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George and Esther King Brown’s Children: Jeremiah Brown and Elizabeth Steadman

Jeremiah Brown was born on 15 May, 1836 in Upper Canada to George and Esther King Brown. He was christened on the 31st of July 1836.

Source:  Anglican Diocese of Ontario, Kingston, Ontario, 2-A-1 Ameliasburgh, Brown, Baptized: Jeremiah son of George Brown of the Township of Simy & of Esther his wife, born 15th of May Inst. was publicikly baptized this day 31st July 1836, John Grier___________, Geo. Brown and Mrs. J. Brown Sponsors.

This places George and Esther Brown in Prince Edward County in 1836. I have suspected that they had been living there.

Ameliasburgh is a historic township in southern Ontario, Canada, one of the three original townships that formed Prince Edward County. The other two townships were Marysburgh and Sophiasburgh. Wikipedia  

Jeremiah married Elizabeth Steadman about 1868 based on the birth of his first child George. She was born 3 May, 1844 in Ontario to Robert Steadman and Mary Ann Oliver. Robert was born about 1801 in Wexford Co., Ireland and Mary was from Devonshire, England.

RobertSteadman MaryAnnOliverSteadman

The above pictures of Robert and Mary Steadman are courtesy of the family tree the Cunninghams of Sudbury at Ancestry.

Robert and Mary's tombstone on Churchhill and Plow roads

Robert and Mary’s tombstone on Churchhill and Plow Match Roads in Lambton Co., Ontario.

Elizabeth came from a very large family of Irish and English descent.  According to the 1861 census they were living in Plympton Twp., Lambton, Ontario.

Source:  Robert Stedmond Family, 1861 Canadian Census, Plympton Twp., Lambton Co., Ontario, ED#1, page 2:

Line 19 Robert Stedmond, farmer, Ireland, C. of England, 60, Male, M, 1
Mary Ann Stedmond, England, C. of England, 42, Female, M
Thomas Stedmond, U. Canada all children and all C. of England, 19, Male, S
William Stedmond, 18, Male, S
Elizabeth Stedmond, 16, Female, S
Robt Stedmond, 15, Male
John Stedmond, 13, Male
Jane Stedmond, 11, Female
Salley A. Stedmond, 9, Female
Joseph Stedmondm 7, Male
David Stedmond, 6, Male
Albert Stedmond, 4, Male
Caroline Stedmond, 1, Female

Jeremiah appears in the 1861 Canadian Census with his father, mother and siblings.  They are living in Plympton Twp., Lambton Co., Ontario. This implies he is on his own but close to the family in some manner.  Line 12, Jeremiah Brown (not Jesse), Farmer, born Upper Canada, Church of Eng., age 25 male, single, log house, single story. 

Jeremiah is living in Plympton Twp. in Lambton Co., Ontario in the 1871 Canadian Census and he is married to Elizabeth and has several children.

Source:  Jeremiah Brown Family, 1871 Canadian Census, Plympton, Lambton Co., Ontario, pg. 52, Dist# 4 Lambton, SD #Div No. 1. 

Line 1, 170, 174, Brown, Jeremiah, M, 32, born O, English C, Irish, Petroleum Oil Refiner, M. Brown, Elizabeth, F, 26, born O, English C, Irish, M. Brown, George E, M, 3, born O, English C, Irish. Brown, Mabel, F, under a year – July, born O, English C, Irish.

Jeremiah and Elizabeth are now in Wyoming in the 1881 census:

Source: Jessey Brown Family, 1881 Canadian Census, Wyoming, Lambton Co., Ontario, Dist #179, Wyoming Village, pg. 10, enumerator [A. H. Hunt]. 

Line 19, 48, 48, Brown, Jessey, M, 43, born O, Ch of E., all Irish, Carpenter, M. Brown, Elizabeth, F, 33, born O, Ch of E, Irish, M. Brown, George, M, [13], born O, Ch of E. Brown, Mabel, F, [10], born O, Ch of E. Brown, Albert, M, 6, born O, Ch of E. Brown, Wm. M, 4, born O, Ch of E.

In 1891 they are still in Wyoming.

Source: Jeremiah Brown Family, 1891 Canadian Census, Wyoming, Lambton Co., Ontario. pg. 24, Dist# 82 West Lambton, SD Village of Wyoming, 16th of April 1891.

Line 6, W 2/7, 130, Brown, Jeremiah, M, 53, M, born O, Father and Mother Ireland, C of E, Tank Maker, one employee. Brown, Elizabeth F, 47, W, born O, Father Ireland, Mother England, C of E, Brown, George, M, 23, S born O. Brown, Mabel, F, 21, S, born O. Brown, Albert, M, 16, S, born O. Brown, William, M, 13, S, born O. All listed as O for birth and C of E.

We find Jeremiah and Elizabeth living in Wyoming in the 1901 census, he says he was born in 1867 not 1866.

Source:  Jeremiah Brown Family, 1901 Canadian Census, Wyoming, Lambton Co., Ontario. Dits, 79, Lambton (West), SD G-2, John B. [I… d] April 16-17, pg. 9.

Line 10, 101, 101, Brown, Jeremiah, M, Head, M, 18 May, 1837, 63, Ont., Irish, Canadian, Eng., Carpenter. Brown, Elizabeth, F, wife, M, 3 May 1844, 56, Ont, Irish, Canadian, Eng. Brown, Mabel, F, Dau, S, 20 July 1872, 28, Ont., Irish, Canadian, Eng. Brown, William, M, Son, S, 11 March, 1879, 22, Ont., Irish, Canadian, Eng., Painter. 

He died 23 June 1901 in Wyoming, Lambton Co., Ontario but I have not been able to find his burial site in that area of Lambton. Elizabeth died 22 April 1901 in Lambton Co., Ontario, Canada a few months before him.

Source:  Ontario Deaths 1869-1938 Schedule C County of Lambton, Wyoming,

Brown Elizabeth, F, Apr 22, 1901, 57, #014724, Broke St., Married, Housewife, born Co. of Lambton, Heart disease 1 day, Dr. Brodie, Episc. Dr. Brodie, Apr 25, 1901. Schedule C. 

Jeremiah Brown, June 23, 1901, #011728, pg. 357 to 358. Brown, Jeremiah, M, June 23, 1901, age 64, #011728, Brooke. H. Carpenter, M, born Ontario, Cause of Death, Urinary Fistula 6 mos., D. Brodie, Anglican, Dr. Brodie, July 12, 1901.

Jeremiah and Elizabeth had about six children:

  1. George Edward Brown was born 31 March 1869 in Wyoming and died there on 28 April, 1936 in Wyoming and is buried in the Wyoming cemetery there with his wife Annie Graham. Annie was born 5 May, 1869 in Kent Co., Ontario and died 7 Oct. 1942 in Wyoming. She was the daughter of Thomas N. Graham (1836-before 1910) and Sarah Hill (11843 to 1893). Thomas’s father was Thomas W. Graham (1804-1877) and Ann Powley (1807-1886). Ann Powley’s parents were William Berrit Powley (1775-1857) and Elizabeth Hoffman (1780-1880). The Grahams were a large family.

    George and Annie Brown's Tombstone in the Wyoming Cemetery in Wyoming, ON

    George and Annie Brown’s Tombstone in the Wyoming Cemetery in Wyoming, ON, writer’s visit in 2014.

George appears in the 1881, 1891 and 1901 census living with his parents Jeremiah and Elizabeth Brown and siblings. They are in Wyoming, Lambton West, Ontario. See the census above for these years under the parents, there you will find more detail.

In 1911 George and Annie are living in Wyoming, Lambton West, Ontario with a large family and sister Mabel.

George E. Brown

George E. Brown

Source:  George E. Brown Family, 1911 Canadian Census, Wyoming, Lambton, Ontario, pg. 6, Dist #88 West Lambton, SD 9, ED 2, Edwin C. Rice

Line 7, 79, 79, Brown, George B12-28-29, M, Head, M, March 1868, 43, born Ontario, Irish, Canadian, Episcopal. Brown, Annie, F, Wife, M, Aug 1869, 42, Ontario, Irish, Canadian, Episcopal. Brown, Homer, M, Son, S, [July] 1899, 16, US, Irish, Canadian. Brown, Newton, M, son, S, July 1896, 15, US, 1900, Irish, Canadian. Brown, Lloyd, M, son, S, June 1898, 13, US, ‘ Brown, Winston, M, son, S, Dec 1900, 10, Ontario. Brown, Carrol, M, Son, S, Nov 1903, 7, Ontario. Brown, Mabel, F, Sister, S, July 1873, 37, Ontario.

George and Annie can be found in Wyoming Village in the 1921 Canadian Census:

Annie Graham Brown

Annie Graham Brown

Source:  George Brown Family, 1921 Canadian Census, Wyoming Village, Lambton Co., Ontario, District 96, ED#61, page 1, enumerated by Andrew B. Leggott. 

page 1, line 49, Brown, George, Wyoming, Wyoming, O, N, W, P6, S, Head, M2, M (53) parents born Ontario, parents born Ontario, Canadian, English, yes, no, Ch of Eng., yes, yes, carpenter, automobiles own shop, Brown, Annie, wife, F, M, 52, born Ontario, parents born Ontario, Canadian, English, yes, no,  Ch of Eng, yes, yes, none. 

page 2 – Line 1, Brown, Carrol, Wyoming, Wyoming, son, M, S, 17, born Ontario, Canadian, English, yes, no, Ch of E., yes, yes, painter, father’s shop, $400, M, 16. Brown, Harriett, daughter, F, S, 8, born Ontario, Canadian, English, yes, no, Ch of Eg., yes, yes, student. 

George and Annie had six children:

Homer George Brown he was born 23 December, 1894 in Detroit, Wayne Co., Michigan, USA. He married on the 17th of July 1917 (per Michigan marriage records) to Gladys Bedard born 1896 in Courtleight, Ontario.  The marriage took place in Royal Oak, Oakland, Michigan.  He died before 1953 in Toronto.  I am not finding Courtleight but I have found a Courtleigh Square and street or a Courtleigh in Brampton.

According to my cousin’s family tree, Homer and Gladys had about 4 children: Lucille, Eugene, a 2nd Eugene and Lorraine.

Source:  Homer Brown Family, 1921 Canadian Census, Toronto, York East, Ontario, page 19, enumerated by a Percy Alan Richards. 

Line 4, 56, Brown, Homer J. 72, Whaler Ave, Ward 8, R, 10, S, Brick 3, Head, M, M, 23, born USA, parents born Ontario, 1902, Canada, English, yes, no, Roman Catholic, yes, yes, Clerical Work, office, $1900. Brown, Gladys R, 72, Whaler Ave, Ward 8, wife, F, M, 22, born Ontario, parents born Ontario,, Canada, French, yes, no, Roman Catholic, yes, yes.

Newton Graham Brown was born 13 May,1896 in Detroit, Michigan and died about 15 April, 1947.  He married on 17 June, 1922 in Lambton Co., Ontario to Mabel Olive Saunders who was born 15 May, 1904 and died 15 July, 1992 in Blind River, Ontario.

Mabel and Newton had about 4 children:  William, Joanne, James and Terrence.

There is a Newton Brown living in Sarnia in the 1921 Canadian census. He is single born about 1896, immigrated in 1900, his occupation is blocking, income $1400, parents born in Ontario.  It might be him.

Find A Grave has a Newton G. Brown tombstone and memorial at the Froomfield United Cemetery in Lambton Co., Ontario.  The dates are 1896 to 1947 and he is the husband of Mabel Brown and another memorial has Mabel O. Brown 1904-1992 wife of Newton.

Lloyd Brown who is buried with his parents in the Wyoming Cemetery.  He was born on 15 January, 1898 in Detroit, Wayne Co., MIchigan and died in 1947.  See tombstone photo above.

WInston Harold Brown was born 16 December, 1900 in Wyoming, Ontario and died 27 May, 1984 at the Watford Nursing Home in Watford, Ontario.  He married Janetta May White born 30 November, 1905 in Petrolia and died 26 August, 1976 in Petrolia.  They were married on the 5th of April 1923 in London, Ontario. (Ontario Marriages 1801-1928).

Winston and Janetta had twelve children: Harold, Betty, George, John, and more.

There is a Winston Brown living in Detroit in the 1920 U.S. Federal Census, working as a sheet metal work at a motor car company. He is single born about 1901 in Canada and a boarder.

Find A Grave has a memorial and tombstone photo for both Winston H. Brown and J. May White at the Watford Cemetery in Lambton Co., Ontario. Dates are 1900-1984. J. Mae White Browns dates are 1905-1976.

Carroll Ruskin Brown was born 21 November, 1903 in Wyoming, Ontario and died 13 April, 1976 in Blind River, Ontario. He is buried in the Hillside East Cemetery there.  He married on 21 July, 1927 in Stratford, Ontario to Hazel Bella Steward born 1903 and died 1997.  Her parents were James Weir Stewart (1868-1941) and Selena Scott (1878-1957).

They had at least one child, Doreen Elizabeth who was born 26 December, 1927 in Thessalon, Ontario and died 22 January 2011 in Sudbury, Ontario.  She married a Denis Cunningham born 6 March, 1930 in London, Ontario and died 21 August, 2005 in Sudbury, Ontario. He is buried in the Civic Cemetery in Sudbury. Their daughter Doreen Elizabeth 1927-2011, she married a Dennis Cunningham 1930 to 2005.

You will find their tombstone at the following link #5 Brown in at the Hillside Cemetery – East Side, Municipality of Blind River Algoma District.

George Brown was born about 1908 and died about 1909 in Wyoming, Ontario. He is buried in the Wyoming Cemetery with his parents.

Harriet Georgeanne Brown was born about 1913 in Wyoming, Lambton Co., Ontario and died 15 April, 1989 in Kerwood, Ontario. She marred a George Ball.

2. Mabel Brown was born 20 July 1870 in Wyoming, Lambton Co., Ontario and died 19 April 1949 in Pinellas, Florida (per Florida Death Index).  She married about 1918 to Frank William Stuver, born 24 January 1867 and died 11 April 1950, Pinellas, Florida (per Florida Death Index).

There is a Frank Stuver and Mabel in the 1940 U.S. Federal Census in Ohio.  I think it’s them:

Source: 1940 U.S. Federal Census, Frank Stuver Family, Barberton, Summit Co., Ohio, SD#23, ED#27-2, Sht 5A, enumerated 8 April, 1940 by Eve. L. [Leuiban].

Line 7, Norwood, 102, 90, O, 3800, Stuver, Frank, Head, M, W, 73, M, no, 8, born Ohio, same house, no, no, no, no, V, carpenter, contractor, pw, 0, 0, yes. Stuver, Mabel, wife, F, W, 63, M, no, H2, born Canada, NA, same house, no, no, no, no, H.

3. Herbert Charles Brown was born 22 February 1873 in Lambton, Ontario and his death is unknown.  Herbert is not listed in the 1881 nor the 1891 census for Jeremiah and Elizabeth above.

4. Albert Brown was born about 1875 and died after 1935.

5. Frederick William Brown was born 5 March 1877 in Wyoming, Lambton Co., Ontario. his death is unknown.

6. William Brown was born 11 March 1879 in Ontario and died before 1936.

As you can see some of the family members fates have not been determined.  I did a little research but it is difficult when you don’t have enough information.

There is a family tree at titled the Cunninghams of Sudbury  Ontario.  It is a family tree that helped me to connect my line to this Brown Family, the George and Esther Brown family line. There are more photographs of the family, documents and sources, I suggest you check it out.  I have only shared some of the information that is on the family tree.  There is more that could be done but it is time to move on.


Revisiting George and Esther King Brown


George Brown 1801-1891

George Brown 1801-1891

In past posts on this blog, I have shared about the lives of George Brown and his wife Esther King Brown.  Let’s review what has been written about this couple, who are my 2nd great grandparents. Their son Richard Brown married Emma Ward and settled in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Their daughter Ethel Adella Brown Boardman is my grandmother.

Here is a list of posts I have written that share information about George and Esther King Brown. You can review them by using the Archive box on the right of this blog and choose the month and year.


  • George and Esther Brown – A Long Life! September 26, 2010
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  • Ontario Wanderings: Lambton County Archives, September 21, 2014
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  • Michigan Wanderings: Fox Farm Cemetery, September 23, 2014

In 2012 and 2014 I traveled to Hastings County and did research at the archives in the area. Because George’s brothers Thomas and Philip stayed in Hastings Co. I found much more information about them and their lives then I did about George and Esther who migrated from the area and settled in Wyoming, Lambton County by 1858.

Apparently George was very restless and he again migrated to Lapeer County, Michigan and was there by the 1870 census.

What I would like to do in the following posts is share about the children of George and Esther King Brown, here is a quick summary of these children:

  1. William Henry Brown 1834-1892
  2. Margaret Ann Brown 1836-1879
  3. Jeremiah Brown 1837-1901
  4. John Brown 1838 to 1912
  5. Elizabeth Brown 1840-1893
  6. George King Brown 1842-1919
  7. Matilda Jane Brown 1844-1930
  8. Richard Brown 1846 – 1922: my line – Richard and his descendants have been featured in many posts on this blog.
  9. Esther M. Brown 1848-1886
  10. Isabella Brown 1851-1929

My research is a mix of a little of mine and several other cousins who have given me their consent to share. The children listed above eventually ended up in British Columbia, Manitoba, Florida, some remained in Lambton Co., Ontario and Michigan, and Oregon.

Before I start sharing, I have taken a break and traveled to southern California. This involves the other side of the family, my Dad’s old New England heritage. His Delano/Keller connection and then follow that up with some fun.  I will write about it in the blog titled:  Solomon Goss of Fearing Twp. In Ohio.

George & Esther Brown’s Children

We have looked at the guardianship and estate file of Esther Brown and in these court papers we have found the names of their children.  Here is a summary of the children of George and Esther Brown of Burnside Twp., Lapeer Co., Michigan:

  1. William Henry Brown b. abt. 1834 U.C., d. 1892 Brandon, Manitoba m. Isabella Chalmers 15 Jan 1861.  They had 7 children.  Migrated to Manitoba.
  2. Margaret Ann Brown b. 1836 Wyoming, Lambton Co., Ontario, d. 1879 Lambton Co., Ontario, Canada. Married Francis Lamott 18 Jan 1858 in St. Clair Co., Michigan and had 11 children.  He remarried.
  3. Jeremiah Brown b. 1837, U.C. d. 1901 Wyoming, Lambton Co., Ontario. Married Elizabeth Steadman about 1868 and had 6 children.
  4. John Brown b. 1838, U.C. d. 1912 Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon. Married Lydia Holling 23 Oct 1861 Lambton Co., Ontario and had 5 children.
  5. Elizabeth Brown b. abt. 1840, Hastings Co., Ontario, d. 1893 Burnside Twp., Lapeer Co., Michigan. Married Thomas Little Clement and had 5 children.  She was married before to a James Duncan and had 1 child.
  6. George King Brown b. 1842, Belleville, Hastings Co., Ontario, d. 1919 Oretga, Duval Co., Florida. Married Maude Cecilia Hunt 31 Jan 1870 Wyoming, Lambton Co., Ontario and migrated to Florida.  They had 9 children.
  7. Matilda Jane Brown b. 1844, Belleville, Hastings Co., Ontario, d. 1930 Kelowna, British Columbia.  Married William Charles Clement 23 Jan 1866 in Caradoc, Middlesex Co., Ontario and had 7 children and migrated to British Columbia.
  8. Richard Brown, b. 1846 probably Rawdon Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario, d. 1922 Winnipeg, Manitoba. Married Emma/Emily Ward 9 Jan 1874 Port Huron, Saint Clair, Michigan and had 4 children and migrated to Manitoba.
  9. Esther M. Brown, b. abt. 1848, Hastings, Ontario, d. 1886 Burnside Twp., Lapeer Co., Michigan.  Married a James Basna 1 Jan 1867 in Lapeer Co., Michigan and had 2 children.  She remarried 6 Jul 1875 in Michigan to Mark Robson and had 5 more children.
  10. Isabella Brown, b. 1851, Ontario, d. 1929 Grand Rapids, MI. Married William McIntosh about 1871 in Michigan and had 2 children.

The information in the color orange was provided by my cousin Robert (Bob) M. Hayes a descendant of Matilda Jane Brown #7. He has more details and information and would be happy to share.  The #8 Child: Richard Brown is my ancestor.  If you are descendants please let us know.  You can reach me by clicking on “Leave a comment,” at the bottom of this post or checking out my links under “Compiler,” above.