at the Mansfield Cemetery along with other Bateman stones. William and his sisters are buried in the Maple Grove Cemetery in Farmer City, Illinois.  Find A Grave has memorials for all three of these children but no tombstone photos at this time.

2.  Jane (Jennie) Bateman was born 25 May, 1867 and died 2 July, 1934. She married an Alvin Thomas Smothers 7 November, 1889.  Alvin died 25 December, 1935. They had one child:  Edith Smothers.  Find A Grave has the tombstones for the Smothers family at the Mansfield Cemetery in Illinois.

3.  Mary Ann Bateman born 29 July, 1869 and died 24 April, 1944.  She married an Enoch Chase on 7 September, 1887. They had the following children:  Frank, Clyde, Clair, Myrtle, Lucas, Eleanor, Ruth and Gladys.  Mary and Enoch lived in Tonkawa, Oklahoma.  They are buried in the Tonkawa IOOF Cemetery, in Kay County, Oklahoma. Find A Grave has photos of their tombstones.  There may be another son named Elmer E. born 1896 to 1911.

4.  Samuel Bateman was born 1 April, 1871 and died 13 October, 1940. He married and was widowed by 1900. The name of his first wife is not clear. In the 1910 census he is with his second wife Belle and children, Bernice, Frank, Edwin and Lois.  Abner is missing and he and Bernice are probably the daughter of the first wife.

5.  Charles Frederick Bateman was born 13 February, 1873 and died 12 February, 1908.  He was married to Ella by the 1900 census and they were living in Bellflower, McLean Co., Illinois.  They may have had two children:  Elwood and Ella.

6.  John Russell Bateman was born 6 February, 1875 and he married Anna B. Firke (b. Feb 6, 1879, d. 16 Sep. 1911). She is buried in the Mansfield Cemetery in Piatt Co., Illinois. John R. Bateman is inscribed on this tombstone but there is no death date. The FAG#23119360 in the Mansfield Cemetery was added 9/4/2016 and I prepared this post in 2015. John R. is buried in Pritchard with his second wife Lena, see below.

In the 1910 census John R. Bateman is living in Rocky Ford, Otero Co., Colorado with Anna and John R. Jr.

By the 1920 they had Eleanor, Florence, Byron and were living in Mt. Pleasant, Isabella Co., Michigan on Franklin St. The name for John’s wife is Lena in this census.

In 1930 they were living in Seville, Gratiot Co., Michigan with Elenor, Florence, Byron, Eugene, and Edwin.

John R. and Lena are buried in the Pritchard Cemetery in Elwell, Gratiot Co., Michigan.  John’s dates are 1874 to 1953 and Lena’s are 1879 to 1956. Find A Grave has a picture of their tombstone #40399826.

UPDATE 6/4/2017:  The information above about John Russell Bateman has been updated based on new information received from a cousin and verified with bible records.  It is now believed that John R. was married twice first to Anna and then to Lena.

7.  Elizabeth Bateman was born 28 October, 1877 and died 31 October, 1947. She married Layton Smith.  In the 1900 census they are in Bellflower, McLean Co., Illinois. They had married in 1899.  Layton was born June 1876 and is 23.  He was born in Illinois, his father was born in Ohio and his mother in Indiana. He is farming.  In 1910 they are still living in Bellflower, McLean Co., Illinois and they now have LuVerne age 6, and Delas age 4 male. Elizabeth has listed that she has 3 born and 2 living children.

In 1920 Layton and Elizabeth have made the migration to Union, Van Wert Co., Ohio. They have Luverne E. with them and Delmar V.  Also in the household are Pauline L. Stulz, Ruth M. Magruder and Merle E. Whitlock.  The last three are listed as Boarders.

Find A Grave has a memorial to Layton D. Smith 1876 to 1945 and one for Elizabeth Smith with the dates of 1877 to 1947, but no tombstone photos.  They are at the Woodland Union Cemetery in Van Wert Co., Ohio.

8. Margaret Etta Bateman was born 23 December, 1879 and died 29 August, 1945. She had one daughter named Lelia.  Etta is with her mother in the 1920 census and her daughter Lelia.  Etta is buried in Mansfield Cemetery and Find A Grave has a photo of her tombstone and an obituary notice.  Apparently she did spend time in the Peoria Hospital for she was living there in the 1940 census.

9.  Nellie Lillie Bateman was born 18 January, 1882.  In the 1910 U.S. Census there is a Thomas A. Skeels and his wife is Nelle. They are living in Blue Ridge Twp., Piatt Co., Illinois and they have one child, Charles R. age 2.  Thomas was born about 1881 in Illinois. Nelle indicates she has one child born and one living.  Thomas is a teacher. Written by Nelle’s name is the word “music” for an occupation. They may have had other children: Eldon, Bernardine and Raphael.

10.  Edna Bateman was born 3 March 1884 and died August 1977. She married Herbert Warren of Elwell, Michigan and had Ralph and Lola.

UPDATE:  Edna Bateman is buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Van Wert Co., Ohio. Find A Grave has her tombstone #32902048 and her name as Edna Warren Robey with links to two husbands and one child.  Herbert James Warren is FAG#21450927 with links in the Mansfield Cemetery, Piatt Co., Illinois. Her second husband was Wm. Quinn Robey #33194986 FAG. Thanks to a cousin M. West.

11.  Harry Brown Bateman was born about 1887 and died 1962.  He married Jessie Weedman born 1886 and died 1967.  They had Philip, Amos, Jack and Richard.

Thomas and Elizabeth Brown Bateman are buried in the Mansfield Cemetery in Mansfield, Piatt Co., Illinois.   Find A Grave has pictures of their tombstones.

Thomas Bateman died 24 December, 1906 in Mansfield, Illinois.  He was featured in the location paper:

Pioneer Article on Thomas Bateman

Pioneer Article on Thomas Bateman

Pioneer Called – Thomas Bateman Passed Away at his Home Monday Evening, A Blue Ridge Early Settler.

Thomas Bateman was born June 18, 1837 in county Cork, Ireland. His parents were Samuel and Jane Bateman who reared a family of ten children. Moved by the spirit of the mighty emigration which has directed so many million of the old world’s population toward the brighter promises of success and happiness in the new, his parents came to America when Thomas was but a lad of 13. Fifty six years ago, the ocean was much wider than now, especially to the poor emigrant, and the voyage made in a sailing vessel, lasted six weeks. They settled in Ontario near Toronto where they lived for 21 years. Here Thomas worked for four dollars per month to help in the daily support. On Nov. 3, 1864 at the age of 27, Mr. Bateman was joined in marriae to Miss Elizabeth Brown, also of Canada. In 1871 with his wife and….missing parts – They lived in the home of their ___the father _____On coming to this state he bought land on Blue Ridge where he has made his home for thirty five years, known and respected by his neighbors for his uprightness of character. To him and his faithful wife were born a family of 11 children who honored and comforted him while he was living and now cherish with tender regard his memory in the hour of death. They are Thomas, Mrs. Jennie Smothers, Mrs. Mary Chase, Samuel, Charles F., John R., Mrs. Lizzie Smith, Etta, Mrs. Nellie Skeels, Mrs. Edna Warren and Harry B., all of whom reside in the vicinity of the old home except Mary Chase, who lives in Okla., and John R. in Rocky Ford, Colo.

From this large family circle the father is the first link to be removed by the hand of death. After a physical decline of several years, a fatal illness laid hold upon him some four weeks ago and on Christmas Eve, there came a swift summons from the skies and without a word the spirit of our brother departed for the eternal home at the hour of 7 o’clock. By industry and business ability the subject of this brief life history was enabled to accumulate considerable property; the home place of 200 acres being one of the tiniest country homes in the community. He was the last survivor of the old settlers in this neighborhood.

His early education was received in Ireland and he was reared in the communion of the church of England. Some fifteen years ago he united with the Methodist Episcopal church at Lindsey Chapel. Mr. Bateman was strictly honest in all dealings with his fellow-men kind to his family considerate of their welfare and in short, honorable in every relationship of life. Besides the wife, children and grandchildren there survives him, one sister Mrs. Bessie Tanner, 80 years of age, residing in Canada. These with other relatives and many friends mourn his sudden departure. Funeral services were held Thursday at 11 o’clock a.m. at the home, conducted by Rev. Gooding assisted by Rev. McGhee. A large number of relatives and friends attended the services and followed the remains to Blue Ridge cemetery for interment. The widow and children have the sympathy of all in this affliction.

Elizabeth lived till 31 March, 1923 and died in Mansfield, Illinois, unfortunately her death was a terrible accident.  Here is the article from the Mansfield Express of April 6, 1923:

Mrs. Elizabeth Bateman Fatally Burned, Saturday April 6, 1923:

Clothing Caught Fire While Burning Trash at Rear of her Home in South Part of Town

The people of the village were thrown into a state of excitement Saturday morning, when the news spread about town that Mrs. Elizabeth Bateman was fatally burned when her clothing caught fire while burning trash at the rear of her home on south street.

Mrs. Bateman and her grand-daughter, Miss Lee Bateman went to the rear of the lot to burn trash. After working a while, Miss Lee returned to the house. In a short time Mrs. Bateman’s clothing caught fire and she rolled on the ground in an effort to extinguish the flames.

She was first seen by Paul Albert Vaughan, a neighbor boy, who gave the alarm, but before help could arrive her clothing was almost burned from her body. She was carried to the house and medical aid summoned but she was so badly burned that death relieved her of her suffering about 3 o’clock in the afternoon and was conscious until the last.

Verdict of Accidental Death
A verdict of accidental death, caused by burning was returned by a coroner’s jury Saturday evening.

Elizabeth Batemen, daughter of Thomas and Mary Brown, was born at Sterling, Ontario, Canada, July 6, 1848, and died at her home in Mansfield, Illinois, March 31, 1923 at the age of 70 years 8 months, and 25 days. Mrs. Bateman was one of a family of four children, and was but five years of age when her father died. She grew to womanhood in her native land, where she received a common school education. She was married to Thomas Bateman, also of Canada, Nov. 3, 1864, where they continued to live until 1871, when they with their four children moved to Illinois. Soon after their arrival they purchased a farm in Blue Ridge Twp. where their son Harry B. now lives. Here they settled and reared their family of eleven children, who are as follows: Thomas, near Farmer City, Illinois; Mrs. Jennie Smothers and Harry, of this vicinity; Mrs. Mary Chase of Toukawa, Oklahoma, Samuel of Clyde, North Dakota; Charles F, deceased; John R. Bateman of Breckenridge, Michigan; Mrs. Layton Smith, VanWert, Ohio. Mrs. Edna Warren, Elwell, Michigan; Mrs. Nellie Skeels, Villa Grove, Illinois and Miss Etta at home.

Mrs. Bateman was brought up in the Episcopalian faith, but upon their coming to Blue Ridge, united with the Methodist Church of Lindsey Chapel, where the family regularly attended during their residence there. She still retained her membership in that church at the time of her death. Mr. Bateman died at the old home, December 24, 1906.

Soon after his death, Mrs. Bateman purchased the home on South street where she was living at the time of her death. Mrs. Bateman possessed a kind and cheerful disposition and had a large circle of relatives and friends. She leaves ten children, thirty-two grand-children and thirteen great grandchildren to mourn her departure and were all in attendance at the funeral except Samuel and Mrs. Nellie Skeels. She will be greatly missed in the home and community. Funeral services were held at the ME. Church ___ o’clock Tuesday morning. The Rev…..Evans _________the pall bearers were W.H. Firke, J. J. Swartz, J.B. Douglas, Bert Howe, J.J. Warren and John Gardiner. The flower girls were the Misses Agnes Bateman, Beulah Walker, Mary Bateman and Daisy Bateman. The large attendance at the funeral and the bountiful floral offering ___of the high esteem in which the deceased was held in the community. At the close of the service, the remains were laid to rest in the Mansfield cemetery.

There is a lot more information and research to be done on this family but I feel that this is a good summary of the Thomas and Elizabeth Bateman’s Family.  There would be estates, deeds, more census research done on the children, cemetery searches and other research to be done to complete the family. Because there are many living descendants of Thomas and Elizabeth (Brown) Bateman in Illinois, I have chosen to do a summary of the information that was shared with me by my cousin Bob Hayes a descendant of Matilda Brown Clements daughter of George Brown brother to Elizabeth’s father Thomas. If you would like more information please leave a comment.