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George and Esther King Brown’s Children: Elizabeth Brown

Elizabeth Brown was born 22 February, 1841 in Hastings Co., Ontario to George and Esther King Brown in Hastings County, Ontario.

She married first to a James Duncan born about 1839 in Upper Canada.  They had at least one child: Matilda A. Duncan born about 1860.  Matilda later married to a James Oak who was born about 1861.

Source:  James Duncan Family, 1861 Canadian Census, Plympton Twp., Lambton Co., Canada West ED One, pg. 22, Line 7, James Duncan, Laborer, U. C., Cong., 22, Male, M, frame. Eliza Duncan, U. C., C of E 21, F, M. Matilda A. Duncan, U. C. 1, F,

Elizabeth remarried about 1865 to Thomas Little Clement son of Charles and Martha Little Clement and brother to William Charles Clement (1838-1911) who would marry a sister of Elizabeth’s.  Thomas was born December 1842 in Ontario.

Thomas and Eliza appear in the 1871 Canadian Census in Petrolia.

Source:  Thomas Clements Family, 1871 Canadian Census, Petrolia, Lambton Co., Ontario page 58, Dist#4, Div. #1.  Line 8, 194, 230 Clement, Thomas, M, 29, all born Ontario, All C of Eng., English, Constable. Clement, Eliza, F, 28, Irish. Clement, Matilda F, 8, English. Clement Charles, M, 5, English. Clement, Martha, F, 3, English, Clement Eliza, F, 11/12 Dec’r, Clement, John, M, 26, Irish, Oil Operator.

They migrated to Carradoc, Middlesex County, Ontario probably because that is where Thomas’ parents were living in 1881.

Source:  Thomas Clement Family and others, 1881 Canadian Census, Caradoc, Middlesex Co., Ontario page 13, Dist #168, SD# C, Div #2. 

Line 3, 62, 62, Clement, Charles, M, 67, born England, Ch of E, English, Farmer. Clement, Martha, F, 73, born Ireland, Presby, Irish.

Line 5, 63, 63, Clement, Thomas, M, 39, all born Ontario, all Ch of E, English, Carpenter, M. Clement, Eliza, F, 39, Irish, M. Clement, Charles, M, 15, English, Clement, Martha, F, 12. Clement, Eliza, F, 10, Clement, Jane, F, 7. Clement, George, M, 5.

According to some information on a future census it looks like the family left Canada and headed for Michigan about 1885.

Elizabeth Died on 10 September 1893 in Burnside, LaPeer Co., Michigan.

Source:  Index of the 1894 Michigan State Census has Thomas Clement, age 52, born 1842 living in Burnside, Lapeer, Michigan, page 324, Family 54, Line 15. Lila Clement age 23, daughter born 1871 is also living with him. George Clement age 18, born 1876, son.  Clement J. Wilson Boarder age 2 born 1892.  

We find Thomas is living in Lapeer County, Michigan in 1900. He has a grandson with him and another person whose relationship to him is unknown.

Source:  Thomas Clement Family, 1900 U.S. Federal Census, Burnside Twp., Lapeer Co., Michigan SD3&, ED#32, Sht, 18, enumerated on the 29th day of June 1900 by John [Herr] Line 48, 377, 377, Clement, Thomas, Head, W, M, Dec. 1842, 57, Wd, Canada, England, Ireland, Immigrated 1885, 15, PA, Carpenter, 7, yes, yes, O, M, H. Wilson, Jay C., G.son, W, m, Apr. 1892, 8, S, Michigan, Michigan, Canada Eng, 9. Fitzgerald, Thomas, Boarder, July, 1840, age 59, Wd, Ireland, Ireland, Ireland, 1860, 40, PA, Day Laborer, 6, yes, yes, yes.

Thomas Little Clement died 22 July, 1918 in Missaukee Co., Michigan and is buried in the Richland Cemetery in Michigan in Lucas, Richland Twp.  Find A Grave has a memorial and photo of his tombstone. Missaukee County is northwest of Flint and above Mt. Pleasant in Michigan.

Thomas and Eliza had the following children:

  1. Charles Clement born about 1866 in Ontario, died 1947. He is buried in the Richland Cemetery and there is an Adeline McNary connected to him as his wife on Find A Grave. He is said to have served in the 20th U.S. Infantry Co. H.

Source:  Index of the 1894 Michigan State Census, Charles Clement age 28, born 1866, Burnside, Lapeer, Michigan.  Wife Addia Clement age 23 and son Lowell age 1. Family#43, Line 11. 

Charles married Addia on 11 June, 1891 in Michigan:

Source: Michigan Marriages, 1822-1995, Charles Clement, born 1866 in Canada, age 25 to Ida McNary, born 1870 in Michigan age 21. Date of Marriage 11 June, 1891 in Bay City, Bay, Michigan.  Father Thomas L. Clement, mother Eliza Brown.  Father of Bride Jackson McNary, mother Helenbach, both White.

2.  Martha Clement was born about 1869 in Ontario and may have married a Mr. Wilson. The grandson listed above in the 1894 and 1900 census as Jay C. Wilson or Clement J. Wilson is probably her child.  This might imply that Martha had died before 1894.

3.  Elizabeth Clement was born about 1871 in Ontario. She might have been known as Eliza.

4.  Jane Clement was born about 1874 in Ontario. She died 15 November, 1930 in McBain, Missaukee, Michigan. She was married to a Mr. McLaughlin.  She was born about 1874 in Canada and was 56 years old at death.  She was a housewife. Father was Thomas Clement and mother was Eliza Brown. FHL#96403, Michigan Deaths and Burials 1867-1995.

There is a possible marriage to a Thos. McLaughlin born about 1854 in Canada to a Lila Clement age 25 born in Canada.  The marriage took place on 30, September, 1896 in Saginaw, Michigan.  He was 42 years old and living in Brown City.  His father was Wm. and his mother was Mary J. McDonald.  Lila’s father was Thos and her mother was Jane Brown. Record #6138, film 58, 1896-Muskegon-1897,  Michigan Marriage Records, 1867-1952.

5.  George Clement born about 1876 in Ontario. He is living with his father in the 1894 Michigan State Census, see above.

After much searching in online sources for both Michigan and Ontario, I have decided that I have done the best I can for this family of Eliza’s.  There is definitely more to do on this family and it will require a lot of digging.  Several of them are found in Missaukee County, Michigan, so that might be a location for research.  I am not up on Michigan research although I have done some regarding my Goss family but that was in the lower counties of the state and of course I did go to Lapeer and do research there concentrating on George and Esther while I was there.  I am finding it very difficult to trace a family from Canada to the U.S. and keep things straight, so again, please double-check the above.

There is a Family Tree at Ancestry that is public about the Charles Clement and Martha Little family by the title Shepherd Family Tree, it is not bad and has some sources.  It suggests that Charles was born in Devon Co., England.  This tree might be helpful to Clement researchers.



Michigan Wanderings: Lapeer County, Ontario

After crossing the border I got on I-69 west to Lapeer.  There was lots of construction going on around Port Huron and it was a little confusing.  It was overcast and a few sprinkles but not bad.  Looking ahead to the horizon there were these rather nasty clouds and I worried that I was heading for another storm but it was going to be okay.

I-69 was a good road and I made good time.  I was reading the road signs as usual and it said 60 mph.  I paused, and then realized no more kilometers.  I was back in the USA!  I put my Canadian money away for safe keeping and pulled out the dollars.

My goal was the Lapeer County Heritage Museum and the Lapeer County Genealogical Research Centre but first I needed to print out some of my booklets which take up too much room in the luggage and are too heavy for the airplane.

I have been peppering all of Ontario and Quebec with my condensed version of my blogs the Boardmans and Browns and The Man Who Lived Airplanes.  I also add some descendency charts and other materials in the back of the booklet.  I give copies to various archives and explain what it is about.  I also add a pamphlet of my other blogs to explain what I am doing.

When you travel and try to find services it can be a challenge but I spied an Office Depot on the corner after I had taken a drive up Main Street.  So I turned in.  I tried the self-serve copiers but ran into trouble so the sales lady assisted and she couldn’t figure out what was going on with the copier. I ended up having them print out my 3 copies.  Meanwhile, I talk to the salesman about my misbehaving mouse and he said it could be a number of things like it needs knew drivers…hmmmm?.

After my copies were done I punched them and put them into the booklet covers.  I decided to just buy a new wireless mouse.  I had a bad feeling about my current mouse.   As it turned out the old one died that day and so I immediately installed the new one and what a difference. HA!

Lapeer Historical & Lapeeer Genealogical Society

Lapeer Historical & Lapeer Genealogical Society

These two organizations are in the one building on the north corner of W. Nepessing St. and Mason.  There is a small parking lot on the east side.

Mr. Hart greeted me and knew who I was.  He showed me the room that was set aside for the genealogical society and as usual it is always small.  He told me that he was the President and this was his creation being the founding father of the society.  He also mentioned that they had more records that they could not fit into the little room.  He was very proud of this society.  He has a right to it was excellent.

One of the former Presidents and volunteers was there to assist me and she was very good. I wanted to know where the Fox Farm Cemetery was so I would not be wandering all of Lapeer County in search of it.  So they both helped me to figure out its location.

Someone has spent a great deal of time indexing the newspapers of the area and it is amazing.  The volunteer and I spent the time trying to find George and Esther Brown. There were a lot of references to Esther and the guardianship which I have featured here on this blog in past posts.  George was more elusive and again we found a two line obituary notice for him stating that Mr. Brown died.  It didn’t even mention his first name. Sigh!

We studied atlas’ and more.  It was a good day of research.  I thanked them both, gave a little contribution to cover my copies and more and said goodbye.  They had my booklet so I was happy.

Time for lunch. I thought it would be fun to eat at a cafe on the main area of their downtown and found another Sam’s –Sam’s Coney Island?

Nepssing Street in Lapeer

W. Nepessing Street in Lapeer

It was still early enough for me to head for the Fox Farm Cemetery.  My lodging at the Best Western on Western Ave off of the Main street south of Genesse’s Street could wait.