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William Thomas Boardman is buried at Forest Lawn, Glendale, CA.

On a trip to Los Angeles in 2004,  I visited the Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Glendale and found the gravesite of my great-uncle William T. Boardman.  He was alone in this section of the cemetery for I did not see his wife next to him.  Forest Lawn wrote that he was in Space 1, Lot 295 Eventide.

This is a very large cemetery.  The area called Eventide is through the main gates and up the hill about the middle of the cemetery.  They do have maps to assist you in finding a burial.  It is also part of a very large cemetery chain with the same name but different locations.  The arrow is where William is buried.

Forest Lawn – Glendale

William T. Boardman tombstone

I apologize for the poor photograph, I was having trouble getting a good picture of it as you see that was not happening.

Here is a transcription of his death certificate:

William Thomas Boardman died in the City of Pasadena Rural at 367 North Martelo Ave.  He had been in the community 22 yrs. and in California 23 yrs. and a citizen 23 yrs.  He was not a veteran.  SS#563-14-4603.  He was married to Daisy Emily Alice Boardman and she was 45 at the time of his death.  His birthdate is Jan. 17, 1885 and he was 60 yrs. 3 mos. and 21 days old at time of death.  He was born in Winnipeg, Canada, his occupation was Pharmacist in retail drugs.  His father was Edmund Boardman born in England and his mother was Charlotte Ann McMurray, born in Canada.  The informant was Daisy Emily Alice Boardman.  Burial was on May 11, 1945 in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, CA.  His usual residence was Pasadena Rural, Los Angeles, Co., California.  His address was 367 North Martelo Avenue.  His date of death was May 8, 1945.  He died of a cerebral hemorrhage 4 days, due to arterio sclerosis, hypertension (years) and cardio-renal disease 2 yrs.

Source:  Death Certificate for William T. Boardman, #79-118471, #45-035549 (B635), Pasadena Rural, Los Angeles Co., California, California Dept. of Public Health.

The Pasadena Public Library provided this obituary notice:

Boardman – William T. Boardman, native of Winnipeg, Canada, and resident of Pasadena for 22 years, beloved husband of Alice Boardman father of Cpl. William E. and Cpl. Robert R. Boardman.  Services Friday at 10 a.m. in the Little Church of the Flowers, Forest Lawn Mortuary in charge.  

Source:  Pasadena Star News May 9, 1945, Page 30, Column 1. The Pasadena Public Library has an obituary service.  Good thing I was persistent and sought another source for his obituary notice.

I figured out that Daisy/Alice had remarried after Willie’s death.  She married someone by the name of Gordon because there is a Daisy in the Social Security Death index with all her first names that fits. She died 9 November 1954 in Los Angeles Co.  I have not found her gravesite at this time.

Source:  California Death Index – Gordon, Daily Emily Alice #559 03 3353, Birth 10 Dec 1890, Canada, Death Date 9 Nov 1954, Los Angeles, Mother’s maiden name is Young, father’s name is Colbeck.

William Boardman – see marker

Maybe someday I will get more time to do more research on William (Willie) and his family.  It is now time to move on to other family members.   As for the yellow blob on the map above, well, it is an interesting story.


William and Alice Boardman’s Family!

William Thomas Boardman married Daisy Emily Alice Colbeck on 6 July 1908 in Vancouver, British Columbia.  I had only the index information but not their marriage record.  Here is that source.

Source:  Marriage Record for Wm. T. Boardman and Daisy Emily A. Colbeck, 1908, British Columbia Archives website, Reg #1908-09-055705, Roll # B11374, GSU #1983702, Result #5 in Marriage Index, Feb 19, 2003.

Recently a very kind reader sent me a link to the Royal BC Museum where they are placing BMD’s online.

You can use the above link to find the actual marriage record for William and Alice from the Royal BC Museum.

As you will recall, I presented William and Alice’s naturalization in the last post.   Alice stated she was born in Vancouver, B.C. (not WA) on her Naturalization paper and signed it.  This marriage record above states that she was born in Sydney, Australia.  So there is this interesting discrepancy in the birth location of Daisy Emily Alice Colbeck Boardman and what does it mean? It is probably an interesting story.

The marriage record provides the name of her parents so that is a nice piece of information.  Again thanks to my kind helpful reader.

According to their Certificate of Arrival the couple migrated to the U.S. arriving on 10 Dec 1919.  I have featured the 1920 Census for William and Alice in a past post showing that they were living in Pasadena, Los Angeles County, California by that time.

Willie and Daisy had the following two sons:

1.  William Edmund Boardman born 2 April 1914 in Canada, probably Vancouver, B.C. and died 29 September 1979 in Atascadero, San Luis Opispo Co., California.  He was buried there on 2 Oct. 1979 and according to Find A Grave he is in the Arroyo Grande Cemetery, Section L.  They did not have a photograph of the tombstone but I am getting closer to that goal.  William married a Jean I. Miller.  I do not know if they had any children nor what happened to Jean.  It is possible that William E. was married before to a Margaret per Pasadena city directories.

U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946

    • William E. Boardman
    • Birth Year: 1914
    • Race: White, not yet a citizen
    • Nativity State or Country: British North America or Canada or Labrador or Newfoundland
    • State: California
    • County or City: Los Angeles
    • Enlistment Date: 3 Mar 1943
    • Enlistment State: California
    • Enlistment, City: Los Angeles
    • Branch: No branch assignment
    • Branch Code: No branch assignment,
    • Grade:Private
    • Grade Code: Private
    • Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law. 
    • Component: Selectees (Enlisted Men)
    • Source: Civil Life
    • Education: 2 years of high school
    • Civil Occupation: Tracktor Driver* or Truck Driver, Heavy or Chauffeur or Truck Driver, Light An asterisk (*) appearing after a job title indicates that a trade test for the particular occupation will be found in the United States Employment Service Manual, Oral Trade Test.
    • Marital Status: Married, Height: 66, Weight:103.

The weight of 103 seems way too low but that is what the record states. I am wondering if it should have been 130 for his brother is 134.

I have not taken the time to find an obituary notice on William. I do have a death certificate from California for William it reads:

William Edmund Boardman (son of Wm. T.) died on Sept. 29, 1979 (hse 0620) at age 65.  His date of birth was April 2, 1914.  He was born in Canada.  His mother was Daisy Colbeck also born in Canada.  He was a citizen of the USA.  SS#____.  He was married to Jean I. Miller.  His occupation was repairman and he was 30 years in this business.  Employed at Price Business Equipment doing typewriter repairs.  He lived at 1920 So. McClelland Street, Santa Maria in Santa Barbara Co., CA.  He died at the Arroyo Grande Community Hospital in the county of San Luis Opispo at 345 So. Halcyon Road, Arroyo Grande, CA.  His spouse Jean I. Boardman was living at 1920 So. McClelland St., Santa Maria, CA  93454.  He died of carcinoma of the Pancreas.  Death was not reported to the coroner but an autopsy was performed.  He was cremated on Oct. 2, 1979 at the name and address of the cemetery is Chapel of the Roses, Atascadero, CA.  Not embalmed.  The funeral director was Wood-Voakes Mortuary.

Source:  Certificate of Death, State of California Dept. of Health Services, #79-118471, Local Reg District 4000, Certificate #908.

2.  Robert R. Boardman, born about June 1917 in Canada, probably Vancouver, B.C. and died 14 August 2004, Las Vegas, Clark Co., Nevada.  He married 26 May 1938 in Pasadena, Los Angeles to a Ruth Williams.  They had at least one son named Jimmy.

He is also listed in the U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records 1938-1946 at

    • Robert R Boardman
    • Birth Year: 1917
    • Race: White citizen
    • Nativity State or Country:  British North America or Canada or Labrador or Newfoundland
    • State: California
    • County or City: Los Angeles
    • Enlistment Date: 28 Dec 1942
    • Enlistment State: California
    • Enlistment City: Los Angeles
    • Branch: Branch Immaterial – Warrant Officers, USA
    • Branch Code: Branch Immaterial – Warrant Officers, USA
    • Grade: Private
    • Grade Code: Private
    • Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law.
    • Component: Selectees (Enlisted Men)
    • Source: Civil
    • Life Education:3 years of high school
    • Civil Occupation: Gunsmith* (Armorer), Diesel Mechanic (Automobile mechanic, Diesel engine), Camera Repairman (still camera), Instrument Repairman, Nonelectrical (Instrument maker), Utility Repairman (Mechanic, general), Equipment Maintenance Man, Motion Picture equipment,
    • Marital Status: Married, Height:69, Weight:134

The 1940 U.S. Federal Census reveals that Robert is now the head of the family.

Martilla, line 77, 367, 206, R, 25, Boardman, Robert, Head, 0, M, W, 22, M, H3, 20, Canada English, 35 AL, Same place, No, X0V1, yes —- 1, 44, typewriter machines, [Restoit Type writer….] 336, 78, 1, 52, 935. Boardman, Ruth, wife, 1, F, W, 19, m, No, NV, 9, California, same place, No, X0V2, No, No, No, no, ?, 5
Boardman, William, father, 3, M, W, 53, m, No, H1, 9, California, Al, same place, No, XOV1, yes —–1, 57, druggest, drug store, V30, 70, 1, 52, 1700.

Source:  1940 U.S. Federal Census, Pasadena, Los Angeles County, California.  No farm in district, Ward #48AD, Block 7 & 8, [Lominda Park], SD#11, ED#19-538, Sht. #8-B, April 10, 1940, Grace May MacKnight enumerator.

As you can see, Robert and Ruth are living with William Boardman, Robert’s father but there is no mention of Alice his mother nor his brother William.

I tried to get a death record for my cousin Robert but Clark County Vital Records in Nevada turned me down because I was not close enough in the family lineage.  He is my cousin and I needed to be a direct family member.  I wanted to verify that it was him and his death certificate would have helped.

I did search the Social Security Death Index and that is how I found him.  I could order his application and pay the $27.00 to verify parentage:

Name: Robert R. Boardman SSN: _______ Last Residence: 89104 Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada, United States of America Born: 14 Apr 1917 Died: 14 Aug 2004 State (Year) SSN issued: California (Before 1951 )

I also tried for an obituary notice from the newspaper at the local public library in Las Vegas but was again disappointed because they didn’t have anything on him.

The Pasadena Public Library to my amazement was able to find a short obit for the father William T. but nothing for great-grandmother Charlotte.  He did find an interesting article about Robert with a photograph:

A portion of the article with picture

Source:  Pasadena Newspaper, by Lu Spehr, News of Men in Service, Robert R. Boardman, June 23, 1945 page 9.

Except that he’s on a seven-day week and has a lot more work to do, the war hasn’t made as much of a change in Corp. Robert R. Boardman’s life as it has in most servicemen. At an Air Service Command base in England he’s repairing typewriters and adding machines the same as he was before the war when he worked for the J.A. Freeman Company here. Corporal Boardman entered service Jan. 4, 1943, and trained at Atlantic City, N.J. Drew Field Tampla, Fla., and Gulftport, Miss., before going overseas Oct. 18, 1943. He was one of the ground crew boys doing the essential but unheroic work, who recently was taken on a sight-seeing trip by air over Germany to view the remains his flying buddies had made of Naziland. He has had three furloughs since he has been in England, on one of which he toured Ireland, another Scotland, and the third England. He wears the Presidential Unit Citation ribbon awarded his group for an outstanding mission over Germany. Corporal Boardman was born in Canada 28 years ago and has lived in Pasadena 26 years. He is a graduate of Muir Tech High School and was married May 26, 1938, to Ruth Williams who with their 2.5 year old son, Jimmie, lives at 367 Martelo Avenue. Mrs. Williams two brothers Pfc. Raymond H. Williams and Charles Robert Williams, seaman 2nd class, also are in the service. They are sons of Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Williams 335 South Los Robles Avenue. Raymond entered service March 5, 1943 and trained at Camp Roberts…” the article stops here.

As I write these posts I contemplate all the research I still have to do and add to my To Do list, but that is the nature of genealogical research which needs time, attention, money and focus.  William and Alice’s family are still in need of more attention.  What is on the wish list, well, a picture of both of their son’s tombstones and the cemetery they are in would be nice.

Willie and Alice Boardman Naturalize!

My research has led me to discover that William (Willie) and his wife Alice had migrated to Pasadena, California.  I had discovered in my study of the family reunion photographs of 1924 that Charlotte Anne Boardman came down from Seattle to Pasadena with Robert and Ethel Boardman’s family.  She then remained behind to live with Willie and Alice.  The 1920 U.S. Census established that Willie and Alice were living in Pasadena and the 1930 U.S. Census also placed them there along with Charlotte.

I set about to dig a little further into Willie’s life.  William and Alice had applied for Naturalization and the records were at the Laguna Hills NARA (National Archives) Branch in California.  Back in 2003, they did not have the naturalizations online.  I write about the experience in my Trip Journal of February 2003 to San Diego:

“Our goal was to drive up to San Juan Capistrano and stay there for two nights while I did research at the Laguna Niguel, NARA (National Archives) Pacific Branch.  They actually had two in California.  There is another in San Francisco.  It took about two hours to drive up the coast from San Diego and it was in pretty heavy traffic.  Fortunately, we left a little early and were able to get through without too much trouble.  We found our Best Western in San Juan Capistrano right off I-5 to the East.   

The next day we were up fairly early to go to the NARA facility at Laguna Niguel which was only ten minutes from our hotel in San Juan Capistrano.  This facility looks like a layered cake with a large base and sections growing smaller as it goes up.  It was painted a funny yellow.  It looked like it might have been a bomb shelter or government facility other at an earlier time.  The security man did not know what it was intended for when we inquired. 

The research room was large and nicely set up with plenty of space to move around.  They were more casual in their rules than the Seattle NARA facility as well as bigger.  I cruised around and grabbed information sheets and studied what they had in this facility.  I started looking at Los Angeles and Pasadena city directories on microfilm. Apparently they had these films because of the 1930 U.S. Census needing address and location information to assist people in finding a person. They only had from 1928 to 1931 for Los Angeles and Pasadena in the directories. 

I asked at the desk and found them very helpful and very friendly.  The assistant gave me a handout of different research facilities in the Los Angeles area and he also told me that the Los Angeles Library had a very good supply of City Directories from all over the US.  He showed me the list. 

 My task was to find naturalization papers for William T. Boardman and his wife Alice.  It took a little time to figure out the microfilm reels.  Fortunately for me they had a handout that explained how to do naturalization research and that was of great benefit.  At first I thought I had the wrong microfilm reel because it said San Diego not Los Angeles on it but I did find William T. and Alice in the index and wrote all that down and then I was able to locate their naturalization papers which were on another microfilm.  They were not the originals but copies.  This meant that the photographs of them were not going to print very well on the microfilm reader/printer, so I was going to have to do the best I could.

As always, some good information is found and other information just adds to the puzzle.  In this case, I learned how they came into the US and it was through Blaine, WA by the railroad (difficult to say) and it really didn’t say how they got to Los Angeles.  There was the use of the term RR or RY and I am not sure what that means.  Alice’s name is written as Daisy Emily Alice Boardman.  No wonder I can’t find her in the death records. The place of her birth is still a mystery.  The census says Australia but in her naturalization papers it says she was born in Vancouver, BC and they married there as well.  It did not say who their parents were but it did confirm that William T. was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  The papers described their children. 

The city directories only went up to 1931 so I was not able to trace the children out and see where they went. I am on the hunt for potential cousins. I do not know if their children William E. and Robert had any children.  We will see. “

Much to my surprise this Laguna Nigel NARA Branch archive was closed in 2009.  I believe they still use it for records.  So it was a good thing that we had taken the time to go there and experience it.  It is now at Riverside according but I would study NARA’s website very carefully for where the records have been moved.

According to their Certificates of Arrival they entered the United States at Blaine, Washington on Dec. 2, 1919 via RR.  How they migrated further to California is not clear.

Source: Certificate of Arrival for Wm. T. Boardman, US Dept. of Labor, #23-28811, arrived Dec. 2, 1919, signed October 9, 1935.  Certificate of Arrival for Daisy Emily Alice Boardman, Certificate #23-28810, arrived Dec. 2, 1919, signed Oct. 21, 1935, U.S. Dept. of Labor.  

In 1935 Willie and Daisy both applied for their Declarations of Intention and received their naturalization by 9 Feb 1938.  These were microfilmed copies so the quality of the photographs is not that good but still gives an idea of how they looked.

William Thomas Boardman

Declaration of Intent for William T. Boardman:

Declaration of Intention for William T. Boardman, residing at 130 No. Catalina, Pasadena, CA.  Occupation is retail druggist.  Aged 49, male, white, complexion is dark, eyes are blue, hair is dk. brown, height is 5 ft, 6 inches, weight 150 lbs. with a scar on the chin.  His race is English, nationality British.  Born in Winnipeg, Canada on January 17, 1884.  He was married on July 6, 1908 in Vancouver, Canada.  His wife’s name is Daisy.  She was born on Dec. 10, 1890 in Vancouver, Canada.   They entered the US at Blaine, WA on December 2, 1919 and he now resides in Pasadena, CA.  He has 2 children who reside with him Wm. born on April 2, 1914 and Robert born on April 14, 1917.  Both children were born in Canada.  Signed in Los Angeles, Calif. on the 5th day of November, 1935 Certificate No. 23-28811.  They came into the US on the vessel Ry.

Source:  #73435, Nov. 5, 1935, Vol. 126, Pg. 35, #M1525 I20 (Cabinet VI) 1915-1930 1st Draw, Los Angeles District Court, U.S. Department of Labor, Pacific Region – NARA. 

William’s Naturalization paper:

#58246 (pg. 164?)  Petition for Naturalization for William Thomas Boardman, living at 130 No. Catalina Ave., Pasadena, CA.  Occupation druggist.  Born in Winnipeg, Canada on Jan. 17, 1884.  He is of the English race.  Declared Intention on Nov. 5, 1935 in the District of the US at Los Angeles, CA.  His wife is named Daisy and they were married on July 6, 1908 at Vancouver, Canada.  She was born in Vancouver, Canada on Dec. 10, 1890.  They entered the US at Blaine, WA on Dec. 2, 1919 and she now resides with him.  He has 2 children.  William born 4/2/1914 in Vancouver, Canada and now lives in Alhambra, CA.  Robert was born 4/14/1917 in Vancouver, CA and lives with him at this time.  His last residence was Vancouver, Canada.  He entered the US at Blaine, WA by RR on Dec. 2, 1919 and now lives in Los Angeles County, presiding Feb. 1923.  He signs it as William Thomas Boardman.  His witnesses are Edward Roeth a plumber who lives at 35 So. Wilson Ave., Pasadena, CA and Harold Surber a State Humane Officer residing at 931 E. Grand, San Gabriel, CA.  Signed on Feb. 9, 1938 in the Court of Los Angeles, CA #23-2881 and #73435.  U.S. District Court in Southern District of California.

Source:  #58246, Feb. 9, 1938, Vol. 237, Pg. 164#M1525, I20 (Cabinet VI) 1915-1930 1st Draw, U.S. Dept. of Labor Index, Petitions #1524 58038-58485 Roll #216, Los Angeles Court 1887-1991, Pacific – NARA.

Daisy Emily Alice Colbeck Boardman

Alice’s Declaration of Intention:

Daisy Emily Alice Boardman declares her intention of becoming a U.S. citizen.  She is residing at 130 No. Catalina, Pasadena, CA.  She is an Asst. Pharmacist.  She is 42 years old, female, white with a dark complexion, brown eyes, brown hair.  She is 5 ft, 8 inches tall and 130 lbs.  She has no visible marks.  Her race is English and nationality is British.  She was born in Vancouver, CA on December 18, 1890.  Her husband’s name is Wm. Boardman and they were married on July 6, 1908 in Vancouver, Canada.  He was born in Winnipeg, Canada on Jan. 17, 1884.  They entered the U.S. at Blaine, WA on December 2, 1919.  She has two children and they reside with her.  Wm.E. 4/2/1914 and Robt 4/14/1917 both born in Canada.  She came to the U.S. by way of “Ry.”  #23-28810.  District Court of the U.S. of Los Angeles, Southern District of California, Co. of Los Angeles.

Source:  #73434, Nov. 5, 1935,#M1525, I20 (Cabinet IV) 1915-1930 – 1st draw, U.S. Dept. of Labor, Immigration and Naturalization, Los Angeles District Court 1887-1991, Pacific Region NARA

Alice’s Naturalization paper reads:

Petition for Naturalization for Daisy Emily Alice Boardman residing at 130 No. Catalina Ave., Pasadena, CA.  Occupation is a Pharmacist.  She was born in Vancouver, WA B.C. on Dec. 10, 1890.  Her race is English her nationality is British.  She declared her intention to become a citizen on Nov. 5, 1935 at the District Court of the U.S. in Los Angeles, CA.  Her husband’s name is Wm. T. Boardman and they were married on July 6, 1908 in Vancouver, Canada.  He was born in Winnipeg, Canada on Jan. 17, 1884.  They entered the U.S. at Blaine, WA on Dec. 2, 1919 and he resides with her along with their 2 children, William 4/2/1914, Robert 4/1/17, both born in Vancouver, Canada and reside in Los Angeles, CA.  They came into the U.S. by “RR.”  Her witnesses were the same persons as her husband Wm. T. Boardman’s.

Partial of Alice’s Naturalization

Source:  #58245, #M1525, I20 (Cabinet VI) 1915-1930 1st Draw Index, Petitions M1524, 58038-58485, Roll #216, U.S. Department of Labor, District Court of the U.S., Los Angeles, CA, Pacific NARA.

Both declared their allegiance to the United States through their Oaths of Allegiance. 

From these documents we learn a lot about William, Alice and their children.  If you have a subscription to you can view these documents online under their “U.S. Naturalization Records – Original Documents, 1795 to 1972 (World Archives Project)” rather than go and visit the NARA branches, although I do have to admit they are an adventure to find and a joy to visit.  The other option is to figure out what branch of NARA the papers are housed at an order a copy online.