Esther’s Land In Burnside!

Esther’s probate gave a nice description of the land that was sold after her death.  It would be a good idea to study deeds in the courthouse records in Lapeer County to see if there are anymore records regarding the land.  Here is a transcription of the land owned by Esther Brown.

…commencing at a point – twenty eight rods south of  the north east corner of section seventeen in township nine (9) north range twelve (12) east-running thence west ten (10) rods thence south four (4) rods thence east ten (10) roads thence north along the east line of said section (4) four roads to place of beginning.  Containing 1/4 acre lying and being in the township of Burnside, Lapeer Co. Mich.


Townships of Lapeer Co., Michigan

The township map above came from the CGI General Land Office of Michigan at this link:,1607,7-158-52927_53037_12540_13083-31058–,00.html  This shows that Burnside township is in the northeast corner.

The land described above is located in the northeast corner of Section 17.  A rod is equal to 16.5 feet.

Burnside Township

This map of the township showing the sections was found at the Michigan County Histories website referencing the Atlas and Plat book of Lapeer County, Michigan, author Kenyon Co., probably done around the first World War.  Section 17 is right under the “R” in “BURNSIDE.”  The description above place the land place the land in the northeast corner of Section 17.

We could get more specific on the land by drawing a plat of the land as described above and then imposing it on a map of the area.  I will put that on my to-do list.


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